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Abu Ryan Bilou Al Dardiri holds multiple degrees and masters in education and various sciences, and holds credentials in US Govt and Politics from the Harvard Kennedy School, Data Science from Columbia University, and Maryland University. He is currently enrolled as a student in Mishkah pursuing a bachelors in Islamic Studies. He is working at the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) as an educational advisor. He is the founder and Chief Coordinator of the non-profit organization The Building Blocks of New Jersey whose mission is: “To aid self development, promote activism, and bolster community building”, and AJR International focusing on Muslim villages in India and Nigeria. He also consults and is a trustee at “Outreach on the Barrio” based in Houston, and Green Muslims based in Washington DC. In 2019 he published his first children’s book titled “My First Illustrated Hadith Book”, and since then has published more children books and 99 names of Allah for adults.

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