8 Christian Terrorists Arrested for Murder


A group of 8 people, who believe in the fundamentalist Christian belief that the Aryan race is the superior race, engaged in an act of violent terrorism against an innocent woman. It can only be assumed this was one act of numerous incidents accumulating over the past few years of home-grown terrorists attempting to implement a fundamentalist religious doctrine on American society.

It’s also quite clear from the pictures that they are a fundamentalist group, matching the physical profile of a typical redneck Christian fundamentalist. You can see the signs indicating that they are of the hillbilly sect in particular, in the two men on the top right. Some security experts have actually said the Saudi-Wahhabi terrorists pale in comparison to the Hillbilly-American terrorist group that has been in operation for decades now but flown under the radar.

CNN has picked up the story:

(CNN) — Eight people were arrested Tuesday, one on a charge of murder, in connection with the fatal shooting of a woman at a remote Louisiana campsite during what police say was an initiation ceremony for the Ku Klux Klan.

The woman, whose identity has not been confirmed, was recruited over the Internet to join the Klan by the suspects, said Capt. George Bonnett of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The woman traveled from Oklahoma to Louisiana for the ceremony and was taken to a campsite near Sun, Louisiana, about 60 miles north of New Orleans.

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On Sunday, the woman asked to be taken from the camp to a nearby town. An argument ensued, and the woman was fatally shot by the group’s leader, Bonnett said.

Some of the suspects then tried to conceal the killing by burning the woman’s personal items, he said.

Police received a tip about the killing and found the woman’s body hidden under loose brush alongside a road, Bonnett said. The suspects, most of whom were still in the woods near the campsite several miles from where the body was found, were taken into custody without incident, he said.

The group’s leader, identified as Chuck Foster, 44, was charged with second-degree murder. The others were charged with lesser crimes related to trying to conceal the killing, Bonnett said.

Authorities found weapons, several flags and six Klan uniforms in the area, he said.

Bonnett said he has not seen any Klan activity in the area in three years he has worked there. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there were seven active Klan organizations in Louisiana in 2007, the last time the civil rights law firm tracked hate groups.

None of these organizations was in the Sun area.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat, please realize the semi-satirical nature of this post (Yes, I feel the need to state the obvious).

I wonder what the reaction and coverage would be if 8 brown guys with beards had done this?

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34 responses to “8 Christian Terrorists Arrested for Murder”

  1. Siraaj says:

    Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are…?

    Oh, I guess not ;)


    • Atheist American says:

      Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are…? ………….. hate filled ignorant people of all races ! I’m an atheist american living in Texas and the hatred spewed forth by Fox News and the Republicans, Tea Baggers & some Christians are vile and ignorant !

  2. Hassan says:

    Or not all terrorists are muslims, but all muslims are terrorists?

  3. bismillah.

    …who believe in the fundamentalist Christian belief that the Aryan race is the superior race… It’s also quite clear from the pictures that they are a fundamentalist group, matching the physical profile of… …please realize the semi-satirical nature of this post (Yes, I feel the need to state the obvious).

    i’m glad you are not under oath:

    عَدَلَتْ شَهَادَةُ الزُّورِ الإِشْرَاكَ بِاللهِ
    “False testimony is similar to claiming that Allah has partners.” (Related by al-Bayhaqiyy, and courtesy of shaykh Google.)

    but why approach to get a laugh what would be sinful otherwise?

  4. shirien says:

    only in middle of no-where Louisiana… :-/

  5. ibnabeeomar says:

    i knew this might cause problems.. the intent is not to “get a laugh” – trust me i have much funnier things i could put up, including my own cooking adventures :)

    but sometimes people need a “taste of their own medicine” to see the ridiculousness of what is happening. replace the word christian with muslim, and kkk/redneck with “wahhabi” and you pretty much have a breaking story on CNN.

    also i don’t think anything i put up was a lie, per se. “who believe in the fundamentalist Christian belief that the Aryan race is the superior race” – this is true. i’m well aware 99% of christians dispute this, however, the fact remains that the kkk DOES feel they have basis for this belief from the bible.

    and the other comments about their appearance were simply just observations :)

  6. bismillah. i know you are a good person, Omar. and i pray that Allah will let us laugh over this in Jannat al Firdaus. i just want to encourage myself and you to strive always for high standards. and i think too many jokes, no matter how funny they may seem at the time, would not be so funny if we imagine that we had to recite the same statement before all the people who might have taken offense with Allah ready to recompense them.

    laughter :) jokes :) smiles :) having good deeds be handed over to other people :( taking any of their bad deeds! naudhobillah :( :(

  7. Rocky says:

    ibnabeeomar, I’m curious as to with whom you thought you would be “causing problems” on this website. This is huckerism pandering that was so prevalent in the 1920s that led to the KKK’s rise. I don’t say this as some sort of parody.

    That eight thugs were responsible for the murder of someone they persuaded into one of their initiations is not indicative of some resurgent KKK uprising. It also might be regarded as “eating their own” rather than terrorizing non-members. You don’t “pretty much” have anything, as the number of people murdered in the name of Islam is titanic compared to those killed in any supposed “Christian” organizations like the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK was anti-Catholic and is too closely allied with the neo-Nazi movement, miniscule as that is, to be considered Christian.

    HAMAS, meanwhile, is recognized as the government of the Palestinian people. Have a look at some of the uniforms they like to wear:


    Something inspired by the KKK movement, maybe? If HAMAS has only one murder of its own during an initiation rite as its only recent death on its hand, I’ll withdraw my criticism. Perhaps a sense of proportion is in order for you otherwise, lest people start to assume that Muslims have no sense of proportion.

  8. ibnabeeomar says:

    i would think you would be in support of a government that was democratically elected?

  9. MR says:

    I thought the KKK hated Christianity, that’s why they burned crosses?

  10. Rocky says:

    Is this a healthy exercise in democracy? Comparing the governing party in Palestine to the Swedes is yet another convenient rhetorical sleight-of-hand. HAMAS have been brutalizing their own people more than any other group, and anyone who even pretends to be mildly interested in the safety of Muslims would be fiercely critical of this government. HAMAS also has no quarrel with shutting down sources of news, such as this website as a very loose example. The spirit of responsible government versus majority rule are not the same idea.

  11. I wonder why the “Ku Klux Klan” is only considered a “hate group” and not a “violent gang/terrorist organziation”????? I didn’t see them on the FBIs list of violent gangs and terrorist organizations.

    I guess they’re just too American for that list =/

  12. As far as “titanic” numbers go If we want to talk about governments killing innocent people/not their own, I think the United States government takes the gold medal.

    How many innocent people were killed when they atomic bomb was dropped? And how many innocent men women and children has the war in Iraq claimed (and for what???).

    that’s right.

  13. Amad says:

    You don’t “pretty much” have anything, as the number of people murdered in the name of Islam is titanic compared to those killed in any supposed “Christian” organizations like the Ku Klux Klan.

    Hmm… what about people killed in the name of “weapons of mass destruction”? Or let’s go back in history a bit… what about people killed in the name of communism (Stalin, etc.)? And what about people killed in the name of Christianity (Crusades, etc.)?

    So, actually, the number of people killed in the name of Islam pale compared to the number of people killed in the name of any of a bunch of ideologies, wars of deceit, etc.

    But I think I know where this conversation is going. And so if we continue to the stereotyping of Islam or Muslims, then Rocky, you’ll have to take it to some other channel.

  14. Rocky says:

    We weren’t talking about either of those, but since you brought it up, fair enough.

    No doubt that the death of tens of thousands of Japanese was a huge loss, to the point that Japan essentially banned war. The atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima might have also ended a war that would have seen several thousand more slaughtered in Manchuria. There’s also the debate as to whether nuclear arms prevented several other conventional wars and the initial bombing was neccesary to set the precedent, but I leave that to the historians.

    I can understand Iraq being a sensitive matter for the regular posters on this board, but bear in mind that that was a broken state that was attacked, and that was certainly by no means a governmnet concerned with the advancement of its people. Now the people of Iraq, after several thousand deaths due mostly to foreign nations fomenting terror activities, will have a shot at self-determination. Perhaps Iraq doesn’t seem like a utopia, but as opposed to having it handed over to Saddam Hussein’s sociopathic sons, now they have a minute chance. To dismiss it as “for what” is incredibly cold to the Iraqis. But then again, I don’t care about democracies, apparently.

    For the record, the KKK was on the FBI’s list of terrorists since the 1930s and they were first deemed a terrorist organization by a federal grand jury in 1870. I never hesitate to defend the needs or the integrity of people, even if I don’t live in those nations. The United States is no exception.

  15. Rocky says:

    Bold choice, Amad. Where exactly you suggest I shuffle elsewhere?

    Talking about the Crusades is 800 years in the past. If you really have to go that far back in history for examples of Christian retaliation, you’re reaching. But what a thrill knowing that young Muslims will be made to feel guilty for Islamic brutality in the year 2800.

    I’ll be glad to talk about the brutality of Stalinism anytime. I think communism was the worst scourge ever in human history. Again, I was not discussing it and neither was ibnabeeomar when he wrote this semi-satirical article. I think I proved my credentials as far as caring for them regardless of religion. It’s not slandering a religion when you point out a disproportionate number of their followers are using it in the name of brutality and cruelty. This is why the Christian/Islamic equiocation on numbers of deaths falls flat. I thought with you people supposedly being rational, moderate Muslims you would be more ashamed of the extremists.

    Sleight-of-hand. Stick to the topic at hand, or maybe move elsewhere.

  16. sincethestorm says:

    I didn’t think the reporter would use Christian terrorist…only a Muslim would use that term to make a point! Oh well, we can all hope one day to say Ah ha, what do you think about that…;P

  17. Abu Umar says:

    Maybe it is just the media, but it seems we have seen an upsurge of violence and terrorism from racial fanatics (think also of the 2 or 3 plots to assassinate Obama and African-Americans that were recently broken up). This is a trend I expect to increase with the upcoming Obama presidency. Finally racialist fanatics and fascists (real ones, not those fake Islamo-fascists) have a real cause to really around to motive their followers around: a black, Muslim, Marxist president. Combine this with the rabid hate that is boiling beneath the surface among the white working class in the south and mid-west which are looking for someone to blame for their economic and political problems. Look at what the petty demagogue Sarah Palin was able to incite in just a few weeks in terms of hatred against blacks, Muslims, and liberals (the fake America). Imagine the fertile breeding ground for right-wing and racist extremism that now exists due to the economic situation and the breakdown of the racial status quo.

  18. You don’t “pretty much” have anything, as the number of people murdered in the name of Islam is titanic compared to those killed in any supposed “Christian” organizations like the Ku Klux Klan.

    The phenomenon of Christian terrorism has gone on for quite some time, both beyond 800 years ago and after it. There was more than enough colonialism and imperialism justified under the guise of bringing Christianity to savages that no Christian ought to say a word about terrorism.

    The same rings true for today’s Western secular democracies. In the name of their two gods, money and the self, they have sought to spread their version of religion (freedom and democracy) with more blood on their hands in the span of 100 years than all of Islam in all it’s 1400 years. The arguments of justifying the nuking of nagasaki and hiroshima are ridiculous – then perhaps 9/11 was justified so that less Iraqis would eventually die from the sanctions imposed by the US? The logic is idiotic in both scenarios.

    It’s all a matter of perspective – the problem is that kool-aid drinking patriotism leaves little room for self-criticism.


  19. Man of Letters says:

    I kind of expected something like to this to happen as a backlash to Obama being president. It’s not like these guys have really disappeared and they’re bound to express their feelings about the new presidency. To put it lightly.

  20. Farhan says:

    I interpret this post to mean that when a Muslim commits a crime in the name of his religion, they are called “Islamic extremists”, but when these Christians do, no one calls them a “Christian terrorist”.

  21. abdullah81 says:

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Woe to the one who speaks and tells a lie in order to make the people laugh at it. Woe to him. Then again, woe to him.”

  22. Why is everyone so quick to call this a lie? i wouldn’t classify this as a lie, people.

    The KKK is actually a religious sect, is it not? To my knowledge, they actually have a spiritual leader and physical churches that advocate white supremacy. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

  23. i guess it couldn’t be called a “fundamentalist christian belief” (maybe “extremist christian belief of the white supremacy sect” would be more appropriate).

    regradless, I remember that Sh. Muhammad b. Faqih told us in Rules of Engagement, explaining the hadeeth about lying to make a joke, that: If you are saying something so outrageous that everyone knows it is not true, then that is OK. The hadeeth is referring to when someone actually distorts the truth to tell a joke.

    I think what is mentioned in this post can classify as something “so outrageous that it is known to be untrue”, inshaAllah, so I don’t think that we can accuse the author of the post of coming under the clause of hadeeth being mentioned here (according to the sharh of Sh. muhammad b. faqeeh)

  24. Siraaj says:

    To everyone talking about lying while joking, please do a search on sarcasm that is understood to not be true and used as a rhetorical device to drive a certain message home.


  25. Abu Umar says:

    Domestic terrorism activities grow after vote, expert says

    An uprising in white supremacist activities in the state appears to be inspired by the recent presidential election, an expert on domestic terrorism said Wednesday.

    Lt. Gary Thornberry, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper and member of an FBI joint terrorism task force, said President-elect Barack Obama’s sweeping election victory has spawned a new round of hate in the state. Terrorism experts are monitoring groups such as the Ku Klux Klan in response.

    Read it all: http://newsok.com/domestic-terrorism-activities-grow-after-vote-expert-says/article/3321561

    Time to start ethnic profiling for young, rural white males from working-class backgrounds?

  26. haytham says:

    Lets be real guys..

    In the last ten years we have ….. One single instant of Christian fundamentalists (i am not aware of any others…. lets say 5 public ones for the sake of argument) vs. a bit over 30 (wana start counting?) for Muslims all over the world…. (of course amplified by our mainstream media)

    Dont yell or shout at me… I am just looking at it from the point of view of the average American (or Westerner)..

    I think what we need to do is clean up our act first… and then start pointing at others… we cannot smear all of them like we were smeared.. that is not fair ..

    Allah said in Surat AlMa’eda verse 82 وَلَتَجِدَنَّ أَقْرَبَهُمْ مَوَدَّةً لِلَّذِينَ آمَنُوا الَّذِينَ قَالُوا إِنَّا نَصَارَى ذَلِكَ بِأَنَّ مِنْهُمْ قِسِّيسِينَ وَرُهْبَاناً وَأَنَّهُمْ لا يَسْتَكْبِرُونَ

    “and you will find the nearest in love to the believers (Muslims) those who say: “We are Christians.” That is because amongst them are priests and monks, and they are not proud.”

  27. Haytham, if you count US aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, and aggression by proxy by financial support for Israel, you will find that the US has much more blood on its hands than the extremist Muslim groups combined. Wa Allahu a’lam.

  28. Muslimah says:

    The KKK didn’t burn crosses, rather they “lit” them :-) See the difference?

  29. Ali says:

    Here is the video of testimony of a KKK memeber on CNN,

    ‘I was ordered to “Kill”‘

    One of the guy do not feel any remorse or any regret of his inhumane propaganda and activities.

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  31. Eric says:

    Those christian terrorist are everywhere preaching theyre lies , they tried to force me into there evangelical racist sects im free now from this ****.

    Edited By Associate Writer Haytham

  32. Mike says:

    There actually are no christian,muslim,or jewish terrorists. As Muhammad Ali said on 9/11: ” There are people who call themselves Muslims and do stuff like this. Just like there are people who call themselves Christians who lynch blacks. Christianity teaches love…Islam teaches(love)too.”

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