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3 Prophetic Friendship Principles for the Social Media Age


I'm just old enough that I remember a world before the social media age. That meant arranging going out with friends via landline house phones shared with the family, and feeling innovative when AOL Instant Messenger became popular. Going out with a friend usually involved some sort of vetting process where our parents got to know each other before granting ... Read More »

The Shaykh ‘N Bake Shame Grenade – A Muslim Internet Phenomenon


Presenting the Shaykh 'N Bake: A critical analysis of the utilization of shame grenade discourse by Muslims on the internets and its efficacy. Please watch the following video along with the written explanation immediately after. Definition of Terms Shaykh 'N Bake: To reverse a regular conversation into something serious, religious, or self-righteous. Characteristic of manipulative behavior. In other words, to lob a ... Read More »

Is Media to Blame, Or is it Just a Case of Bad Parenting?


By: Maher Budeir We often hear the phrases, “When I was your age…”, or “The youth these days are different” or, “It is all because of access to video games and other bad stuff on Facebook,” when we hear our elders speaking of the younger generation. But, is it really so? Is the current generation really worse off? Are the ... Read More »

Twitter Battles: 3 lessons for Muslim Tweeters from the Boston bombings

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The recent tragic events in Boston have been noteworthy for many reasons. One of these is that it cemented the new age of information gathering and sharing. The post-news era is upon us with social media becoming the primary vehicle for gathering, sharing and debating information. To put it bluntly – Twitter is the new CNN. This has profound implications ... Read More »

Crouching Brother, Hidden Stalker

Dr. O blogs at Muslim Medicine, a site that strives to serve only the freshest grade-A certified ẓabiḥah ḥalāl comedy. Contact your local ḥalāl butcher for more details.   For generations, the age-old gender battle between hormonally-repressed stalker brothers and utterly creeped-out sisters has been waged from college campuses to Mosque common areas, and to this day you can usually find this war waged almost exclusively amongst ... Read More »

We Are All Slaves of Allah


Once, while in class at college, an Arab girl I was sitting next to said quite loudly to another, “Hey, give this paper to the 'abdah” referring to a black girl in the class. I wondered if she was even aware of what she was saying in English. Did she think that 'abdah translates to “black girl” and never thought ... Read More »

Fiqh of Facebook: The Manners & Etiquettes of Social Media Interaction


Facebook is seen as quite controversial today by some Muslims who see it as a platform for fitnah and as a result warn others not to use Facebook. There is some misconception surrounding this because Facebook is a communication tool which can be used in a good way or a bad way. This lecture (dars) insha'Allah will help address some of these misconceptions, present some of the good and bad aspects of Facebook and also present some guidance with regards to how Facebook can be used to add value to a person’s time online or at least avoid the dangers of online communication. Read More »

It Was Just One “Like”


She had developed a tick–she started logging onto her Facebook more and more everyday, constantly on the hunt for a post of his. He kept popping up in her mind more and more as their interaction via social media had increased. She just had to go back onto Facebook multiple times a day. It seemed like an addiction had developed in her halfway through the month. She would go and check his profile daily. Read More »

A Muslim’s Guide to Facebook Arguments (and online ridiculousness in general)

Muslims getting heated online...? Oh please, how often does THAT happen?!

Not surprisingly, the internet is now the boxing ring for our new generation of Shaykh Googles and Mufti Wikipedias to profess their scholarly expertise and argue with one another with far more advanced tools of divisiveness, or as they say nowadays according to modern cyber tajwīd: "trolling." Read More »

Is Facebook hurting my Faith?


Every day, our Facebook newsfeeds bring us information from our contacts. Status updates of all kinds, photos, shared movie clips, cartoons, music videos, news articles, game scores, applications, birthdays, anniversaries, likes and dislikes. Consciously or unconsciously, we're taking in information from multiple sources, unedited and uncensored. Sometimes, we do not even realize what we're seeing or reading, such is the level of exposure to it. Read More »

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