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8 Reasons Why Pakistan Needs Imran Khan to Win Elections and Become the Next Prime Minister

Imran Khan Pakistan

My title encapsulates a critical message.  It frames Pakistan needing Imran Khan, not the other way round. Of course,  Imran needs Pakistan for his sense of identity and belonging, but he does not need Pakistan or its top job for personal enrichment or popularity. This itself sets Imran Khan apart from most other politicians. Imran has been blessed with more ... Read More »

Islam and Libertarianism are a Good Fit


...the Qurʾānic verse is an endorsement of the fundamental principle of libertarianism, the Nonaggression Principle. This principle is articulated in the Maryland Libertarian Party Constitution (of which I am co-author): “No person or group has the right to initiate force or fraud against any other person or group to seek to attain their values.” This common sense principle is accepted by everyone in their daily lives, except for murderers, thieves, and con artists. Read More »

How the U.S. ought to Have Responded to the Palestinian Statehood Bid


Resignation to the interminability of the dilemma of Israel and Palestine only buys time for the further expansion of settlements, and thus further diminishes the likelihood that the problem will ever be solved. Palestine deserves the right to make a unilateral bid for statehood. Israel hadn’t obtained bilateral agreement when it seized Palestinian land in 1948, so Israel is groundless in trying to make the Palestinians do so, especially considering that the Palestinians are just trying to take back what is rightfully theirs. Read More »

Daily Telegraph: Harriet Harman and David Cameron asked to face Christian voters in special election hustings

Leading politicians including Harriet Harman and David Cameron are being asked to face Christian voters and justify their stances on moral issues at special election meetings chaired by an outspoken bishop. Read More »

Muslim McCain Fans Confront Islamophobic McCain Supporters

Interesting video courtesy of Huffington Post.You can digg the Huffington story by clicking here. This provides evidence of how difficult it is to make intolerant remarks in the face of people (towards whom the comments are directed to). Notice how the bigot, distributing stickers with Islamic and Nazi symbols interlaced, becomes completely speechless when confronted by people who question his ... Read More »

Colin Powell: “…what if he is [a Muslim]?”

*Please digg this story, let these important words of Powell be heard far and wide. H/T to AsimG for emailing us this story* After Campbell brought up this brave question on CNN, a question that all Muslims have been asking in America to themselves, to their friends, but not making a big deal of, because we want to think “yes, ... Read More »

OPEN THREAD: Final Presidential Debate, Obama vs. McCain. Thoughts, Comments & Who Won?

Yes, yes, I know the debate hasn't started yet, or depending on the time you see this post, it has already begun or ended. And I am not sure if I will be watching (too much studying to do :) ). So, instead of me trying to blog it, why don't we ALL blog it. So, this is YOUR open ... Read More »

How Could Any Muslim Want to Vote for McCain After This?

I believe the following videos (hat-tip to Br. Abdullah's email for pointing me to this post on Huff-Po) say so much more about the kind of campaign and the kind of voters that McCain is courting than anything the candidates could have said. While you see diversity among Obama supporters, what diversity do you see here? How would you, as ... Read More »

Open Thread Sunday 8/24/08

After inadvertently missing last week's Open Thread, its time to vent two weeks' worth! But before you vent, we have a special request. A brother is going to be interviewing Jamal Zarabozo, and wants to know what questions would you ask him specifically, and any shayookh in general?? Add your question in the comments below. As you may have heard, ... Read More »

Obama, the Jewish Vote, and AIPAC

"Oh, I forgot, you can't say anything remotely critical about Israel and still get elected President. Which is funny, because you know where you can criticize Israel? Uh, Israel" [Jon Stewart] Read More »

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