Desperate for Results: Feds Arrest Tariq (Tarek) Mehanna, a US Citizen on Two-Year-Old Charges

Please continue to keep Tariq and his family in your duas and pray that Allah clears him of all charges against him. Ameen.

Just a few days ago, I was online checking my e-mail, when I received some incredibly upsetting news. A friend of mine from Boston, Br. Tariq Mehanna (Tariq misspelled as Tarek), had just been arrested by the FBI. At first, I was reluctant to write-up anything about this, so as not to expose the brother’s privacy, however, since the media has already made his case and name public, the least we should do is publicly defend and support him.

Regarding Br. Tariq himself, I have known him to be one of the most gracious, kind, caring, thoughtful, and respectable people I have ever known. For the two years that I knew him in Boston, I have seen him go above and beyond what most others would do to help others in need. Those who know him personally know exactly what I am talking about. I am sure any of his peers, Muslim or non-Muslim, would testify to his excellent character, masha’Allah. Furthermore, Tariq was very involved in the Muslim community, masha’Allah; I remember many times that he would be giving halaqaat (Islamic lectures) in the local masjid on an Islamic text he was studying. And he helped many many other Muslims in the community come to the straight path, walhamdulillaah, where those brothers were previously not very into the deen. I’d also like to emphasize that he does not and never has supported nor been involved with terrorism, in any way whatsoever. As such, I am completely perplexed as to why the FBI would be scrutinizing such an upright individual in the first place.

According to the details from the Boston Globe, Tariq was arrested for allegedly lying to the FBI in December 2006 regarding the whereabouts and activities of Daniel Maldonado. For now, he is being held without bail (pending a hearing to decide whether or not he should be held without bail). The FBI claims that it recorded phone calls and that it had an informant who secretly recorded conversations with Tariq that, they claim, show that he was lying to them about Daniel.

Before I go any further, I would like to remind all of our readers that these are only accusations against Br. Tariq. At the moment, we don’t know Tariq’s side of the story, nor do we know how much of what the FBI is claiming is false and how much is true. That being so, we should assume that he is innocent unless proven otherwise. The principle of innocent until proven guilty is a foundation of this country’s legal system and values, that I hope and pray that we as a nation will fully return to after so many well-documented individual abuses given the fledgling status of habeas corpus in America these days.

Let’s take a step back and consider the implications of this incident: we have another American citizen with no previous criminal record of any kind, being held without bail (for now) in his own country, arrested TWO years after the alleged incident and while on his way to a prestigious position that should have been new positive chapter in his and his family’s life.

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No mention was made of any other wrongdoing since the alleged incident in 2006, and they didn’t arrest him then, so arresting him now does not make any sense. Such a tactic serves only to smear Muslims, and brings pain and suffering to him, his family, and his future. Such tactics by the authorities work directly against the integration of the Muslim community into this society, serving only to create a hostile environment that leaves Muslims fearful, marginalized, and unable to trust the authorities.

Once again, I remind all of our readers that, under the laws of this country, Tariq is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise. I can honestly say that I can think of very few individuals that I know personally who can match this brother’s character and efforts for the deen. It would be extremely saddening if we were to lose such a brother. I ask everyone to please make du’a for Tariq’s expedient release and that Allah protects him and makes his innocence known. May Allah protect Br. Tariq from those who wish him ill, make his innocence known, and grant him an extremely speedy release and safe return to his family and life. Aameen.

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If anyone is in the Boston area, please try your best to attend Tariq’s court hearing to show your support. His hearing has been moved to Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008, at 2:30 pm.

Court Hearing for Tarek Mehanna
Show Your Support – Attend the Hearing

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Time: 2:30 pm

John Joseph Moakley US Federal Courthouse
1 Courthouse Way
Massachusetts 02210
(617) 748 9152

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62 responses to “Desperate for Results: Feds Arrest Tariq (Tarek) Mehanna, a US Citizen on Two-Year-Old Charges”

  1. ameen to the duas.
    maybe you should also post his online name, there are a lot of people who know him online and have benefited from what he’s done.

  2. I know the brother, and I think he would prefer to keep his online name private; so out of respect to his privacy, I left it out.

  3. bismillah. Ahmad, may Allah reward you for your love of this brother, and for defending his character with reports of his good deeds.

    (as far as i recall) i don’t know him, so i will only offer some advice to all readers, which i trust will be accepted at face value as common sense general advice that most lay persons could give. (everyone reading this can each go seek legal advice from his or her own legal counsel!)

    no Muslim, anywhere in the world but especially in America, should be interviewed by the FBI or any other government police agency without having an experienced attorney present (this sentence originally read “counsel” instead of emphasizing “experienced attorney” — your best friend forever is not an acceptable counsel unless he works someplace like the ACLU. plenty of Muslim and non-Muslim attorneys are available to assist Muslims being interviewed by the government. just contact CAIR, your local ACLU, and/or the National Lawyers Guild for referrals — most of them will do it for free just because so much injustice is happening during interviews where no counsel is present).

    if possible, the Muslim should get time to talk to his counsel in private before replying. and in many cases it is perfectly legal and perfectly reasonable to decline an interview, or to schedule one at the Muslim’s convenience — no one should feel pressured to answer a question before they have fully contemplated their answer and its consequences. sometimes a person cannot comprehend those consequences without the advice of legal counsel.


    (1) what any person says on record can and will probably someday be used against him. regardless of whether the person is a suspect or not. regardless of the reason for the interview. a former Congressman here in Houston was indicted by a grand jury, and many news reporters made much of the fact that he declined to speak about the case before the indictment, even to the grand jury. after the indictment the man, who is a practicing criminal defense attorney with many years of experience, explained his silence on the news: (extensive paraphrasing) “i did not want to be questioned on the record in a forum in which i would not have any rights nor the ability to examine evidence or witnesses against me. the place for me to speak is in court. and i am confident in our justice system.”

    (2) most people get in trouble for statements they make that were completely voluntary. either because the person was naive, over-confident, under-suspicious, or for other reasons. they just talk and talk and talk. and often without worrying about 100% factual accuracy. and a person only has to make a mistake. thereafter that person will have to defend himself from the suspicion that an innocent mistake was really an insidious lie.

    (3) in the present legal atmosphere, all Muslims are guilty by association. “why was he charged? must have done something…” we can cry foul all we want. we can hold up the US constitution as much as we want. even when a Muslim is cleared of charges, most of the mass media will have carried no more than the first smears. and when a charge is relatively innocuous, those who smear Muslims will say that there must have been more that was not alleged.

    may Allah protect the Muslims from the evil intentions of men and jinn, and from the consequences of their own mistakes and excesses. ameen.

    [sorry for all the editing, i wanted to make the answer as complete as possible, and to correct gross grammar errors…]

  4. Sadaf says:

    This is saddening. May Allah help him and his family through this ordeal. Ameen.

  5. iMuslim says:

    Ameen to all the aadiya. This must be very troubling for his family and community. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do, insha’Allah.

  6. Hidaya says:

    We pray that he is released free of any charges, inshaAllah

  7. Ameen to all the Du’ah.

    I want to second the great advice and explanation from my dear friend Abu AbdAllah the Houstonian. We should ALL have a qualified attorney in our contacts and like he pointed out, the ACLU and others offer free counsel for these types of interviews.

    I HIGHLY recommend that we all read and commit to memory the following “Know Your Rights” document:

    May Allah protect and free all the innocent, guide us to what pleases Him and forgive us all for our short comings!

  8. Abu Umar says:

    Here is the information for his next court hearing:

    Could this be put up as well?

    I just wanted to say that brother Tariq is one of my best friends and is a truly amazing brother. He was humble and generous and he was active in the community in any way he could. He was also a strong advocate for Muslims prisoners in America, especially spreading awareness in our local community concerning the cases of ‘Aafia Siddiqui, Fahd Hashmi, and Dr. ‘Ali at-Tamimi, he would also attend hearings for Muslim prisoners when possible. There was rarely a time when he wouldn’t try to speak about these oppressed and imprisoned Muslim brothers and sisters.

    Please brothers and sisters, remember this brother in your prayers.

  9. Boston Globe says:

    I’m a reporter with the Boston Globe, hoping to talk to someone about the concerns expressed on this website.

    if someone could return the call, it’d be much appreciated.

  10. JazakAllahu khayran Abu Umar for the information. I added it to the body of the post.

    Please continue to make dua for Br. Tariq.

  11. @Boston Globe

    Thank you for the correspondence. A representative from our blog will be in touch shortly.

  12. M says:

    Allahu Musta’aan he always used to tell me how this is when tawakkul kicks in.
    : (

  13. Ibn Fellah says:

    Subhan Allah, this is really distressing news. I didn’t know this brother in real life, but all I ever read from him online was beneficial. May Allah make his affairs easy, ameen!

  14. Jazakullah khayran for this beautiful piece akh. I have put it up on our blog ( . Our prayers are for Tariq and his family at this difficult time. It is my devout hope that our brethren in American will stand up for Tariq, just as he strove to promote the cases of Aafia Siddiqui, Fahad Hashmi and many others.

    Umm Uthmaan

  15. Abu Nurah says:

    As-Salaamu Alaykum,

    Br. Tariq organized carpools for our community from Worcester to attend every one of Sr. Aafia Siddiqui’s hearings in New York. I was fortunate to join him on two occasions. It was a blessing to be able to benefit from his insights and entusiasm regarding our Deen. He is a very special Brother, no doubt.

    The FBI is holding one of our best and brightest (as is often the case). I can’t think of anything more important to do Monday morning than to be at our brother’s hearing to show our support. Yes, I have a family to support and a full-time job. We all have responsibilities, but we have to remember: it is Allah Who provides. We should not think that it is out of our own doing that we are able to provide for ourselves and our families. Furthermore, we should fear the consequences of not standing up to defend our brother at a time of need. Allah will certainly hold us responsible.

    Jazak Allah.

  16. mosa says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    May Allah help the brother.

  17. admin@MM says:

    Since this post has been cross-posted at a couple of places, a friendly reminder that applies to all posts:

    Pls only use excerpts when cross-posting. Do not reproduce entire posts. The basic purpose of this is to maintain one “original” on the internet that can be modified/updated by the author as necessary, and allow readers to see any clarifications in comments that the author wishes to make.

    Please see the following for more information:

  18. confused! says:

    I know him too and as far as I can tell he is the kind of “Muslim” that Law Enforcement NEED on their side to fight the so called “War on terror” if in fact there is such a thing. I believe that he would go to great length to rescue anyone in harm’s way as some people have noted here. I agree with people who know him to be a well intentioned/well meaning upstanding citizen of the community. It is a shame to see that people can be so blinded to not see that in him. As a God fearing citizen I desperately hope for the sake of our country that the injustice being done to Tariq is out of ignorance and not out of prejudice and personal animosity.
    I pray that all charges against him dropped on the first hearing and he gets to go on with his life. And yes his case is an eye opener for me that NEVER talk to officials without consulting an attorney. I always thought that I could share information with officials since I have nothing to hide and they are there to protect me! The charges against him, as I understand, are just plain ridiculous.

  19. Kaltham says:

    Subhanna Allah! May Allah make his affairs easy and increase him in patience. This really reminds me of my own brother’s case that resulted in him being sentenced to 10 years of prison… all because of he said she said! What a Just justice system! We need to remind ourselves that no one can harm the brother except if Allah has written it for him. And no one can benefit him except with what Allah has decreed for him. I hope we do not become stingy or forgetful with our duas!

    Fi Amaani’Laah

  20. sad says:

    It’s important to point out that the FBI has been harassing him for the past two years, and blackmailing him to become an informant for them or else charges would be laid against him.

    It’s a common practice by the feds and unfortunately a lot cave in to the pressuring.

  21. BuBaker says:

    Inna li Allahi wa Inna ilayhi raaji`oon

    Subhan Allah, I just now found out about Br. Tariq from this post. I only met him a couple of times, but such a nice brother. We missed meeting a couple of times in Boston because of the problems that the fibbers had been giving him. La Hawla wa La Quwwata illa bi Allah.

    May Allah(SWT) Increase him in faith, nearness to Him, and calmness in his heart. May Allah(SWT) Grant his family ease and comfort during these difficult times. Ajma`een…

  22. bismillah [reminder posted by abu abdAllah]

    as has been mentioned by many others, among this brother’s good deeds is that he remembered so many Muslims who were/are accused of crimes and facing trials and hearings. he encouraged others to attend and did so himself. so may Allah grant him the benefit of seeing many Muslims attend his hearings and trial — a process that begins on Monday (as mentioned at the end of the post:


    If anyone is in the Boston area, please try your best to attend Tariq’s court hearing to show your support.

    Court Hearing for Tarek Mehanna
    Show Your Support – Attend the Hearing

    Monday, November 17, 2008
    Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

    John Joseph Moakley US Federal Courthouse
    1 Courthouse Way
    Massachusetts 02210
    (617) 748 9152

  23. bismillah. just a nudge to the “recent-comment” trolls — if you are in the greater Boston area, there is still time to get yourself to the courthouse this morning!

    (note to MM: the timestamp on comments is not set for EST. this comment was posted at 8:44 am eastern standard time, but the timestamp reads 9:44…)

  24. Manas Shaikh says:

    As many people here attest to the character of brother Tariq, I hope it was a just a mistake.

    May Allah (SWT) help us to walk on the straight path. The path of compassion and humility. Amen.

  25. Manas Shaikh says:

    I pray that everybody gets an impartial treatment. Ameen.

  26. Abu Umar says:

    The hearing was canceled today and apparently rescheduled for 2:30 pm tomorrow.

  27. JazakAllahu khayran Abu Umar for the update. Do you have the full details of his hearing tomorrow? I’m assuming same location?

  28. M says:

    Thanks Abu Umar.

    -Edited. No personal remarks.

  29. bismillah [nudge posted by abu abdAllah]

    for the “recent-comment” trolls — if you are in the greater Boston area, there is still time to get yourself to the courthouse by 2:30 pm today!

    (note: this comment was posted just after 9:30 am eastern standard time)

  30. Is there anyone who attended the hearing who would like to post an update? InshaAllah, I will try to contact some people in Boston to find out what happened.

  31. A friend of mine from the Boston area who attended the hearing informed me that, insha’Allah, the outcome of the hearing was favorable for Tariq. Please continue to make dua, insha’Allah.

  32. mosa says:

    Assalamu alaikum brother,

    subhaanallah, is brother tariq out on bail? May Allah cleanse his sins with this trials and May Allah, help be always be with him. ameen

    Laa hawla walaa quwatta illa billah

  33. I’m not certain about that yet, Mosa. Just make dua for the brother.

  34. I found this news article:

    Lawyer: Client refused to be FBI informant
    The Boston Globe

    The FBI arrested Tarek Mehanna on charges he lied to investigators only after agents failed in their efforts to persuade the Sudbury man to become a confidential informant about terrorist activities, his lawyer said yesterday during a court hearing.

    Mehanna, 26, of Sudbury, was arrested Nov. 8 at Logan International Airport before his departure to Saudi Arabia, where he planned to work as a pharmacist.

    The FBI alleges Mehanna lied to investigators two years ago, when they were questioning him about Daniel Maldonado, a New Hampshire native and former Methuen resident who was convicted last year of aiding terrorist activities in Somalia.

    According to court records, Mehanna told investigators Maldonado was in Egypt when he allegedly knew that his old acquaintance was in Somalia preparing to aid terrorists.

    The statements were made during a hearing that will determine whether Mehanna should be held in jail awaiting trial. Prosecutors said Mehanna would be a flight risk, considering his plans to move to Saudi Arabia. Carney argued that his client is an American citizen and would stay to contest the charges.


    -Edited. Pls only provide excerpt.

  35. Free Fahad says:


    ABU Umar, or anybody that knows him personally, I want to know how the Free Fahad campaign can help him and his family. We have been dealing with lawyers (some of the top defense ones), pr people, activistis for the past two years for Fahads case and want to know how we can offer our aide to Tariq and his family. We have launched a group called the Muslim Justice Initiative and a website called as a portal for muslims facing oppression. Please contact us at or Anyone that can reach his family please have them reach us and inshallah we will able to inform them of our efforts and inshallah help.


  36. Naseer08 says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    After an hour and 30 min, the judge decided to take a few days to look over the case and make a decision. Partly because Tariq’s attorney submitted new evidence, which are letters testifying to the brothers beautiful character. The prosecutor is trying to argue that the brother is a flight risk. And his parents are willing to use their home as bond so he can be released. His attorney said there is a good chance he can be released on bail next week insha Allah.

  37. Naseer08 says:

    The judge seemed very open minded, when the prosecutor kept objecting, the judge asked him, “Do they have you for how much you know or how ignorant you are” And the whole room started laughing. His attorney was happy to see so many people supporting him. And his father thanked us and asks us to keep supporting him throughout the trial.

  38. M says:

    jazaa’kallah khayr Naseer08.

  39. Amad says:

    wasalam Nasser. JazakAllahkhair for the update. It is really, really heartening to see that there are still seemingly fair-minded judges, who are not swayed by the Islamophobia and sensationalism of federal charges, and instead rely on the crux of the actual case. I am also heartened by the support of Muslims to show up at the courthouse. Both these pieces of news in fact go against the indiscriminate America-haters, who don’t distinguish between evildoers in this country, versus the majority of everyday, good people.

    Let’s remember the crux then, he is alleged to have lied. Yes, ONLY lied. Not engaged in terrorism, or support of terrorism or any other conspiracy! I know this is clear to everyone. And yes, lying to federal agencies (if indeed that was the case) is not a trivial matter no doubt, but it makes me very annoyed, like many others I am sure, to see other websites refer to him as the “Al-Qaeda blogger!”. Wow! From the little I know/heard of this person, he used to actually argue with, and defeated many Qaeda supporters on online forums; argued against those who thought it was fair collateral to murder innocent civilians. So, America NEEDS someone like him, because he can actually reach out to those who have really fallen on the far-extreme.

    Again, I don’t know the brother personally and haven’t done any significant research on him, but it is obvious to me that IF indeed he was engaged in any conspiracies against the government, the Feds would have got him on that by now in two years of investigation. The proof is in the pudding– i.e. they couldn’t charge him with anything along the lines of terrorism or support thereof.

    So, SHAME on the right-wing extremists to make him out as an “Al-Qaeda blogger”, because by being so loose with terminologies, they muddy the waters out there, making it harder to focus on the REAL extremists!

  40. Abu Umar says:

    as-Salamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,

    As was noted, the judge postponed any ruling on bail until he was able to consider additional evidence, though he said he’d issue his ruling “promptly.” Tariq’s lawyer said he was very optimistic that the judge would grant bail, and this is the impression that I got as well from hearing the questions the judge was asking of both Tariq’s parents and the prosecution. The hearing was actually fairly long due to the prosecution objecting to nearly every question the defense lawyer put to an FBI agent (the one who wrote the criminal complaint). The brother himself looked to be in good spirits and he was quite happy to see his family and friends at the hearing (more people showed up than the courtroom was able to hold, wal-Hamdu lillah). Tariq’s brother also told me that he was being treated well in the detention center, but was suffering from boredom as he was given little reading material. If the judge grants bail he should be released sometime next week, insha’Allah. Please continue to make du’a for the brother and his family.

  41. Abu Umar says:

    So, SHAME on the right-wing extremists to make him out as an “Al-Qaeda blogger”, because by being so loose with terminologies, they muddy the waters out there, making it harder to focus on the REAL extremists!

    But that is exactly what they wish to accomplish. They want to paint all Muslims with the same brush as it is not “terrorism” or “extremism” that they are against, but Islam as a whole. Therefore, if a Muslim is outspoken on political matters and specifically speaks against American foreign policy and the domestic police state he is automatically an extremist. The only “good Muslim” in the eyes of these people are those that defend every and any action taken by the US government against Muslims, both internationally and domestically and are willing to trash Islam (hence you will see figures like Glenn Beck peddling “moderate” figures like Irshad Manji and Zuhdi Jasser).

  42. Manas Shaikh says:

    Subhan Allah that the trial seems good so far.

    The right wing media is extremely sinister. I totally agree with Amad. They would like to brand even liberal Muslims terrorists if they can.

    Abu Umer: their (the extreme right’s) immediate goal is power and money.

  43. bismillah. a perennial muslim-tabloid topic has recently monopolized the time of most MM commentators, but i pray that more and more of us will pay attention to developments in this case.

    inshaAllah, if the brother is released on bail next week, and if his attorneys agree that it would be wise, i think MM should invite him to blog about his experience here. but wherever he may blog about what happened to him, i think MM should post an excerpt and drive traffic to that article.

    people of hate want to call him an “al Qaida” blogger? subhanAllah, let’s drive so much traffic inshaAllah to the article he does/may write in response to what has happened to him that any person will be able to judge for himself. and no one will be able to sling mud without getting himself dirty.

    and may Allah reward all the Muslims in this brother’s local community who came down to the court house to stand with him at this hearing!

  44. mosa says:

    Jazakallah Khair brother.

  45. mosa says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    brothers, any news on brother tariq. May Allah’s help be with Br tariq . ameen

    jazakallamullahu khairan

  46. bismillah. has this brother been released? do we have any more news?

    [bump from abu abdAllah]

  47. I’m still trying to find out from the brothers in Boston, so far, I haven’t gotten an update. InshaAllah, once I found out, I will post. Abu Umar, or others, if you know any updates, feel free to post them inshaAllah.

  48. bismillah. bump! we need an update, please!!!

  49. R says:

    Update on Tareq Mehanna

    From an email written by Tamer Mehanna

    as-Salaam 3laikum wa Rahmatullah

    I hope this message finds you all in the best health, inshaAllah. I would again like to thank everybody who came to Tariq’s hearing, and would like to share with everybody that he is being patient and is still very strong, alhamdulillah. We are still awaiting the decision of the judge on whether he will be allowed to come home on bail or not, and we expect the verdict any day now, inshaAllah. While he is still being held by the state, here is the mailing address that he can be reached at:
    ID# 50660
    Room E327 Unit E3
    Plymouth Country Correctional Facility
    26 Long Pond Road
    Plymouth, MA 02360

    If you can spare the time, please feel free to send him a letter, as he would very much love to hear from all of you, and he appreciates your support a great deal. He cannot receive anything other than a letter, and cannot see visitors still at this time, but your words will mean a great deal to him. Please also feel free to distribute the address on any additional forums, and Tariq and myself and our parents thank you sincerely for your attention and loyalty as friends. Thank you again!

    wa Salaam,

    -Tamer A. Mehanna

  50. InshaAllah, I encourage everyone to please send Br. Tariq a letter. I’m sure it would mean so much to him inshaAllah.

  51. I just heard some good news that this past Thursday, the judge ordered that Tariq will be released on bail (alhamdulillah), but it will take a few more days for the paperwork etc to go through before Tariq is actually released on bail inshaAllah. Please continue to make dua for him and his family.

  52. Helpless says:


  53. Helpless says:


  54. innalhamdolillah! bismillah. mashaAllah, Ahmad, for giving us that good news!!! we really need to figure out a way to prisoner-updates like yours and the address-post from being buried.

    if not for “Helpless”‘s subhanAllah-bump, i would never have seen this good news!!! while i pray Allah will soon make the prison-address-info irrelevant by advancing Tariq’s release on bail, yet i would have loved to have had that address information earlier… alhamdolillah alaa kulli haal.

    [posted by abu abdAllah]

  55. Helpless says:

    I am helpless to help my fellow brothers. I thought I could not even post. So, the double post.

  56. bismillah [posted by abu abdAllah]

    mashaAllah, Helpless, your post helped me to see the good news, and to have an opportunity to thank Allah for helping this brother, and to ask Him for more help for this prisoner and others.

    i understand your feelings: we may have no power at all, if power is measured only in terms of freeing and imprisoning persons. that is one of the powers that the Bush Administration abuses so readily, reminding me most of the words of Pharaoh that Allah reports in Surah An-Naziat: “ana rabbukumul-aala (i am your lord the most high).” it takes supreme arrogance for a human being to think himself godlike, or to exercise power as though there were no accountability to Allah. so i pray for the members of the Bush Administration repentance and remembrance of the One Who is Most High, Allah.

    and i remind you that dua to, and dhikr of, Allah are the weapon of the believer, his shield, and his fortress. Allah is our wali and mawla, so no believer is ever without help and succor.

    and everyone who reads these words today should go themselves or send everyone they know to the hearings on December 17, in NYC.

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  58. Helpless says:

    Jazaakallah Khair brother

  59. […] I wrote about the plight of our brother Tariq Mehanna, who was arrested by the FBI last month, and we hope and pray will be released on bail any day now, […]

  60. Helpless says:

    May Allah grant sabr and tranquility into the hearts of brother tariq and grant him jannah. ameen

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