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An “Icon” Became a Student: How I Joined MuslimMatters


My approach to Islam continues to evolve, and wherever my life as a Muslim leads me, the influence of my interaction with Br. Amad, Sh. Yasir, Br. Omar, Sr. Anonymouse, Br. Ahmad, and Br. Musa was inestimable. Read More »

The Florida Family Association and Lowe’s: a clear danger to American values

Some commentators have referred to TLC's new reality show All-American Muslim as a parallel to the Cosby Show.  The implication is that All-American Muslim offers Muslims the same opportunity the Cosby Show offered blacks: to show them in the mainstream, outside the stereotypes. Perhaps that worked for the Cosby Show, but All-American Muslim, halfway through its premiere season, may not ... Read More »

Oh the Irony! Pamela Geller and the Stealth Halal Turkeys


Pamela Geller, anti-Muslim blogger extraordinaire, sounded the alarm today over the latest “Islamization of America” outrage.  She discovered that Butterball whole turkeys are certified halal, and in this she sees the latest example of “stealth” infiltration of Islam into all things American (read: non-Muslim). This Thanksgiving, she frets, the jihad starts with what's on your table. She called on good ... Read More »

All American Muslim – the TLC version


I am a hardcore reality TV watcher. So knowing how reality TV is done, I didn’t expect much from “All-American Muslim.” However, one story really engaged, and disturbed, me: Jeff McDermott’s conversion to Islam. Jeff is engaged to one of the main characters, and the show reveals that he plans to convert to Islam. Read More »

Why Don’t You Dress Like Us? -Ruth Nasrullah

On the Houston Chronicle's Talking Tolerance blog I read this post, in which the author's friend makes a comment along the lines of what I heard at last November's elections. The question is, “Why don't they just dress like us?” “They” refers to Muslim women wearing hijab. It's a question that reeks of ignorance, frankly, but it brings to mind ... Read More »

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