Suleiman Hani

Imam Suleiman Hani is a lecturer and author from Dearborn, Michigan. At the age of 14, he completed a 10-month Qur’an memorization program in the USA and shortly thereafter began his intensive studies under local and global scholars, completing hundreds of classical and modern texts and gaining ijazāt (licenses) in the six books of hadīth from multiple scholars, as well as a Master of Arts degree from the University of Jordan's College of Shari’ah at the top of his class. Suleiman has served as an Imam and youth director since the age of 19, lectured at conferences and workshops around the world, and has recorded several comprehensive series with the largest Islamic TV stations worldwide.

Imam Suleiman recently authored a popular book on the subject of memorizing the Qur’an which has since been translated into several languages. He presently serves as an instructor and researcher at various educational and humanitarian institutions, the CEO of several business ventures, and an Imam and Resident Scholar in Michigan.

His most recent hobbies include mixed martial arts, archery, and skydiving.