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Israel and Apartheid | Part 4

Aparthied Israel

This series has barely scratched the surface of the human right abuses Palestinians suffer on a regular basis. These articles have focused mainly on the discriminatory practices in the OPT in order to highlight the apartheid nature of the 45-year-old occupation. Read More »

Israel and Apartheid | Part 2


This article explores the different apartheid policies designed and enforced by Israel in the Palestinian territories to oppress Palestinian Arabs and give preferential treatment to Israeli Jews to maintain the domination of its race. Read More »

Five Reasons No One Cares About the Rohingya


Considering how little the American media, and to only a slightly lesser extent their international counterparts, have covered this latest outbreak of violence between Buddhist nationalists and minority Rohingya Muslims, you are squarely in the majority if you have no idea that dozens have been butchered and hundreds have attempted (unsuccessfully) to flee their homeland. Read More »

“In Our Thousands, In Our Millions” | The Palestinian Refugee Camps of Lebanon


The Palestinians do not need outsiders to save them - they are strong and resilient and their mere existence is an act of resistance. They also don’t need people telling them how to be Palestinian - and this tends to happen with many people who take on a cause of the marginalized. Palestinians have been excluded from issues related to their struggle and future and they have had to fight to be listened to. Read More »

“Prosecuting the Unspeakable” – An Unknown Story About War Crimes Tribunals

"...how attorneys are using advanced technology to analyze vast amounts of evidence, in some 13 languages, to help bring to justice the war criminals responsible for the atrocities committed in the Balkans, including the attempted extermination of all Bosnian Muslims..." Read More »

Human right abuses in Bahrain | The jihad of Zainab Al-Khawaja

As the Middle East continues to be enveloped in political turmoil and media outlets bombard us constantly with new information, I for one had become desensitized to the gravity of the situation there. As sad as it sounds, after a while the stories about dreadful combat and war just become headlines you skim over. However, I was reminded of the harsh reality of the human struggle in Bahrain when I heard the heart breaking story of Zainab al-Khawaja. Read More »

The Guardian: How Not To Liberate Women

It is clear that many Muslim women in Europe who cover themselves do so out of choice. For those who are coerced, general bans would limit, if not eliminate, their ability to seek advice and support. It may leave them trapped at home, further isolated from society. Read More »

BBC: Israel makes life very hard for Palestinians, says ICRC

Israeli restrictions make normal life "close to impossible" for many West Bank Palestinians, the International Committee of the Red Cross has said. Read More »

UPDATE! Picture Stories: Hamas Terrorists Caught on Camera *SNARK* [Caution: Graphic Images]

The following are all Hamas terrorists caught on the camera, at least the male ones *snark alert*. Israeli terrorists: you can run [from your crimes] but you can't hide [them]. Read More »

UPDATES (1/13) ACTION-GAZA: Can we Spare 60 Minutes? Can we Walk the Talk?

We have compiled a list of action-items into one list that, inshaAllah, will empower us all. Now, it's time to do something. This is OUR 60-90 minutes action-guide that WE should go through at least once. Repeat one or more of the actions as often as you are able to. Do as much as you can, whenever you can. NO ACTION IS INSIGNIFICANT. Read More »

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