A Sunni, a Shia, and a Pizza

Though we recognized that we were a practicing Sunni family and they were dedicated followers of Bhori-Shiism, we did not use our differences to set us apart as much as we used our similarities to come together.

21 Things I Learned at 21

Ramadan has always been a time for me to make new resolutions and reflect on the past so that I can grow as a person and transition into the New Year... Hopefully this article will serve as a helpful treatise...

Living Up To Justice

Justice is a foundational principle upon which our religion is built. It maintains the balance of all things in our lives. As Muslims we are taught to be just in all affairs of our lives. Discrimination or any...

A Deeper Look at Emaan

Many times the word إيمان 'Eman' is casually translated into "faith" without one having a deep understanding of what it implies. This word comes from ء م ن, which literally means "safety, security, and...

Mosques are Missing the Point

The room was silent as the scholar spoke to an attentive crowd. People had traveled from far distances to give their ears to a beautiful sermon about the annual Hajj, its rights, and, most importantly, to...