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A Rebuttal to ‘Should Muslims Reconsider Animal Slaughter on Eid?’

Sheep for Qurbani

A respectful rebuttal against the ideas behind the banning of udhiya. Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | How to Be a Super-Hero During the First Ten Days of Dhul-Hijjah


As the month of October has started, you might have realized that the last month of the Islamic calendar is also beginning.  This month is Dhul-Hijjah, an exciting month because it brings together millions of Muslims to Mecca for Hajj and has 'Īd!  Of course, you're very excited for 'Īd, planning all the fun things you'll do to celebrate on ... Read More »

Qurbani Udhiyah | What is it? Why Should You Offer It?


alḥamdulillāh, the blessed Hajj season and 'Īd al-Aḍḥa are quickly approaching. Remember the story of Prophet Ibrahim ? His willingness to sacrifice something so dear to him—his son—for Allāh is a great example all of us: Even though he loved his son more than anything in the world, Prophet Ibrahim knew he must obey the command of Allāh—and his righteous son ... Read More »

Food for Thought: The Eid of Sacrifice


I want to challenge myself and my readers to really make ‘Īd al-Aḍḥa a sacrifice. For the next year when you really want something: a cup of coffee, a new phone, a new purse, a trip, something you really care about, slaughter your nafs and put that money aside. Read More »

Shiraz Uppal – from Darkness towards Light


In March, MuslimMatters was granted an exclusive first interview with singer / music producer Shiraz Uppal, who, in search of inner peace, turned his back on a successful career in singing and producing music and decided to dedicate his life to the path of Allah. Read More »

Shiraz Uppal: A Journey from Soulful Pop to Soul-Searching

Shiraz Uppal

An MM Exclusive: Interview with Shiraz Uppal, a famous singer, songwriter, musician, music producer and director Shiraz Uppal created waves in the Pakistani music scene by announcing he had quit the music industry. Read More »

Muhammad ibn Adam | Important Fiqh Concerning Udhiya/Qurbani/Sacrifice


'For me, I have set my face firmly and truly towards Him, Who created the heavens and the earth. And never shall I give partners to Allāh. Verily, my worship and my sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allāh; Lord of the worlds. O Allāh this sacrifice is from you and is for you' Read More »

Hajj Reflections: Sacrificing for Knowledge

Walking from one end of Mina to the other is not easy

In the past, students of knowledge did not have it easy. Studying Islam was a Jihad that required a lot of sacrifice and one had to be self-driven and willing to go through anything for knowledge. Yet sadly times have changed. Today so many students complain about the mildest things, from a class being too early to the teacher not cracking enough jokes. Read More »

Sunday Open Thread – Joyous Spirit of Hajj and Eid, and a Week of Wins

Firstly, the joyous occasion of Eid Al-Adha was celebrated the world over, with millions of Muslim hujjaj simultaneously performing the annual Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia. Read More »

Eid Mubarak to all MM Readers! Bonus: Eid North Nigeria Style!

Eid Mubarak! Read an account of Eid in Nigeria. Read More »

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