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Three Good Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Me Money | Abez


I've got three really good reasons why you shouldn't give me any money, and one really bad one.  But first, some background information. I've been leading a double life, and I have two entirely separate internet personas.  One is the Abez you see here- I'm a writer, blogger, and mother of a seven year old on the autism spectrum.  I ... Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | Interview with Husna from Arabic with Husna Series


This summer I had the opportunity to meet Husna, eldest daughter of Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.  Students all around the world, including my siblings and I, have learned a lot of Arabic grammar through watching and participating in the Arabic with Husna series on BayyinahTV.  This series has made such a huge impact on thousands of students worldwide that I ... Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | The Towering Sunflower


The Towering Sunflower By Hana Hubert I enjoy watching the nature around me because it reminds me of how amazing Allāh is and how he makes flowers grow.  It is fascinating how Allāh causes new flowers to grow after long, cold winters.   A towering sunflower, high above the ground, Greeting its surroundings, and all the things around. The months ... Read More »

Parents at Taraweeh – Making it Work

shutterstock_100028156 (1)

Ramadan 2013 Posts The usual scene at taraweeh is children running around in the prayer area, tweens in the hallways, and teens in the parking lot. At the masjid I'm attending, the imām said some very wise things: Taraweeh is sunnah, while looking after and protecting your children is fard. He urged the fathers to watch the children while the mothers ... Read More »

Martial Arts – A Grand Master’s Big Bow and the Muslim Take


We were standing outside the dojang (dojo). They were taking the old sign down and the new owners were putting up a new sign. My children take tae kwon do classes. When I signed them for classes in this particular dojo years ago, it was run by a man from Jordan, (a non-practicing brother, named Master Jordan, who made a ... Read More »

Mama can I get Unlimited Internet on my iPad and other Internet Safety Issues


The fact is that 93 percent of kids are online. Even if parents limit or ban internet access, kids have access at school, through a friend's smart phone, libraries, and schools. The internet is a tool that our children need to use and master with wisdom dispensed by parents. We need tech-savvy youth who will grow up to be leaders ... Read More »

Spiritual Parenting: Building Ties with your Tween


Most parents want a mutually respectful and loving relationship with their children, but often do not know how to achieve it. I really think parenting teens means giving in to their harmless pleasures, saying yes to the little things, so when you do say no to things that are absolutely unacceptable, they trust that you are not trying to control them but are 'raising' them. Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | Shaytan’s Whisper: Straying from the Straight Path

Muslim Kids Matter

Assalamualaikum, kids!  MKM is back and we hope you are excited to read what we have from Muslim youth all around the world.  Today's article is about a teenage girl's experiences and thoughts on ṣalāh. Shaytan's Whisper: Straying from the Straight Path By Humera Lodhi “It's time for Dhuhr.  Go and pray!” my mother's gentle reminding voice calls from the ... Read More »

Khutbah: Living as a Muslim in a Christmas World


We need to evaluate how we make our own holidays meaningful for our children. It also raises an important point in regards to converts. Much of our community discourse orients around whether it's halal for a Muslim to go celebrate Christmas with a non-Muslim family, but how many Muslims actually reach out to new Muslims and make them feel a part of the family on 'Eid? Read More »

Muslim Parents’ Guide to Reddit


Whether you've heard of Reddit or not, chances are your kids are spending time on it. In some cases upwards of a couple of hours a day. For those parents who just "got the Facebook" or know "how to Tweeter" this can be quite frustrating as more and more new networks pop up. Read More »

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