Dr. Aafia Legal Fund Donations Information // Nov. 6-7 Events.

Received the following information from an insider working for Dr. Aafia’s release. Please note two pieces of new information: A new initiative has been formed, kind of like a legal fund it seems, to release Muslims who have been detained unjustly. This is good news. Secondly, Dr. Aafia’s case, will have an official site www.freedraafia.com that is still not live yet.

And finally a way to support Dr. Aafia. The account has been set up by her family. Here’s a message from Dr. Aafia’s brother:

At this time, there are two sets of objectives:
1. Funds to offset expenses for family and provide support funds for organizing awareness such as advertising, planning educational events, etc..

2. Paying for investigators and legal support. As you know, this case requires significant investigative and legal horsepower, none of which are currently in place.

For the time being # 1 is the focus. This is new to me so I am open to advice from veterans to determine what targets are realistic?

Afias Brother

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Can we raise $1000 $3000 $5000 for Dr. Aafia on MM?  We have already had pledges of over $3000 mashallah thus far!

I know other political sites are able to raise thousands of sites for politicians. Can we raise some for our imprisoned sister? If you are planning to donate, encourage others by posting a comment here with your donation amount (it can be anonymous too if you wish). Let’s see if we can compete for the good here! Is the target too low? I sure hope so.

Checks & Money Orders payable to “Siddiqui Family Support”
Ref: “Siddiqui Family Support”
P.O. Box 18731
Sugar Land, TX 77496

Siddiqui Family Support. Contact info@muslimsforjustice.org

For more information, please visit:

PAST Events (If you were there, tell us about it):

November 6

Community Under Siege:
The Cases of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui & Fahad Hashmi
Guest Speakers:
Sean Maher, Esq.
Fahad Hashmi’s Lawyer

Gideon Oliver, Esq
Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s Lawyer

Ammar alShukry
Muslim Justice Initiative

Thursday Nov. 6th, 2008

New York Institute of Technology
Anna Ruben Hall
Room 308/310
NYIT- Old Westbury Campus
Old Westbury, NY 11568-8000

Dinner will be served

Attend, if you are interested in volunteering
Volunteer Applications Will Be Available

For more information please contact;
nyitmsa@gmail.com / info@muslimsforjustice.org
or visit: www.muslimsforjustice.org

November 7

The Muslim Justice Initiative Presents:
Free Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

November 7th, 2008
After Jummah

Elks Lodge
901 Lakeville Rd
New Hyde Park , NY 11040

While being held at an Afghan National Police compound, federal prosecutors allege that Dr. Siddiqui attempted to kill US soldiers and intelligence agents.  However, the only injuries evidenced during that time were sustained by Dr. Siddiqui. She was shot once in her abdomen and suffered a broken nose.  According to her defense attorney, Elizabeth Fink, Dr. Siddiqui was held in the notorious Bagram Airforce base following emergency surgery for the bullet wound in her abdomen. Dr. Siddiqui was labeled an “enemy combatant” and held in four point restraints with F.B.I. agents monitoring her twenty-four hours a day. Dr. Siddiqui currently sits in federal detention without bail at FMC Carswell in Forth Worth, TX.  It is the Committee’s position that her defense counsel will be unable to mount a proper defense due to her deteriorating physical and psychological condition.  The whereabouts of her other two children are still unknown.

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35 responses to “Dr. Aafia Legal Fund Donations Information // Nov. 6-7 Events.”

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh come on, this woman is guiltier than sin. Fighting for this cause is not doing the Muslim community any good in non-Muslim’s eyes.

  2. bismillah.

    Sarah said:

    Oh come on, this woman is guiltier than sin. Fighting for this cause is not doing the Muslim community any good in non-Muslim’s eyes.

    and the Prize for… [self-edited — see end.]

    dr. aafia siddiqui is accused of crimes — not convicted of anything. and while in US custody, she has been treated with less dignity than an animal. indeed they would arrest people who treated an animal as she has been treated. tarring and feathering would not be too good for the people who denied her medical care for her gunshot wounds, who all-but-rape her every time she has had to go to court or meet with an attorney (so much so that she would not voluntarily go to see anyone just to avoid the strip searches conducted in the presence of men), who abducted her three children (then ages 6 to a few months), who are still holding the younger two in cognito, and on and on.

    you may be smiling at the hurt your words cause — Muslims believe that the Creator is also the Judge of all His Creations. I take refuge in Him. And I hope you lead a long and entirely secure life. One free of every worry, even the economic ones that beset our nation. So that when you are resurrected by God, He can look upon your insignificance and recompense Sister Aafia and every other person you have slandered, mocked, and hurt. And do not delude yourself — there is no intercessor who would look upon the hate you spew and confuse that with righteousness.

    why did i edit my own comment? because what i wrote to you also applies to me. it applies to each and every person in the world. so i pray for you that Allah will Guide you to better than the hate that you embrace.

    perhaps, Sarah, only hate brings you to this site. to sling calumny against people who are jailed, and against those people who are aggrieved over them. but no one does anything except by the Will of Allah. so, i pray He will make even your hatred a door through which you will pass into repentance — not to me nor to any man, but to Him alone.

  3. bismillah. may Allah put barakat and success in all the initiatives discussed in the article. and may He bring near the emancipation of Dr. Aafia, Dr. Al-Timimi, brother Hashmi, and every other Muslim tortured or unjustly prosecuted/imprisoned.

    i would like to ask if the organizers of any of the events listed have considered live-webcasting (and subsequent youtube/etc. uploads). if MM could host both live and recorded webcasts, i think that might be an awesome good deed for all the organizers, writers, and supporters of MM. :)

  4. muhajir says:

    I think we need to up the target. $10,000+ should be our goal.

    I always remember this Hadith when it comes to helping Muslims in need;

    “Whosoever relieves from a believer some grief pertaining to this world, Allah will relieve from him some grief pertaining to the Hereafter. Whosoever alleviates the difficulties of a needy person who cannot pay his debt, Allah will alleviate his difficulties in both this world and the Hereafter. Whosoever conceals the faults of a Muslim, Allah will conceal his faults in this world and the Hereafter. Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids his brother. Whosoever follows a path to seek knowledge therein, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise. No people gather together in one of the houses of Allah, reciting the Book of Allah and studying it among themselves, except that tranquility descends upon them, mercy covers them, the angels surround them, and Allah makes mention of them amongst those who are in His presence. Whosoever is slowed down by his deeds will not be hastened forward by his lineage.”


    Whom amongst us would need help on the Day of Judgement?

    Whom amongst does not need the help of Allah?

  5. Abu Umar says:

    Oh come on, this woman is guiltier than sin. Fighting for this cause is not doing the Muslim community any good in non-Muslim’s eyes.

    Oh yah? Prove it. Or are you one of those people who still thinks that Iraq really did have WMDs, but just hid them in Bashar al-Assad’s basement in Syria?

  6. SH says:

    Awesome mashallah yes I do think $1000 is too little but its a start.

    Anonymous donation for $50 will be sent inshallah!

    May Allah SWT free her soon and bring justice to her and her family. Ameen. May she and her family be granted the company of the Rasul (saws) in janatul firdous. Ameen.!

  7. Amad says:

    jazakillahkhair SH for starting,

    I’ll match your donation inshalah, and continue to match it for the next $200… so who’s up to donate and have their donation doubled??

  8. Abu Hossan says:

    jazaak Allaah khayr for this initiative. i’ll be contributing $100 inshaaAllaah. maybe more later. may Allaah bring peace and security to Dr. Aafia and protect her from injustice and oppression.

  9. Amad says:

    Waiyakum Abu Hossan, and jak to you too.

    So we are up to $150 donations + $150 match = $300. Another $100 up for matching… comeon folks.. people were talking about $10,000 targets, yet we are having trouble reaching $1000…

  10. muhajir says:

    $100 from here

  11. Amad says:

    Awesome, we are up to $500 including match now mashallah!!

    Who else is out there to join this quest for ajar and who can throw in their own match offer?? We all had lots of opinions and lots of emotions on the case, so let’s put our money where our mouth is… (and by no means am I saying that you HAVE to post your donation in order to be “counted”, though doing it here, EVEN anonymously helps encourage others… but whatever suits you, just donate!).

  12. MR says:

    Why don’t Muslims start using PayPal and Google Checkout!

    Donations would be so much faster!

  13. Amad says:

    I agree MR. And I have sent that suggestion to family insiders.

    For now, let’s take the extra effort to send in a check. After all, checks get 100% cash, versus other payments where you lose some percent to paypal, etc.

    How about a pledge in addition to the idea too ;)??

  14. confused! says:

    I will send $200 for now as well. However, I will appreciate if someone can post here the amount raised and amount needed. I asked the same question from her attorney when I was sending money to her commissary account but I never got a response, even though she was kind enough to respond to my first email. So, please no offense. I am grateful that I am able to do something more than just typing on my laptop. I will say this with GREAT reluctance that I just hope that ALLAH AZZO AJAL never make me learn that someone had ran a scam in Aafia’s name. Please, please don’t misunderstand me, I do not want ANYONE to re-assure ME. I pray and wish the best for Aafia and her family.
    I felt compelled to mention this thinking whatever goes on in our wonderful economically distressed world!

  15. Amad says:

    “Confused”.. as far as the amount raised on MM, yours will take it up to $700 ia.

    I cannot speak for what the “total” of all funds raised. Hopefully the official website will have that info. eventually or you can contact them.

    And don’t worry about scams… we wouldn’t post the information for donations unless the information was of the highest form of credibility and trust inshallah. But you bring up a good point of being careful about where we send money.

    Btw, I did pass on MR’s message of paypal and it was well-received. Hope that an electronic form of payment is available soon. Until then, send those checks in…

    $300 to go to $1K… I hope we can pass this easily and set another bar… maybe $3K??

  16. muhajir says:

    $100 more

  17. Abu Sabaya says:

    Jazak Allah khayra for this…excellent…

  18. Amad says:

    waiyak Abu Sabaya.

    With Muhajir’s contribution, jazakAllahkhair, we are up to $800 now… who wants to wrap it up to $1K, and suggest the next drive with a match or strong contribution??

    Again, I remind everyone that we talked a lot about how bad we feel that we could not do anything. Let’s use the opportunity now to DO SOMETHING.

  19. FS says:

    Count 100$ in. Will send the check ASAP.

  20. bismillah. shaykh basyouni during fundraising events often reminds those who are silent, and Allah Knows what means He has given us, that we should at least make dua for those who have given from that rizq, seeking His Pleasure.

    i am no scholar, so my prayers, too, are meagre. but Allah Is Witness that my eyes well up for each of you who has given. i pray for each of you thrones of gold and better than that, perfumed, and among the most righteous inhabitants of Jannat al Firdaus. may Allah, al-Ghaafir ad-Dhamb forgive you for your sins and your excesses. may He Who is as-Samad make firm your feet on His Siratul-Mustaqeem. may He Who is Rabb-il-Aalameen grant you success in this dunya and after He has resurrected you.


    i’m not off the hook, though. our MM brother nouman ali khan reminded listeners at UH on friday that Allah has provided us with more than just money. so we should give too from our time, from our youthful energy, and from all such things that are not monetized but are in their own way priceless.

    and your duas for the prisoners, especially those you make when in sijda during the last third of the night, those are priceless, too. when we are resurrected people will wish they could have gone back for just one more rakatain. and no amount of gold will buy back even the time to give half-a-date in charity. so make a rakatain now, and remember the prisoners in your duas, and the good brothers and sisters who give sadaqah to the most vulnerable, to those who suffer injustice.

  21. innalhamdolillah. so i was making sajdah, alhamdolillah, praying for myself, for the contributors here, and for the prisoners, and it hit me that i was grateful for my freedom, for the freedom to choose how i will spend most any minute of my day, to protest what i want to protest, to share ideas with people, to pray in privacy, to bake cornbread, and to look forward to a day of sunshine or a picnic at a local masjid or an Arabic class, may Allah so Permit.

    have no doubt that no one gives or takes freedom other than Allah, and in each is a test. may Allah protect me and you from injustice. ameen.

    so think about it. monetize the value of your own freedom before you monetize that of your brother or sister.

  22. muhajir says:

    Jazak Allah Khair Br. Abu AbdAllah for the great heart softener and reminder and especially the dua.

    Here is another $100. Insha’Allah that should take us to our first goal of $1000.

  23. Mohammed Faisal says:


    I’ll be inshAllah donating $50. I would like to request that this webpage belinked from the main homepage for longer than a week so that people who have not yet visited MM recently notice this article.

    JazakAllah Khair

  24. Amad says:

    Mashallah, we have reached our goal of $1000.

    How about we extend that goal to $3000 NOW?? We got started towards that goal by Faisal with $50.

    The following is a message received regarding level of funds and where the funds are going. Needless to say they would probably need in the order of $100-500K… and that’s just me picking a number from the air. So, let’s keep it going…

    I really do not know what target should be set.
    At this time, there are two sets of objectives:
    1. Funds to offset expenses for family and provide support funds for organizing awareness such as advertizing, planning educational events, etc..

    2. Paying for investigators and legal support. As you know, this case requires significant investigative and legal horsepower, none of which are currently in place.

    For the time being # 1 is the focus. This is new to me so I am open to advice from veterans to determine what targets are realistic?

    Afias Brother


  25. confused! says:

    Hang in there Muhammad! If you are really Aafia’s brother. I envy you for having such a sister. You and your family is always in my prayer, I wish I could do more to help and share your pain. It will be over soon. إن شاء الله

  26. Muhammad says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    I’m a student from a third world country trying to make my way through what probably is an over-priced education. My mother is a school teacher who will most likely have a tough time helping me with my next semester’s dues because of the rising value of the dollar in my country. I have little money left in my account but place my trust in Allah who has always been kind to me and provided for me whenever I needed His help.

    By Allah, sister Afia needs this money more than I do. I pledge $1,000 to my sister in Islam in her time of need.

    Brothers and sisters, subhan Allah, we have been blessed with so much, especially those of us from this country. Just remember: Then, on that Day, you shall be asked about the delights (you indulged in, in this world)! (102:8) When the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wassalam was asked by the sahaabah what was the smallest blessing they should be worried about, he replied that they would be held accountable even for the air they inhale, or something to that effect. We have so much that we could be held accountable for, yet we give so little. Let’s give as much as we can when our sister needs it most. May Allah increase her blessings as well, and may He take away all her pain and suffering, ameen. I am sure we can do much much better insha Allah. Also giving voluntary charity publicly is advised as it encourages others to give as well, insha Allah.

  27. Amad says:

    What a spirit mashalah Br. Muhamad, I pledge to add $250 to match part of your spirit..

    So, now we are up to mashallah $2300

    Please remember ikhwaan, this is a pledge, a promise to the family, to Allah, to the Muslims… so I remind everyone, including myself, to please make sure to fulfill the pledge you make here or anywhere.

  28. In the name of Allah says:

    I pledge $50

  29. Amad says:

    $2350 & counting…

  30. Abu says:

    $650 inshaAllah. Has the paypal been setup?

  31. Amad says:

    jazakallahkhair Br. “Abu”… thats awesome… we are up to $3000... and guess what, its a moving target…

    New target is inshallalh $5000

    I still have not heard back on any paypal set up… but will send an email to the contact.


  32. Amad says:

    no one has yet stepped up to take us on our way to $5000???

  33. conused! says:

    Any update on the funds raised so far? I am sending $200 as a money order as I did last month, but I wonder if MO is the right way to do it, what if the mail is lost? I really wish if her brother can set up a pay-pal, its really not that complicated, just about every one has it. Right?

  34. Amad says:

    salam.. I am sorry “confused!”, but we have suggested paypal to the family and cannot force them as you can understand. I agree that this would be relatively easy to do, and I will suggest it again.

    I don’t know how much they have raised from all sources, but from our pledges so far, with your additional $200, we are up to $3200 mashallah from MM.

  35. bismillah. [post from abu abdAllah]

    paypal actually takes a chunk out of every transaction.
    for example: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_wp-standard-overview-outside

    i’d only use it when time is of the essence in processing donations.

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