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Pitfalls of a Practicing Muslim


There are, we are cautioned, certain pitfalls along the path which we must steer clear of; and it is not uncommon for those committed to religious observance (“practicing Muslims” is the usual term) to stumble headlong into such dangers, corrupting works of faith and poisoning the Spirit and health of the heart. Of these pitfalls is... Read More »

Rahmah – Not just ‘Mercy’

mother's love

It is thus by His rahmah that Allah introduces Himself repeatedly throughout the Qurʾān, so much so that after His tawhid (Oneness), the Qurʾān uses no other quality to describe Allah more than rahmah. Read More »

Love the Prophet – Follow Him


Say, [O Muhammad], ‘‘If you should love Allah , then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.’’ [Al-Qur'ān 3:31] Read More »

United We Stand: One Nation, One Destiny l Imam Zaid Shakir

United we will stand, and united we can work for meaningful solutions to the nagging problems of our day. Those solutions are not utopian ones, nor are they easy. They are difficult solutions that will only be effected by overcoming daunting obstacles. However, if we can approach those obstacles as one nation, moved by a sense of a shared destiny, spurned onwards by compassion and mercy, we can overcome them. Hopefully, this conference will be part of that momentous process Read More »

Labor of Love: Lessons Learned Overnight

I could have been sleeping at home in my comfortable bedroom with it's neat-and-clean attached bathroom, offering my Fajr on a plush Musallah... but no, going through all those experiences that night opened my eyes to an existence that was based on putting someone else before your own needs. In a sense, it was a physical enactment of suppressing the desires of the Nafs for the sake of pleasing Allah(swt). Read More »

[Conclusion] Ramadan Duaa Series: Seeking the Forgiveness of Allah

The Ramadan Duaa Series concludes today with two duaas on seeking the Forgiveness of Allah. Read More »

9th Ramadan – Reflections on a Special Night

After all, the imam of your masjid, the ameer of your local students of knowledge, or your teacher of ilm -- have not they ever asked you to do something while you came back on the due date or after with an excuse? Read More »

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