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A Prophetic-Inspired 5 Point Plan for British Muslims after the Woolwich Attack


By Nabil Ahmed Just when we thought Muslims had passed the days of negative, terrorism-attached attention, it feels as though they never left. Repeated cases of child grooming by “Muslims”, then the Boston Marathon bombing, and now the attempted beheading of a British soldier on the outskirts of London, means that all sorts of heinous attacks are associated with Islam. ... Read More »

Terrorism is to Jihad as Adultery is to Marriage | Shaykh Abu Aaliyah Surkheel

terrorism islam muslim jihad

For the past four days I had been working on the following article, which I intended to post yesterday evening. However, I then heard about the vile and sadistic act of violence carried out by two men with knives and a meat cleaver in Woolwich. So I thought it best to review the blog post in light of the event, ... Read More »

8 Reasons Why I, as an American Muslim, Don’t Feel Guilty About the Boston Bombings


Ever since the Boston marathon bombings, my mind has been swarming with thoughts and emotions. I have been glued to the internet, digesting article after article, and comment after comment. I am sure I am not alone. The American Muslim emotional roller-coaster response to terrorism isn't fresh reading. It starts with deep sadness and horror during the course of the ... Read More »

We Don’t Debate Anti-Muslim Bigots- #MyJihad


By Angie Emara I am writing this as an opportunity to clarify the misconceptions, misreporting, and misunderstanding surrounding the #MyJihad Campaign, of which, I am the Project Coordinator and essentially lead- day in and day out. And night. And in my dreams. So really, not many others can give you the straight deal on this campaign like I can, save ... Read More »

#MyJihad – The ‘Struggle’ to Reclaim Islam


Too beloved a term to be allowed to be hijacked in this fashion, “My Jihad” was launched with the slogan and intent of, “Taking back Islam from Muslim and anti-Muslim extremists alike,” where both Muslims and non-Muslims are encouraged to contribute their reflections of what this spiritual struggle means to them. Read More »

Sadakat Kadri: Heaven on Earth – A Journey Through Sharī‘ah Law

sadakat kadri2

“Almost 1400 years after the Prophet Muhammad first articulated God’s law –the Sharī‘ah- its earthly interpreters are still arguing over what it means. Hardliners reduce it to amputations, veiling, holy war and stoning. Others say that it is humanity’s only guarantee of a just society. In Heaven On Earth, the criminal barrister and prizewinning writer, Sadakat Kadri, sets out to see who is right.” Read More »

Yasir Qadhi | Hindsight is 20-20

[The following is transcript of Shaykh Yasir Qadhi's lecture "Hindsight is 20-20," which was given at AlMaghrib Institute's IlmFest 2010. The transcript includes slight modifications for the sake of readability and clarity.] The talk that has been assigned to me – and in fact it is one that I have wanted to give for quite a while – I’ve entitled it “Hindsight is 20-20.” What I mean by this is when we look at the experiences of the past, when we look at the successes and the mistakes of what our ummah and others have done before us, we will learn the best on how to proceed in the future. As we stand here today, one of the themes of our conference today is to talk about some of the mistakes of the more, if you like, militant brothers and those who are involved in these types of organizations. Read More »

Response to MuslimMatters Comments on New York Times Article: Shaykh Yasir Qadhi and Andrea Elliott

The following post is Shaykh Yasir and Andrea Elliot's response to comments, questions, and criticisms generated from the NY Times article entitled "Why Yasir Qadhi Wants to Talk About Jihad". Comments are closed on this post. Read More »

My Reflections on the New York Times Article

By now, most of our readers have already read and dissected the New York Times Magazine cover story about myself. I’ve been deluged with emails and questions regarding it – here are my thoughts. Read More »

Why Yasir Qadhi Wants to Talk About Jihad

Beyond the gothic confines of Yale, he was becoming one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam, drawing a tide of followers in the fundamentalist movement known as Salafiya. Raised between Texas and Saudi Arabia, he seemed uniquely deft at balancing the edicts of orthodox Islam with the mores of contemporary America. To many young Muslims wrestling with conflicts between faith and country, Qadhi was a rock star. Read More »

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