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Fiqh of Facebook: The Manners & Etiquettes of Social Media Interaction


Facebook is seen as quite controversial today by some Muslims who see it as a platform for fitnah and as a result warn others not to use Facebook. There is some misconception surrounding this because Facebook is a communication tool which can be used in a good way or a bad way. This lecture (dars) insha'Allah will help address some of these misconceptions, present some of the good and bad aspects of Facebook and also present some guidance with regards to how Facebook can be used to add value to a person’s time online or at least avoid the dangers of online communication. Read More »

Wealth and the Rejection of Truth

The Qur’an teaches us that wealth, power and social prestige – blessings that almost everyone desires in life – can become a Fitnah or trial of faith if it starts to stand in the way of a person’s embracing Islam completely and acting upon the Deen of Allah. When a person has wealth, he starts to think with certainty that he must be on the right path and that Allah is pleased with him. Moreover, wealth can make a person look down upon and deride those righteous people who are sincere to Allah’s cause but who belong to a lower socioeconomic class. Read More »

Shaykhy Crushes: Trials in the Lives of Men of Knowledge


There is a trend among contemporary, practicing Muslims which I find rather disturbing, this trend is what I call a "Shaykhy Crush". I have noticed at many Islamic events, from classes to conferences, practicing Muslim women who follow the Deen in dress and Ibadah, developing crushes and falling in love with the speakers and teachers. This has led to many dangerous scenarios. It could be that studying Islam has been glamorized and students of knowledge are treated like celebrities or it could be that some Shuyookh unintentionally do things that attract women. Read More »

Effective Parental Influence – From a Kid’s Point of View

Kids these days have complicated lives. Fitnah is increasing not only in the West, but on a more global level, and sometimes this leads to kids, specifically teenagers, leading double-lives. Read More »

Fitnah Frenzy: Muslim Men Traumatized

How many times are men reminded that they too are as much of a fitnah for women as women are for men? If men are attracted towards women, women too are equally tempted to attract the attention from men. Nonetheless the world is as incomplete without men as it is without women, and women are a blessing for men as much as men are blessing for women yet they both remain a fitnah for one another. Men are tested through their womenfolk as much as women are tested through their men folk, but neither group is innately evil. Read More »

The Spirit of Yusuf (as)

Sheikh Yaser Birjas discusses the story of Prophet Yusuf ('alayhis-salaam), and delves into the spirit of Yusuf to derive deep lessons on dealing with trials and tribulations throughout life. Why does Allah test us with difficulties? Is it a blessing or a curse? Sheikh Yaser explains the wisdoms behind life's difficulties. Read More »

Pakistan’s IDP: Needy of Prayers

Truly, if you have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, access to clean water, a stable job, air-conditioned rooms in your house, and a lack of fear of the future, indeed, you are better off than millions! Read More »

The Story of the Pretty Woman

She was strangely attractive, though dressed in fulsome black, a veil over head and face... Read More »

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