Blogging the Big One: Pakistan vs India

And this is it, folks! India have managed to make 260 off 50 overs at a cost of nine wickets. It’s the Cricket World Cup semi-final in Mohali, India. The mood is festive, the atmosphere playful at times, and at times, tense! :)

I know you’re all too busy watching the phenomenal match to care about blogging right now but some of us here on Muslim Matters have been popping online to swap stories and share opinions. We know there’s a big cricket following amongst MM’s readership so thought it would be good to share some

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127 responses to “Blogging the Big One: Pakistan vs India”

  1. Avatar Amad says:

    as much as i hate to say it, Pak have an uncanny ability to disintegrate… so my heart wants Pak 2 win, my gut says India

  2. Akmal goes, Hafeez is next – the downfall has begun inshaAllah =)

  3. Avatar Amad says:

    U know it’s funny how much our emotions r invested in it (incl me…cant even watch) yet we have Muslims on both side of this and that the result will have absolutely zilch effect on our life or deen :)

  4. Avatar Ameera Khan says:

    Come on! Pakistan’s played really well today, Masha’Allah (Wahab Riaz was awesome!) and they’ve got off to a good start in their innings…

    Kanika, you better hold on for a big ride ahead!! :D

  5. Avatar Amad says:

    Here it goes… 2 gone…

  6. cricinfo comments on Hafeez:

    What was Hafeez thinking? Again, yet again, a lovely 30 -40 and he has combusted. He went for a paddle sweep, yeah a paddle sweep, to a full delivery outside off stump and edged it to Dhoni. Oh dear. Pressure? or over confidence?

  7. Avatar Ameera Khan says:

    My sister is refusing to watch any further. :D Well, at least until Pakistan is comfortable, in her opinions. :)

  8. Avatar F says:

    Haytham for India? Since you are from neither country, you should be cheering for Pakistan :-)

  9. Avatar feint says:

    IF Shahid was Salafi, this match would be won
    LOL! on a serious note: whatever brings ease to the ummah… Let it happen iA. Allah is the best of planners.

  10. Avatar tahira says:

    away from my sweet home india widout a t.v in my flat(LONDON) watching online ! missed a whole trip wid frds to sum outside city tour! i just wish frm my bottom of heart that INSHALLAH INDIA WILL WIN!

  11. Avatar Amad says:

    Seems Younis Khan is treating it like a 5-day… okay i get it.. but RR reaching 6… and its not like our lineup is loaded to get a lot

  12. Avatar Amad says:

    All Muslims have to support Pak now :) [added to post]

    Just kidding, but its cool that Pak team is taking care of its priorities…

    • Avatar F says:

      Well, at least all the non Indian Muslims should be supporting Pak :-)

    • Avatar MalaiKulfi says:

      I used to support Pak until all the match fixing, spot fixing, ball tampering, pitch tampering, bad behavior on the field, bad behavior off the field issues cropped up!

      What upset me the most of how their supporters always deny the allegations instead of condeming such actions openly.

      I’m over them now. GO INDIA!

  13. Avatar tahira says:


  14. Avatar Syma Kashif says:

    I am a muslim and a pakistani so i am on the Paki side. Alhamdulillah ! our players are playing hard.But one question comes in my mind again and again that is “Why will Allah(swt) make Pakistan win this match?” Do we really make Allah (swt) happy. Being a muslim is another thing and embracing Islam is another! So lets embrace islam and pray to Allah the allmighty, that he reward the muslims with victory over the mushriqeen.

    • Hena Zuberi Hena Zuberi says:

      You are right sister,like one of our fave imams, AbuEesa said if we prayed to Allah like this everyday we would never face sadness or fear- so…. its a game leave it to that- it makes people happy, its a healthy sport, its fun Alhamdulillah for the many blessings!

    • Avatar Ameera Khan says:

      Points to ponder… indeed.

    • Avatar Bushra says:

      Have been wondering the same myself as it felt like a huge relief when I went to pray Dhuhr and stand in front of Allah away from the dunya and its glitter and distractions, i.e. the cricket.

  15. Hena Zuberi Hena Zuberi says:

    Ok… I went to sleep, didn’t want to but couldn’t pull the allnighter- I do have a life! now that the kids are at school and my homeschooler is still asleep I can rejoin the fans- apparently largest game ever watched 1.5 billion watching.

  16. Rooting for Pakistan inshaAllah, I think it’s a brilliant game from both ends. Both teams are at their best. Plain and simple – good match mashaAllah

  17. Avatar Ameera Khan says:

    Back from a marathon dish-washing session and ahem ahem, are we in for a ride… up your game, Pakistan!!

  18. Avatar Ameera Khan says:

    Ouch!! Oh well, it’s just a game! :D

  19. Avatar Siraaj says:

    Tell me when India wins, thanks!


  20. Hena Zuberi Hena Zuberi says:

    Shoaib Akhter is prolly like “you should have let me bowl” can tell from his face – he’s retiring right?

    Lets Go!! Be Afridi be be Afridi
    uurrgh the KhanTV site went down again- one of the cons of giving up cable- I miss it at times like these but Alhamdulillah it was a good decision.

  21. Hena Zuberi Hena Zuberi says:

    Hahaha AbuEsa just started a hashtag about excuses why Pakistan didnt win the game #nevermindpaks

    Can you imagine all the haram and fitnah on Wilmslow Rd, Green St etc if we’d have won?! What a sacrifice Subhanallah. #nevermindPaks

    How else was Kamran Akmal going to pay for his new house? #nevermindPaks

    Who cares about stupid little games like cricket at such difficult and oppressive times like this for the Ummah anyway!? #nevermindPaks FAVorite

    We didn’t want to take the attention off all our brothers and sisters who are going through trouble, by us winning the Cup. #nevermindPaks

  22. Avatar Bushra says:

    Right, I’m off home. No point in sticking around to follow the match now! Let me know how it ends…

  23. Harbhajan sends down a high full toss, Afridi attempts to smash it baseball-style down the ground but the ball takes the top edge and swirls up for cover to take an easy catch !

    *bringing out my India flag*

  24. Avatar Sara says:

    It’s refreshing to see the Pakistani team praying (Salat-ul-Maghrib I believe), MashaAllah. It’s unfortunate when watching any game keeps us glued to our seats neglecting the remembrance of Allah. JazakAllah khair for sharing the video Ameera.

    In any case, whatever happens will happen by the Qadr of Allah, though my hopes and prayers are with Pakistan for a victory, Insha’Allah!

    I hope we can make a comeback soon.

  25. Avatar UmmOsman says:


    200 runs and 8 out :( :( It will be a miracle to make 61 runs in 5 overs . But still praying Inshallah!!
    Pakistan could use some happiness!!

  26. get the mithai and the flags ready!

  27. Avatar Siraaj says:

    Just so y’all know, I’m not really into cricket. In fact, I haven’t watched a single minute of it. However, while we have many horrible things happening in the world, and we have much work to do on the spiritual side, a balanced life is one in which we also take time to unload and enjoy the things we enjoy to de-stress, mentally chillax and revive, and then come back to the important issues after that.

    So it’s nice to see people reading and having fun with this :D


  28. Avatar Zeemar says:

    Pakistan started out by batting really poorly in the beginning. This happened last world cup too. They suck at the beginning of batting and then studdenly start getting good at the end but then it’s too late. But much respect to Misbah-ul-Haq for keeping in there until the end. Had really hoped for Afridi to make a change but oh well. It is the Qadar of Allah and He Does as He Pleases. Good game.

  29. Avatar Zeemar says:

    Much respect to Misbah-ul-Haq for hanging in there until the end.

  30. Avatar Zeemar says:

    This happened last world cup too. Pakistan always starts out poorly with batting and then gets at the end but then it’s too late. Oh well.

  31. Avatar Mezba says:

    Fantastic innings by Misbah ( :-) with a name like that you can’t go wrong!) and wonderful balling by Wahab but the rest of the team refused to show up. I was supporting India so it was a comfortable game in the end, but it was over all a cracking game and very enjoyable.

  32. Hena Zuberi Hena Zuberi says:

    Good cricket India but the Green Team had me at the sajdahs !! Congrats India and Indian fans now go back to life :)

  33. Avatar Ameera Khan says:

    So we lost… no problem. :) Congratulations, Kanika! I already told you this on Fb but I’ll tell it here again – I’m supporting Sri Lanka in the finals ;) because they visited us for cricket when no one would (and the poor guys got targeted by terrorists too! :( … I’ve always felt sad about that!)

    Sad things is… Misbah slumped for some reason and didn’t take the powerplay at the right time… Allahu a’lam… Misbah’s going to get a LOT of flak in Pakistan for this, more than the other players. That’s sad.

    Anyhow… it’s just a game! :)

    And the good thing about Pakistan losing is that finally, I hope people will realize how stupid and wrong it is to believe parrots, fortunetellers and all other such stuff. Oh yeah, and praying nawafil and Tahajjud, etc. *just* for a match (I know people who did and it’s very common to do this in Pakistan!) and not otherwise – would be good to think about the hypocrisy here!

    • because they visited us for cricket when no one would (and the poor guys got targeted by terrorists too! … I’ve always felt sad about that!)

      I dont exactly know what happened? Why wasnt anyone else visiting? If it was b/c of fear of terrorists then I dont blame them considering thats what happened to Sri Lankans when they did visit? –> I’d like to know what happened so please explain :)

      • Avatar Ameera Khan says:

        Yeah, that’s exactly what happened, Kanika… it was really sad. No one was visiting because of the terrorism risk and when Sri Lanka still did, they were targeted too. :( I felt horrible about it and glad they didn’t get hurt while some of my own countrymen lay down their lives. May Allah have mercy on them! Ameen.

    • Avatar DiscoMaulvi says:

      And the good thing about Pakistan losing is that finally, I hope people will realize how stupid and wrong it is to believe parrots, fortunetellers and all other such stuff. Oh yeah, and praying nawafil and Tahajjud, etc. *just* for a match (I know people who did and it’s very common to do this in Pakistan!) and not otherwise – would be good to think about the hypocrisy here!

      You got it Ameera!! May Allah guide us….

  34. Avatar Tahira says:

    victory finallyyy ! thank u ALLAH MIYA u r the greatest and all those who pray for india AND ALSO PAKISTAN who let the spirits soooooo high!

  35. Avatar Bushra says:

    My FB status:
    Well, India, what can I say? I congratulate thee. Although, if the tables were turned none of you would congratulate us cos you’re just that arrogant and too far stuck up your own…ahem…anyway, well done. I look forward to the final and supporting my dear Sri Lankans!

    I agree with Ameera…the amount of tahajjud, nafls, du’as, etc that have been prayed for this match. And all for what? Pride, glitter, distraction in the dunya? If only all that effort was directed towards the akhirah…

  36. Avatar DiscoMaulvi says:

    Great performance India…. my heart went out to Afridi for apologizing to his countrymen for the defeat!!

    All the best Sri Lanka!!

    PS: Kanika please feel free to gloat (till SL owns India on April 2)

  37. Avatar Hassan says:

    Qadar-Allah, whatever happens to believer is good. Alhamdulillah they are on islam and pray regularly, that would count on day of judgement

  38. Avatar LG says:

    India won the Cricket World Cup semifinal. Now time to beat lions to claim that long evading cup.!!! Go India…!!!

  39. Avatar Hassan says:

    Also those who prayed tahajjud, atleast they know whom to turn to, if Allah did not accept their duas, its still good, as they would see the results some way.

    • Avatar Abu_Isa says:

      I agree – Alhumdulillah they prayed. I actually like the fact that they prayed to Allah, even if it was for the worldy cause. As we learn from our sahaba, they used to pray to Allah swt even when their shoe lace would come off.. Allah swt in his infinite wisdom will reward them accordingly.

      inshAllah this will make us realize the immense power of Allah and make us among those who will turn to him not only for the worldy matters but for the hereafter as well.

      Btw, for those who may not be aware, India has more Muslims than Pakistan.. I am sure many of them prayed for India.. so if your criteria for supporting a team is based on the # of muslims then you know who to support in the finals ;)

      • Avatar F says:

        That was true 30 years ago but now Pakistan is number 2 after Indonesia :-)
        As for supporting countries that have Muslim population, so does Israel….so if its okay to support India, it should be okay to support Israel ;-)

        • Avatar Abu_Isa says:

          F – Jazakallah khair for correcting my knowledge regarding Muslim Population Stats.

          Reg supporting India, I was referring to the total # of muslims as a criteria… Personally, I dont agree to this Philosophy.

  40. Avatar SA says:

    Sri Lanka you have 170 million Pakistanis rooting for you :).Sorry India can’t forgive you for the defeat.

    Now that the semi final is done the match-fixing rumors are out in full force.

    • Avatar Zari says:

      Another Muslim Indian who’d prayed for an Indian victory. How easily people forget the number of Muslims in the Indian team and the number of Muslims praying for their victory! Hmmf.

      We’ll own Sri Lanka too, insha’allah!

      • Avatar F says:

        I don’t necessarily think the result is indicative of the number of prayers for each team. It would more so depend on the skill, hard work, and dedication of the players involved.

  41. Avatar Muddassir says:

    I am happy that pak lost. This will make them concentrate on the real issues facing their country such as increase in bombings, violence, poverty etc, instead of being under the delusion of grandeur after winning a useless match. Really amazed to see muslims wasting time.

    • Avatar SA says:

      I personally think that Pakistanis have a lot on their plate to contend with.Whether it is poverty driven suicides, unemployment, frequent bombings etc.At a time like this bringing a smile to people’s face by simply winning a match is a pretty huge deal!!

      • Avatar Muddassir says:

        Well brother have good expectations from Allah(swt) and he will give you something much better than a worthless victory in a cricket match.

        • Avatar Bushra says:

          For some people, this is the only happiness they have in their lives…I know they should concentrate on their own lives and being grateful for everything they have, but sometimes a little halal entertainment can go a very long way.

  42. Avatar Brother says:

    Whats with that guy (Afridi?) holding a laughing head(not sure who) at the end of the video? Bad taste in US, maybe cultural in Pakistan.

  43. Avatar Mohammed Khan says:

    It’s amazing how sad and depressed Pakistanis are since yesterday. Imagine if they felt the same sadness for the abandonment of the beautiful religion of Islam by majority of the Muslims of the world! They would become Walis and true friends of Allah if they showed the same amount of grief and sorry for the discarding of the beautiful religion brought to humanity for humanity by the most beloved of Allah.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we showed the same grief for all the Salat that we and our children miss?

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we showed the same sadness for all the commandments of Allah we break?

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we showed the same sorrow for the billions of people who are dying without Iman?

    Over a cricket match, we show so much sadness, but on a daily bases, the teachings of Islam and the Sunnats of the Prophet are being disregarded and being mocked at and torn apart and stream rolled, not by non-Muslims, but by we Muslims ourselves, and it doesn’t bother us one bit! It doesn’t make us turn and toss in bed even once. Such total disregard of religion doesn’t make us not enjoy our meal even once. But lo behold, if our team loses, we become so sad to such an extent that we even shed tears over it!


  44. Avatar Mifrah says:

    I don’t watch the cricket either but I am really enjoying the hype including the many facebook and twitter status updates.

    Anyway, looking forward to the finals now.

    Go Sri Lanka!!

    It’s our turn -the little Muslim population in Sri Lanka now, to make some big duas for victory! :) :P

  45. Avatar Mezba says:

    There was actually a big hullabaloo when pakistan played the quarter final in Dhaka and lots of Bangladeshis supported them. While I think most Bangladeshis just wanted to see West Indies knocked out, ESPN also did a report on it and the ties between Bangladesh and Pakistan. In England vs Bangladesh, most Pakistanis were supporting Bangladesh.

    • Avatar Ameera Khan says:

      Oh, we certainly were! :) I remember, I was in a restaurant with my family when the final overs of the match were running… and it was so good to see Bangladesh win! I felt really happy as I thought of the countless Bangladeshi nationals around the world, especially those in blue-collar jobs etc., who’d feel a sense of achievement and pride at having won over England! :) I even imagined them walking with their heads held a little high (not out of arrogance but out of a sense of joy and achievement, Masha’Allah) before their British bosses or peers… :)

    • Avatar F says:

      For Pakistan, playing in Dhaka is almost like playing at home because of the crowd support :-)

  46. Avatar Brother says:

    I’ve said it about soccer, football and others, and now I say it about cricket: Its just a game.

  47. Avatar ParDesi says:

    Any follow up on Final Ind Vs SL ?

    • Avatar Ameera Khan says:

      Sorry, we’re all either busy watching today… or too turned off from cricket to want to blog anymore. :) As for me, I’m following updates… I’m Pakistani and I’m rooting for Sri Lanka… not particularly because I have anything against India but because I love the Sri Lankans for visiting us when no international team would (terrorism risk)!

  48. Avatar ParDesi says:

    India Finally won!!!!!!

    Way to GOooooooooo!!!!!!

    277/4 (48.2) with a final touch of 6.

  49. Avatar Hassan says:

    Inna lillahi wa innah ilahi rajion.

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