Haleh Banani | Where Psychology Meets Islam | Anger Management Part 2

Haleh Banani will help you to heal, grow and prosper by combining the principles of psychology with the light of the Qurʾān and Sunnah. Fortnightly, we will be featuring an episode from her weekly TV program that she hosts on Al-Fajr called  “With Haleh.” Get ready to be EMPOWERED!

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Today’s Episode:  Anger Management Part 2/2

Are you in control of your anger or is anger controlling you? Uncontrolled anger can lead to problems in your personal relationships, at work and the overall quality of your life. Learn the different kinds of anger, relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring and better communication in order to take control over your anger.


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2 responses to “Haleh Banani | Where Psychology Meets Islam | Anger Management Part 2”

  1. Shahnazkabir says:

    JazakAllaahu Khaiyr……very informative.wonderful program.

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