Mini Muslims- Update: Calling out all Kids for a Special MM Day for you! (Deadline extended Sep 8)

Calling all Muslim kids– Do you love the wonderful month of Ramadan? Would you share your joy with Muslims around the world? Here is how- send in a craft or a puzzle, a photograph or a story about Ramadan or  Eid ul Fitr. Be as creative as you can be. Tell us what makes this time of the year so special for you.

Make sure you send in pictures of the finished craft with directions.
For puzzles- send us the answers too.
Give us some background about your photograph ie why you think it is special, what camera did you use?

Here is a nasheed for inspiration.


We will vote for the best post in each category and the winners will have their posts published on Muslim Matters.

Last day for sending in your submission will be September 5th, inshaAllah. We realize there isn’t that much time left, but the same goes for the month of Ramadan : ) .  This contest is open to all Muslim kids  under the age of 14, all over the world (MM staffers’ families are encouraged to participate too).

EMAIL entries to art[@]

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14 responses to “Mini Muslims- Update: Calling out all Kids for a Special MM Day for you! (Deadline extended Sep 8)”

  1. Reem says:

    Is there a limit per entry?

  2. Reem says:

    Is there an email we can send the entry to?

  3. Mustafa says:

    Are videos allowed?

  4. Hena says:

    sure just make them under 5 minutes – no music and have the kids do the work:) Looking forward to getting your submission

  5. elham says:

    okay,this vid just makes you want to be a kid again

  6. Sayf says:

    Ah, gotta find my crayons now – time for a BIG art attack!

    Nice video mashallah. 1:38 is jokes, the poor kids were just playing some tennis and they got swore at, they looked so confused lol!

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