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Tired of People ‘Playing the Race Card’?


Reminders of social injustice are like reminders of poverty in the world. Those who still have within them even a grain of goodness become disturbed when confronted with these painful truths. But the true measure of righteousness is what we do about this uncomfortable stirring within. Read More »

Muslim-American or American Muslims? Here is Why It Matters…

We must realize that what we say and how we define ourselves are the only parts of the conversation about Islam and Muslims that we can actually control. Read More »

Race Matters: Colorblind Racism in the Ummah

Undoubtedly, the Prophet (PBUH) was a revolutionary man, who successfully struggled against all forms of rampant discrimination in Arabian society, including racism. However; nuanced forms of racism, such as color blind racism continue to exist among Muslims. Islam is a post-racial religion, and we Muslims must struggle towards that standard. Read More »

Islamophobia is Stupid: Part II

As established in Part 1, Muslims are not monolithic at all. To understand our problem we must look to the concept of race, ethnicity and culture to further evaluate the term Islamophobia. Using the label Islamophobe in politically correct or activist terms is calling out bigotry. However, many non-Muslims, often see it as something else, something unjust. Read More »

Chill Out Like The Prophet: Tips For The Stressed Muslim Da’ee – Part I

Irritability, fatigue and lack of recreation is a wake-up call for a da’ee to realize that he or she is swerving away from the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad [صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم]. He had more roles to play on a communal and familial level than any of us, yet he knew how to strike the perfect balance in his life that enabled him to stay positive, cheerful, easygoing, focused on both work and worship and most of all, sporting a smiling countenance and a relaxed demeanor whenever anyone met him. Read More »

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