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A Coup by Any Other Name -#Egypt


It wasn't suppose to be this way. Everyone in Egypt knew, without question, that the country would hit a hurdle or two on its road to a fully functioning democracy. It was thought, however, that we would stumble along, but nonetheless move forward. The idea that Egypt could backslide – certainly, so soon into their democratic experiment – was simply ... Read More »

Islamic Political Thought: Sacred and the Secular


A number of classical and contemporary scholars proposed divisions for the actions of the Prophet . Chief among them are Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziah, in several writings including 'Ilam al-Muwaiqqi'in, imām Ibn 'Ashur in his treatise on the Maqasid al Shari'ah, Shah Wali Allāh al-Dahlawi in his book “Hujjat Allāh al-Balighah,” however, the pioneer in this field was imām Shihab al-Din ... Read More »

Shaykh Salman al-Oadah | The Four Imams: Leaders of a Third Way

The four imams -- the leading scholars who founded the four canonical schools of Islamic Law -- never allowed past disagreements to cause them to disparage or raise suspicions about the people of an earlier generation who held divergent views. Likewise, they never called for an inquest of their contemporaries who disagreed with them and they never got involved in their affairs except in a positive way. Read More »

Waleed Basyouni on Recent Events in Egypt

A student's recap and reflection after listening to a talk given by Shaykh Waleed Basyouni on the recent events unfolding in Egypt. Read More »

Universities in the UK: Muslims Need Not Apply

Government proposals seek to radically change the funding structures to higher education. As well as poorer communities, Muslim students in particular face being disproportionately affected by these proposals. Read More »

NYTimes: Hard-Line Islam Fills Void in Flooded Pakistan

CHARSADDA, Pakistan — As public anger rises over the government's slow and chaotic response to Pakistan's worst flooding in 80 years, hard-line Islamic charities have stepped into the breach with a grass-roots efficiency that is earning them new support among Pakistan's beleaguered masses. Victims of the floods and political observers say the disaster has provided yet another deeply painful reminder of ... Read More »

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