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posted by abu abdAllah Tariq Ahmed

As salamu alaykum wa Rahmat Allahi wa Barakatuhu.

Let me start off this Open Sunday with the one thing most of us cannot get enough of — our shuyukh! Yes, maybe you already have their twitter accounts. Or do you? Alhamdolillah, I’ve added a few here whom we all know and love, and check out the difference in tweet styles. Which shuyukh do you follow on twitter? If you’re a shaykh and do not give a shake about twitter, why not? Come on, shake the tree of knowledge, akhee and give us a date or two, a morsel of ilm or tarbiyah on which we can get ourselves through our labors. Allaho laa ilaha illa Ho! Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah.

Share your shuyukh’s twitter addresses with us here, and I might add them to this live feed. :) Or share all the other peeps whose tweets pique you. Are most of your followers Muslim or non-Muslim? What about the people you follow? Does that matter?

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Okay, lots to mine right there, but I have one more question for you on this Sunday, please. How close do you live to the masjid? Literally, what’s the drive or walking distance (depending on which one you do most often)? And from work or school to the masjid you go to and from that location?

In my case the distance depends on the day of the week. The answers are 3.2 miles, 3.7 miles, and 7.9 miles — unless we throw in ‘itikaaf which this year was 34.3 miles (though I was living there at that time, so maybe zero?), walhamdolillah. These distances are physical. And I want to say that the distance in my heart is mere instants’ worth. May Allah grant me that someday, bi’idhnillah. Ameen.

All I can say about my heart is that the days I intend to pray in the masjid, indeed the individual salaat I intend to pray in a masjid, those are the days that Allah brings my heart closest to it, and my prayer is to live and work so close to the masjid that I could hear the muezzin without straining. Alhamdolillah, people may call you to pray by tweet, but the adhan is as the Prophet sull Allaho alayhi wa sallam approved it.

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19 responses to “Open Thread Sunday 09-27-2009 | Shuyukh on Twitter”

  1. Avatar abdulhaq says:

    I’m not a shaykh but here’s a morsel of `ilm for you: it’s tarbiya not tarbiyya (no shadda on the yaa’). Because it’s such a common mistake I thought I’d say something this time. I love the blog BTW, keep up the good work

    wassalaam ;-)

    • fix-ed :) jazak Allah khayr

    • Avatar Rick James says:

      With transliteration there is no definite way to spell something unless the other language has an official spelling like “Moslem”in english dictionaries .There’s no way a person can distinguish the word TRULY. What is to be done? One must see the transliterated word in it’s arabic text. .Like Fez there is a clear error in transliteration and translation it is faa alif seen–(.fas) not faa alif zaa…So fez would be a ..clear error but as for tarbeeyah or tarbiyyah or tarbiyah…there is no way for someone to know y or two y’s distinguishes a shaddah or not… So one is basically free to transliterate as he feels….from one language to another unless there is an official spelling for the word.

  2. Avatar W says:

    About five to six minutes driving on the highway, solid 30 minutes walking

    It’s definitely a blessing to live so close and for the growing number of people who are buying up houses right nearby, it’s even better =)

  3. Avatar Amad says:

    interestingly i was closer to a masjid (5 min walk) in USA than I am in the Muslim country now… although don’t let this reflect on masjid densities… just so happened.

    I will say that anything greater than 10 min walk means use of car and that pretty much kills 50% of your jamah prayers due to laziness, time constraints, etc. I know this from experience, so if you live in the West, your first priority should be a place next to the Masjid if possible… it is amazing how much that will help you in your deen.

    • from the article:

      “They are our grandfathers,” said a young man named Fatih, who wore the long beard, turban and robes of a fundamentalist Islamic sect. “They glorified our religion and brought it to the highest level.”

      The description in the article sounds more like the typical garb (turban + robes) of the Naqshbandis in Turkey. Not an extreme wahhabi fundo like me! :) Seriously though, we have again been reminded that to the Western media, following the sunnah = extremism.

  4. Avatar Hidaya says:

    When should we expect an MM article on recent arrests in NYC & elsewhere?

  5. Avatar Rizwan says:


  6. Why isn’t Sheikh Muhammad Al-Shareef on Twitter? This is a medium very much suited for him…. He can motivate us daily.

  7. Avatar Amatullah says:

    There’re more Shuyukh FB-ing than this.

    Bilal Philips
    Navaid Aziz
    Said Regeah

    … to name a few

  8. Avatar aboo alee says:

    Sheikh Abu ‘Abdissalam:

  9. Avatar Huddi says:

    After finding out about this post:

    abuabdissalam: lol, who’s this chap?

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