Site Redesign, New Features, iPhones, Podcasts, AND MORE!

new_logo.jpgFor those of you tired of seeing the muslimmatters is down for maintenance message, we have good news:

A brand new MuslimMatters! Here's a rundown of some of our new features:

  • Archives page to fulfill your daily nostalgia for past articles.
  • Contact page to let us know your thoughts, comments, maybe some guest submissions, and of course, all your unanswered fatwa questions (just kidding, we are not a fatwa service).
  • New ABOUT page with information on how to stay up to date with the site.
  • AUTHOR PAGES with unique RSS feeds!! Go to the home page, and check out the authors on the left side. Now you can make sure to get all the articles from your favorite writers, and see some cool pictures :)
  • New front page – You can see the latest posts from our main categories now featured on the front page. Recent posts also display up top and in the sidebar. Our active content also displays in a top posts heading in the right sidebar.
  • CAROUSEL – check out the carousel under the featured posts. Click the arrows on the sides to check out some of our featured content!
  • Related content – when you read posts now, you will see more from that category and more from that author displayed in the right side.
  • Oh, and a new GOOGLE search in the sidebar to quickly locate posts.

iPhone and iPod Touch users-

You will now notice a new iPhone friendly theme when you load the site. No more need to resize the page and turn your phone or ipod to the side, a new theme will display to make the site readable.

Also, make sure to drop the MM bookmark on your homescreen, we have a new iPhone icon ready to add next to the Stocks and Weather icons that you use so much.


Look for an official announcement coming within the next week. We will be starting a MuslimMatters PODCAST with audio and video. If you've enjoyed our khutbahs and videos, make sure you subscribe and catch the latest. We will be podcasting out all unique MM content that has been posted on our site, and we will also be rolling out some new audios as well so stay tuned :)

But wait – There's MORE!

New Associate Writer!

We are also pleased to announce that Siraaj Muhammad of StrangersOasis has joined on as an associate writer. Look for a new series of posts from him coming very soon as well.

We hope you like the new site, and the new features. You can also look forward to some amazing articles coming in the future that will insha'Allah set the bar high for Muslim online media.

40 Responses

  1. Irum Sarfaraz

    One small suggestion…can you make the text fit the size of the box with the main post? It doesn’t quite fit and reads SLIMMATTERS. The MM is also cropped off. If the text can be made a little bit smaller it would fit better. And anyway being MUSLIM matters more than being SLIM !! :)

  2. Omer

    I love the designed. May ALlah (Swt) Reard the one who did the redesign with much khair in this life and the hereafter!! Ameen The logo is is amazing!!! but whats up with the tail at the end of the 2nd M in MM? :) j/k hehe

  3. Talha Syed

    Nice refresh!

    And I can’t wait for the podcasts. I’ve waited years for a good Islamic podcast, and my prayers may finally be answered!

  4. Dawud Israel

    This will take some getting used too…but it feels very neat and organized, masha Allah la quwatta illah billah.
    But of course I use the same wordpress theme that MM used to have so… :P

    I’m wondering which genius thought of the motto, “Because Muslims Matter”? Was that you Amad, hmmm?
    Ya could’ve taken a picture of Urkel from Family Matters and given him a topi or something…the actor who played Urkel was Muslim btw…

    Also great to hear uncle Siraaj is involved. Masha Allah, this brother is so awesome, if you need to win an argument online and get lazy–just tell Siraaj to handle it and he’ll shut them down! Now THAT is what you call a valuable ASSET! :)

  5. Amad

    Dawud, it was Sr. Ruth’s idea on the motto.. not sure if your “genius” comment was praise or sarcasm ;) ??

    What do you people think about the logo?

  6. Gohar


    Still really wanting an edit facility for our posts. Benefits should be obvious.

  7. AnonyMouse

    Masha’Allah, it’s awesome! Very spiffy indeed :D
    (I have to say I still love the “Discourses” motto, though…)

  8. Gohar

    I agree with the above comment regarding the “Discourses” motto.

  9. Charles

    The redesign is excellent! On the tagline, I would prefer the “Discourses …” one because it says what the site is about. The present tagline is “cute” but says nothing about the purpose of the site.

    On a sidenote, in Safari, “Society” in the menu breaks to a second row instead of remaining with the others on one row. I don’t have that problem with Firefox, Camino, Opera, or Flock.

  10. Ibrahim

    Very nice , mashaAllah

    I think it will be better if you replace the aqeedah blog with because aqeedah blog is incorporated in saheefah.

  11. Solomon2

    Pretty good, though it takes getting used to . Some people may find the font size for comments too small.

  12. ruth nasrullah

    Hmmm…was that me who came up with Because Muslims Matter? Genius indeed ;) but that was a year ago and I don’t even remember it.

  13. FearAllah

    Please, whatever happens, no advertisements insha’Allah!

    but the rest is good masha’Allah………hope I get used to it :)

  14. Anisa

    Asalaamu Alaaikum
    it’s so beautiful!!! Alhamdulilah new design is top notch, A-W-E-S-O-M-E just like the content & authors of this blog =)
    Keep up the good work! Insha’ALLAH
    Wa’alaykum Asalaam

  15. Charles

    Yes, I’m on a mac. Actually, right now, it’s loading okay. So I don’t know what the problem was yesterday.

  16. Amad

    salam.. jazakumAllahkhair to everyone for the feedback. You can blame all this good work on Omar ;)

    “FearAllah”… I think advertisements is a natural progression. In today’s world, we need funds to cover expenses and more importantly to further propogate and market.

    I should add then that this venture is 100% non-profit dawah project. And if we do advertise or seek donations, the funds will be funneled 100% into the site’s maintenance, upgrades, marketing and any other MM-related projects/efforts inshallah. So, if there is anyone out there who interested in advertising on MM or wants to donate, feel free to contact us using “Contact Us” :) … so we can get a head-start on this inshallah.

    May Allah keep our intentions pure for His sake only.

  17. Ahmed

    Mash’Allah and congratulations to the MM team. I’ve been reading your blog for sometime but have not been commenting. Very happy to see a quality Muslim blog with engaging topics. Keep up the good work, you have a dedicated reader.

  18. Reem

    this is way too confusing. it looks cool, very cool indeed. but i do not no where to go to see the new posts and stuff, but never mind, its cool

  19. kafeel

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