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The Brotherhood I Never Knew


Charity Week: One week, One Cause, All The Difference. Read More »

In search of al-Aalim ar-Rabbani


We need the scholar who has the ability to see potential in others.  We need the teacher who recognizes potential in his students. In the past, Muslim scholars were true coaches.  They taught their students manners just like they taught knowledge.  They raised their students like we raise our children.  They nurtured, they mentored, and they guided.  To them, no ... Read More »

Interview With Shaykh Islahi


This notion that the youth or next generation is not attached to the masjid, this is not true. You will see this if you take a tour of the nation. Everywhere I went, I saw the youth sitting for itikaf. Don’t be pessimistic, have good expectations of the new generation; don’t lose hope in them. Read More »

Until I See You


Written and Narrated by Ammar Alshukry. Produced, Kinetic Typography Designed and Edited by Belal Khan. Sound Scored by Cyrus Hira. Read More »

The Earth’s Complaint (Part 1) | MM Treasures

earth-1 (1)

“We were making the future, and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is!” MM Treasures are posts on MuslimMatters that we believe are overlooked 'gems' that NEED to be read, especially by our new readers. Original post from 2007 is here.   In H.G. Wells's, “The Sleeper Awakes”, Graham, a troubled insomniac in ... Read More »

Islamic Political Thought: Sacred and the Secular


A number of classical and contemporary scholars proposed divisions for the actions of the Prophet . Chief among them are Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziah, in several writings including 'Ilam al-Muwaiqqi'in, imām Ibn 'Ashur in his treatise on the Maqasid al Shari'ah, Shah Wali Allāh al-Dahlawi in his book “Hujjat Allāh al-Balighah,” however, the pioneer in this field was imām Shihab al-Din ... Read More »

One More Record to Break | Charity Week 2012

CW students- London Spacehopping

Charity Week is seven days of fierce competition between universities and colleges, each trying to raise the most money possible for Orphans around the world. Last year over 100 Islamic societies coordinated a huge effort that raised £378,000 Read More »

Part II | The Decline of the Ottoman Empire


In conclusion, militarily, economically, politically and ideologically the Ottoman Empire declined from the reign of Sulayman the Magnificent. These factors were of course intertwined, which was why when reforms were made in one aspect the other factors stifled progress. Due to the influx of wealth from the New World they advanced both militarily and economically with the industrial revolution. Even if the Janissaries had not revolted and adopted their advance methods, the industrial revolution and the shift in global trade would have starved the empire from the financial means to survive. Read More »

Part I | The Decline of the Ottoman Empire


Empires can be likened to complex kaleidoscopes which change colours through time. For this reason it is difficult to see if an empire is steadily weakening or reforming by changing colour. Hence there is much debate over when the Ottoman Empire began to significantly decline. Read More »

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi | A Vision for the Muslim Community

This lecture is from the United Against Malaria event organized by United For Change. Read More »

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