MuslimMatters PODCAST – Official Launch Party!

podcast2.jpg is pleased to announce the launching of its official PODCAST that we told you about earlier. What that means is, you can subscribe to our podcast feed in iTunes and all the audio we post will automatically download to your iPod (you can also use other mp3 players and clients to get podcasts, iTunes is just the most popular).

What’s a podcast?

The term podcasting derives its name from Apple’s iPod, but to create a podcast or even to listen to one, you don’t need to own an iPod, or any portable music player for that matter. In a nutshell, Podcasting is a new type of online media delivery. You publish selected audio files via the internet and allow your users to subscribe via an RSS feed to automatically receive new files. (source)

If you don’t know what any of this means, click here to get started with Podcasts, and check out the FAQ at Apple’s site.

For those awaiting a solid podcast to subscribe to and get free mp3’s, insha’Allah this is your answer :)

We will be podcasting out all the audios that have previously been posted on MuslimMatters since the site started early last year. We also have some hot new content that you have not heard from our on-board Shuyookh and others.

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*If you have some recordings, specifically of our on-board shuyookh, that have not yet been made public, please contact us and let us know. The best way to get these is record the khutbah’s they give when you get an AlMaghrib class :)

We need everyone to subscribe to the podcast. This will obviously give you free lectures, but more importantly, it is a dawah opportunity for you. The more people that subscribe to our podcast in iTunes, the better our ranking in the iTunes podcast directory, and the more people that benefit insha’Allah. Currently we are in the Religion&Spirituality -> Islam section, but we are a few pages back. In fact, podcasts for the Ahmadiyyah movement are featured far more prominently in this category than many Muslim podcasts – and the top “Islamic” podcast is currently Farrakhan speaks.

So what’s left now? Subscribe and enjoy the podcast :)

–> Subscribe in iTunes <–

(the link above automatically takes you to the MuslimMatters Podcast in iTunes)

–> Subscribe using another PodCatcher <–

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26 responses to “MuslimMatters PODCAST – Official Launch Party!”

  1. AnonyMouse says:

    Cooooooooooolness! Which reminds me, I need to clean out my mp3 player and then get these lectures downloaded ASAP…

  2. iMuslim says:

    Jazakallah Omar, for giving me to something to plug this Sat on, now that I am the official Audio Editor… ;)

    [plug] Visit the newly refurbished site, that brings you the latest from the Muslim blogosphere, and now: the videosphere, artsphere and audiosphere too, insha’Allah! [/plug]


  3. Asad S. says:

    Thats sooo sweet! I am definitely going to subscribe!

  4. Dawud Israel says:

    *cue desi uncle impression*

    I lava da paadcast!

    I getta to hear da matters thata matter to my muslima matters

    Vuta mora coulda matter da more?

    *put on headphones and starts to strut*

  5. Muhammad says:

    subhan Allah!

    Just yesterday someone was asking me where they could get lectures in audio from Yasir Qadhi and Mohammad Al Shareef.

    Kudos for including the link to an alternative feed subscriber — google reader rocks!

    Masha Allah, people! Keep up the good work.


  6. FearAllah says:

    FINALLY! :)

    BarakAllahu feekum!

  7. Sharif says:

    Sweet! Alhamduliallah!

    I noticed that Yusuf Estes’s WatchIslam lectures are also available on podcast too.

    Unfortuantely, I also noticed that “Farakhan Speaks” is the #1 podcast under ‘Islam’. :(

    Are there any plans to have the EmanRush and IlmQuest audios on iTunes?

  8. Traveller says:

    Asalaamu alaykum,
    JazakhAllahu khairen. It is very good that MM is continually finding ways of effecting people, may Allah give you continued success. I have downloaded both the talks available and they have gone straight to my ipod. However, there is one issue; the tracks have not been ‘labelled’ correctly as the whole talk name appears under ‘artist’. So the track descriptions in future need to be done correctly; also could i suggest you include ‘MM’ or have something to that effect to the track title so that it signifies that we have obtained it from Muslim matters, what would be even better is that for all the podcasts you have, at the beginning of the track just have like a small advertisement for Muslim matters, this way if these tracks are distributed from one hand to another they will become aware of MM.
    C’mon everyone subsribe to it!
    JazakhAllahu khairen.

  9. iMuslim says:

    Wa ‘alaykum salam wa rahmatullah Traveller

    Jazkallah for the notice… I am surprised because when I tested the podcast, and u/l it to my iPod Touch, all the info comes up as it should. Answering the following questions may help us to resolve the issue, insha’Allah:

    Do you use a PC or a Mac?
    What version of ITunes are you using?
    What model iPod do you have?
    What version of iPod software in on your iPod?
    Are you using the iTunes link, or the Feedburner link to d/l the podcast?

    If you prefer to answer these questions in private, then e-mail me at imuslim_uk[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk.

    I love the idea about a special MM intro, and I am working on it! Jazakallah khair for that suggestion. :)

    If anyone else has any similar issues, please speak up, else they’ll never be fixed…


  10. Traveller says:

    Asalaamu Alaykum,
    Afwan I-Muslim, i didn’t realise the podcasts had a seperate section in the ipod menu, alhamdulillah everything there is in order; to be honest this is the first time i have used the podcast feature. JazakhAllahu khairen for your prompt reply and openness to assist. Ipod Touch eh? makes my old nano pale in comparison :(

  11. Anisa says:

    Awesome! Insha’ALLAH consider me subscribed! :)

  12. iMuslim says:

    Wa ‘alaykum salam wa rahmatullah Traveller

    No worries & barakallahu fiki – we’re all here to help. :)

    I only have the Touch cos my very old (well, a few years old) ‘classic’ iPod died just over a month ago… the Apple Store offered me a 10% discount on a new one, if I gave the old one for recycling… so I decided to go for the Touch… i’m just a sucker for Apple (hence the nick). :D

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  15. Usman Akhtar says:

    I think you might want to put up a proper link on the side of the pages to subscribe to the podcast, it’s kind of hard to find, unless you’ve already visited this particular article, hope someone’s listening ou there, this post is kind of late

  16. ibnabeeomar says:

    jazakallahu khayr for the suggestion, we are working on it :)

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  18. MB says:

    mashallah good idea.

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  22. Anisa says:

    Asalaamu Alaiakum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu
    Masha’ALLAH, I just want to say I’m loving the MM podcast. I *barely* got the lectures into my Ipod, although I subscribed back in April, lol. I listened to the lecture called the Power of Little by Sheikh Birjas, it was so good, I loved it. I also listened to a short one called ‘Fatwa Shopping’!
    Please add more audios and videos to the podcast, may Allah bless you for your hard work! ameen
    p.s. contact me if you want to upload your videos (or even audios) to YT so they can reach (and benefit) more Muslims insha’Allah! :-)

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  24. me and my sister loves podcasting, we do love to podcast our daily activities and our hobbies ”

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