IlmFest 2008 by AlMaghrib… Are You In??

ilmfest.JPGIf this doesn’t impress you, and get you excited in coming, then I am not sure what else could! :) If you are coming, and see/know me, pls meet up. If you take pictures, please let us know, we could use some.

Saturday 3/29/08 from 2PM to 9PM
Sunday 3/30/08 from 10AM to 9PM

Cooper Union Great Hall, NYU

Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Yasir Qadhi, Muhammad AlShareef, Yaser Birjas, Waleed Basyouni, Mohammad Faqih, Abdul Bary Yahya

Further Information & Tickets:
IlmFest Website


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12 responses to “IlmFest 2008 by AlMaghrib… Are You In??”

  1. MR says:

    I’ll be there inshaAllah! (Maybe!) Look for me!

  2. Derelict of Dialect says:

    Reading through the brief biographies of each of the speakers provided at the event website, one can certainly admire the years each has spent studying at various institutions. That is with one exception. The speaker whose name is mentioned indicating him to be the key note speaker. Siraj Wahaj participated in an Imam training program at Umm al-Quraa University in 1978 according to the website. What it doesn’t mention is that that program was a month long. The key note speaker in a “IlmFest” has only a month worth of religious education? Anyone familiar with the history of Islam in America knows there was little or no opportunity to study domestically – so on exactly what basis does this individual speak? Activism is NOT a proper scholastic qualification. Were he recognized as the entertaining, motivational speaker that he is, perhaps those influenced by him would be better off.

  3. Amad says:

    What Imam Siraj Wahhaj has learned through experience and interactions, none can match it with a million years in a “real institution”.

    The institution of life teaches you a lot of things. He is not giving a class on usool al-fiqh or the technicalities of uloom al-hadith. He usually talks about how to live and act like a Muslim. Not rocket Islamic science.

  4. ibnabeeomar says:

    derelict – perhaps you have never heard him speak before?

    every time i have heard imam siraj speak, i have always learned a lot from him alhamdulillah.

    may Allah(swt) give all of our teachers tawfeeq, cover their shortcomings, and further enable them to benefit us!

  5. Muslim007 says:

    amad, which masjid do u go to for salaat?

  6. Amad says:

    Muslim… not in NYC… I live in the Delaware Valley.

    By the way, I may not be coming to the event due to some personal circumstances. If someone can blog it and take photos, pls email me at info at muslimmatters dot//org

    I believe Br. Nihal will be doing some of it too.

  7. Ibrahim says:

    Is there a plan to record and post online the lecture so that those who can’t make it can benefit as well, or sell the lecture? I’m most interested in two topics: “Studying Ilm in America: Pitfalls and Difficulties” Sh. Basyouni and “Leaving a Legacy” Sh. Muhammad al-Shareef


  8. Reem says:

    Baba, can we/are we going!!

  9. Reem says:

    I could take the pictures for you!

  10. ilmseeker says:

    Salaams, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the dates and location of ILMFEST 2009! :D

    Click here to find out:

  11. Marya says:

    wow that looks amazing! masha’Allah.

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