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After Being Raped, I Was Wounded; My Honor Wasn’t


If we take honor out of the equation, rape will still be horrible, but it will be a personal, and not a societal, horror. We will be able to give women who have been assaulted what they truly need: not a load of rubbish about how they should feel guilty or ashamed, but empathy for going through a terrible trauma. Read More »

The Islam Women were Promised

Arab Muslim Woman in Jerusalem

By Musa Furber for The Washington Post. See original post here.   The horrific and heartbreaking news from India is tragic enough on its own: two alleged victims of gang rape have died, one a 23-year-old woman who succumbed to her wounds and a 17-year-old girl who took her own life after being pressured to marry one of her alleged attackers. These stories are awful enough ... Read More »

Strauss-Kahn and the status of French women’s liberté and égalité

For the victim's sake, I am relieved that when the IMF chief decided to (allegedly) sexually assault a woman he was in the United States of America, that is why he was put behind bars at Rikers Island and treated like any alleged criminal would be treated. There are not many countries in the world, especially not France, where a maid in a hotel with $3000 a night rooms, a housekeeper, a muhajjaba, a Muslim and an immigrant from an impoverished country, would have the same rights as a man running for President. Read More »

Let’s Talk about Real Oppression against Women

Bismillah Let's talk about real oppression against women: Congo- aka Rape Capital of the World: “Rape is used as a weapon of war in Congo. Armed groups rape to terrorize and control women and communities and to humiliate families. It's calculated and it's brutal.” [1] “These women are raped with bayonets, wood and even guns. 80% of fistula cases in ... Read More »

Former President of Israel Is Convicted of Rape


An Israeli court convicted the country’s former president, Moshe Katsav, on two counts of forcible rape on Thursday... Read More »

FP: “In My Father’s House They Gathered All the Women into One Room”

O, daughters of Balkh! Your unrivaled beauty is the stuff of legends. One of your own has enchanted Alexander the Great with her pulchritude. And the violence you have suffered under the breast-shaped clay roofs of your Baktrian homes is unspeakable, unspoken, and unpunished. Read More »

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