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Youssef is from Brooklyn, New York by way of Alexandria, Egypt. Currently, he is a doctoral student at the University of Southern California studying Political Science and International Relations. A student of Islam, history, and politics, his recent extended stay in Cairo placed him squarely at the nexus of these disciplines. Follow him on Twitter (@TheAlexandrian) as he tries to make sense of all that's happening in Tahrir and beyond.

Orwell’s Egypt


Suffice it to say, this is the most depressing anniversary yet of the Egyptian uprising. Somehow, the country has managed in the last three years not only to make no societal progress, but to actually regress to a situation that in many ways is worse than the Mubarak-era status quo. A cursory rundown of recent events highlight the utter absurdity ... Read More »

How do you Stop Racism in the Arab-American Community? Heck if I Know

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 8.37.07 PM

Post-Racial? Racism is a complicated issue. Racial prejudice has persisted in America despite the evolution of countervailing social norms that not only undermine the rationales that buoy such bigotry, but shame the bigots themselves. So why are people still jerks? There have been a myriad of reasons suggested for the persistence of racism and racists. I haven't the space nor ... Read More »

Egypt is Not Special


Over the past two and a half years, Egyptians have become fairly desensitized to violence on the streets of their capital. Prior to 2011, virtually any crime beyond petty theft – let alone violent flare ups in public squares or massive processions against the authorities du jour – grabbed the attention of the Egyptian populace; it was simply outside the ... Read More »

A Coup by Any Other Name -#Egypt


It wasn't suppose to be this way. Everyone in Egypt knew, without question, that the country would hit a hurdle or two on its road to a fully functioning democracy. It was thought, however, that we would stumble along, but nonetheless move forward. The idea that Egypt could backslide – certainly, so soon into their democratic experiment – was simply ... Read More »

Egypt’s Political Crisis: What You Need to Know About Morsi, the Brotherhood and “Tamarod”

Mideast Egypt Return to Protests

Much has changed in the nearly two and a half years since Egyptians took to the streets to topple the thirty-year regime of Hosni Mubarak. Much has also remained the same – or gotten worse. These observations go doubly for the one year since Muḥammad Morsi became Egypt's first freely elected president. No one expected the years following Mubarak's fall ... Read More »

The Embassy Attacks: Hyperbole, Hypocrisy and Hujarat

Ignorance is a Disaster

There is lots of blame to go around for the tragedies that occurred throughout the Middle East last week. Like is often the case, however, Egypt was at the epicenter of it all - and more specifically, Egyptian culture. Read More »

Five Reasons No One Cares About the Rohingya


Considering how little the American media, and to only a slightly lesser extent their international counterparts, have covered this latest outbreak of violence between Buddhist nationalists and minority Rohingya Muslims, you are squarely in the majority if you have no idea that dozens have been butchered and hundreds have attempted (unsuccessfully) to flee their homeland. Read More »

Egypt’s Beard Complex


Beards are all the rage on the streets of Egypt...or something. If Egyptians collectively and publicly acknowledged their relationship status with male facial hair, "It's complicated" would be an understatement. From entrenched social norms, to religious connotations, to political overtones, walking around with a beard in Cairo is anything but "3aadi." Read More »

Interview with the Producer of “Fordson: Faith – Fasting – Football”


On the eve of his film's nationwide release, we talk to Ash-har Quraishi about being a producer, the challenges in making a documentary with an Islamic theme, and the integral role fate played along the way. Read More »

BREAKING | Revolution in Libya: The End for Gaddafi??

News Updates 21st August The End?? After six months… SIX MONTHS… Victory is at last in sight for Libya's rebels – for all Libya. What happened in the past few days caught most by surprise. The speed with which  rebels moved toward Tripoli was simply stunning. Not long ago, there were fears that Gaddafi may succeed in pushing the revolutionaries ... Read More »

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