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My Journey into the Himalayas: A Game of Mind Over Matter


Writer's experience of what she calls adventure of lifetime that has put her life into a perspective. Read More »

Martial Arts – A Grand Master’s Big Bow and the Muslim Take


We were standing outside the dojang (dojo). They were taking the old sign down and the new owners were putting up a new sign. My children take tae kwon do classes. When I signed them for classes in this particular dojo years ago, it was run by a man from Jordan, (a non-practicing brother, named Master Jordan, who made a ... Read More »

4 Ways that London 2012 Made Muslims Feel Welcome


Every time you look at the news, you can't help but be hit by at least one Islamophobic story. Well, at least that is the way I felt for a long time. Whether it was a scare over how Halaal food was infiltrating British supermarkets or indignation over how Muslims were all inherently bent on the violent destruction of Western civilization - I despaired of ever seeing Muslims being treated with a modicum of decency and respect. Then came the London Olympics and I was pleasantly surprised to find an altogether different picture. Read More »

Exclusive Interview with NFL Player Husain Abdullah

Husain Abdullah

We recently had the chance to sit down with Br. Husain Abdullah of the Minnesota Vikings. He and his brother Hamza are touring the country this Ramadan visiting different masjids. You can keep up with their progress on their website AbdullahBros.com. In this interview we cover a number of relevant topics including life in the NFL, working out during Ramadan, ... Read More »

6 Ways to Stay Shisha-Free


Thousands of people stop smoking every day - by dying. ~ Anonymous Read More »

Body and Soul: Nourishment | Part 2


Like my co-author and close friend Sarah S., cooking has a calming effect on me, one that I welcome after a long day of teaching at an elementary school. However, when I only have an hour or so to cook, anxiety sets in. That’s when I focus on making a quick and hearty meal that will also satiate our taste buds. The following recipe was born in my kitchen on one of those days. It soon became one of our favorite chicken recipes due to the tangy flavor produced by mango habanero sauce. I paired it with a spinach-garlic side dish, and vegetable rice. I hope you enjoy it as much as my husband and I do. Read More »

The New Ramadan Fitness Plan updated with readers’ questions

Brother Siraaj's post on Ramadan fitness updated with readers questions and comments: You may remember last year I wrote a post entitled Ramadan Fitness Plan in which I outlined the program I was following for fat loss, a plan which helped me lose 8 lbs during Ramadan '09.  I continued training until my net weight loss was 48 lbs, alḥamdulillāh. ... Read More »

Blogging the Big One: Pakistan vs India

Pakistan cricketer Misbah-ul-Haq (R)

And this is it, folks! India have managed to make 260 off 50 overs at a cost of nine wickets. It's the Cricket World Cup semi-final in Mohali, India. The mood is festive, the atmosphere playful at times, and at times, tense! :) I know you're all too busy watching the phenomenal match to care about blogging right now but ... Read More »

Radical NHS Campaign to Tackle Health Issues During Ramadan

Health workers have launched a ground-breaking 'Health in Ramadan' campaign targeting Muslims who fast during Ramadan. Barts and The London NHS Trust has developed a programme to ensure that those hoping to fast can do so in a safe way that protects their health while allowing them to meet their religious obligations. The programme was launched after hospital staff noticed that some Muslims ... Read More »

The New Ramadan Fitness Plan

I know a lot of you feel compelled to try to lose some weight now because you'll be fasting, and what better time to lose weight than when you're not eating, right? All wrong. Ramadan is not the time for changing your physical fitness habits. Your focus and priority is 'ibadah, not fat loss. Read More »

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