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This summer I had the opportunity to meet Husna, eldest daughter of Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.  Students all around the world, including my siblings and I, have learned a lot of Arabic grammar through watching and participating in the Arabic with Husna series on BayyinahTV.  This series has made such a huge impact on thousands of students worldwide that I was eager to hear Husna’s perspective on the classes.  The shy, yet confident 11-year-old had many inspiring things to say when I interviewed her.

Husna has been studying Arabic with her father informally ever since she was five.  He taught her little by little until 2011 when he started “Arabic with Husna.”  In the ten to fifteen minute videos posted on BayyinahTV, Husna’s father teaches her Arabic grammatical concepts in an easy-to-understand and kid-friendly manner.  Not only has Husna benefited by gaining a very strong hold on Arabic grammar, but numerous subscribers of BayyinahTV have also learned from the videos.

These videos have been viewed in homes, schools, masjids, and Islamic community centers throughout the world by over 7,000 students.  When asked whether this knowledge disturbs her concentration during class, Husna said that she was initially a little shy and nervous about the camera.  But eventually she was able to ignore the camera.  “I don’t feel awkward because the camera is behind me,” she says.

When people approach her and ask her about the Arabic videos, Husna sometimes feels a little embarrassed.  She is happy that she has the opportunity to help lots of people, but she also “just likes being treated normal.”

Husna enjoys the Arabic classes a lot.  She likes “sitting in a cozy room” learning a wonderful language.  “There really isn’t anything I dislike about it,” she says thoughtfully. “Except sometimes when he [my dad] tickles me, it’s a little weird.”  Husna appreciates her father as a teacher.  “I feel more relaxed because he is teaching.”

Husna recognizes the importance of learning Arabic.  She strongly believes that learning Arabic is important for understanding the Qur’an.  “If I just read it and not understand it, then there’s not much benefit,” she states.  Husna wants to read the Qur’an and understand it directly.  She knows the Arabic classes are helping her get to that point and she encourages other kids to also study Arabic.

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12 responses to “MuslimKidsMatter | Interview with Husna from Arabic with Husna Series”

  1. Samia says:

    I love the series! Awesome!
    May Allah reward ustadh Nouman Ali Khan and his family immensely :)
    Ameen :D

  2. O H says:

    Can anyone give some sort of feedback regarding this course with regards to:

    1) Difficulty in understanding the concepts and if it is explained in a relatively easy manner.

    2) How advanced is the level of Arabic which maybe achieved

    3) Number of hours workload which maybe required per week

    Jazak Allaahu Khair

    • najeeb hydrami says:

      Brother its very easy and interacting way of studying. Ustadh Noman teach us such a way that even a 5 year can learn at the same time enjoy the arabic.
      I cant say how advanced is the level because I am still in the beginning stages. But you will almost read and understand the meaning of arabic sentences.
      not much workload, as Ustadh Noman will revise and ask so much questions on camera, that you will learn everything before going to next level.

  3. Umm Hadi says:

    Br Nouman’s lecutures are awesome as well.

  4. berjees shah says:

    jazakallah,,,…. USTAD NOUMAN ALI KHAN IZ THE BEST…..may Allah bless him and his family in shaa allah………plz if anyone know how we can contact nouman sahab or how can we ask him questions plz do inform me…..that will ur most kindness…..husna iz really very lucky mashallah……

  5. Qais khairandesh says:

    I don’t now how to read the Quran and I am 24 year old but I really want to learn

    • Habyb says:

      Salamu alaykum Qais,
      I know its 364 days late however runs a course that can address your need.
      “10 Day Reading Challenge” Learn how to read the Qa’idah Nooraniyah with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan! This is an excellent course for anyone looking to learn how to read Arabic for the first time, or for anyone looking to improve their basic Arabic reading skills series for leaning to read the Quran.
      Kindly let me know if I can be of any help.

  6. Ayesha Khan says:

    Ustaadh Nouman Ali Khan is one of the best Quran Teachers ever..May Allah Grant him Janattul Firdous … Ameen

  7. Sara Amin says:

    Sheikh Nouman motivated so much to learn Arabic. It’s a real tough language. So many words can mean so many things.
    Although I have to say I really don’t like the heavy Arabic grammar approach. It makes the language seem rigid and robotic.

    by the way people found this really great article on how to learn Arabic I’ve been trying to use it daily to progress faster in my Arabic. Of course when you married with a kid it’s not so easy.

    It’s much more interesting approach to the traditional heavy hard academic approach to learning Arabic.
    But that’s my opinion. I’m not saying grammar isn’t important but for beginners to learn grammar is just too much and too early when we can focus on the language skills first.

    • Ayesha Rashid says:

      I’m sorry sister sara but I disagree. How will I be able to speak and write Arabic properly without knowing grammar. BTW that post you posted which was a useful read has a section on grammar so it is not correct to leave and devalue the importance of Arabic grammar. Without grammar you won’t make any sense when you speak or write Arabic.

  8. umm marzookh says:

    Asak wanted to know how to enroll my teenager son in this course learn grammer with husna….

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