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“He Was Real to Us” – A South African Muslim’s Hesitant Tribute to Mandela

A young member of the Maitibolo Cultural Troupe, who came to dance for well-wishers in honour of Nelson Mandela, poses for well-wishers in front of a placard of Mandela, outside the entrance to the Mediclinic Heart Hospital where former South African President Nelson Mandela was being treated in Pretoria, South Africa Photo: AP

By Na'ima B. Robert When I heard about Nelson Mandela's death in the early hours of the morning of December 5, via a message on Viber, the only way I could describe the way I felt was numb. I didn't feel a crushing sense of grief or loss. I didn't cry. Although I had been aware of his ill health ... Read More »

Israel and Apartheid | Part 3

Aparthied Israel

Pre-req | Introduction  | Part 1 |   Part 2 | Part 3 |  Part 4 | (Note: The Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) refers to the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem which have been under Israeli occupation since 1967 )  Apartheid Roads and Restrictions on Freedom of Movement Israel has created a system of extensive roads in the Palestinian territories, primarily in the West Bank, which connect Jewish ... Read More »

Israel and Apartheid | Part 2


This article explores the different apartheid policies designed and enforced by Israel in the Palestinian territories to oppress Palestinian Arabs and give preferential treatment to Israeli Jews to maintain the domination of its race. Read More »

Israel and Apartheid | Part 1


Pre-req | Introduction  |   Part I |  Part 2 | Part 3 |  Part 4 “ If I were to change the names, a description of what is happening in Gaza and the West Bank could describe events in South Africa.” — Nobel Laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu 1989  What is Apartheid? Apartheid is the Afrikaans word for 'separateness' or 'separate development'. Historically, it was used to refer to the set ... Read More »

Israeli Apartheid | Introduction


Apartheid is a term which stirs strong emotions in the Western psyche; by exposing Israel as a perpetrator of this crime one has a much higher chance of changing public opinion towards the Zionist state. This has also allowed activists to structure their strategies in a similar fashion to the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980’s. The apartheid policies of South Africa ended shortly after US withdrew its support for the regime. By forcing our governments to change their unequivocal support of Israel, we have the greatest chance of aiding an end to the conflict. Read More »

Is Peace Out of Reach? Thank 60 Minutes for Report on Israeli Apartheid

This is an amazing must-watch segment on 60-minutes. It is UNBELIEVABLE that it was shown on 60-minutes. After viewing it, PLEASE thank CBS and add a comment under the video. This is VERY important. You can bet that CBS is getting hate-mail by the tons!  See CAIR alert below. H/T to our readers Mulsimah and James for pointing the video ... Read More »

Pat Buchanan: Israel is Staging Blitzkrieg on its Gaza Concentration camp

Blitzkrieg: (German, “lightning war”De-blitzkrieg.ogg listen (help·info)) is “a headline word applied retrospectively to describe a military doctrine of an all-mechanized force concentrating its attack on a small section of the enemy front then, once the latter is pierced, proceeding without regard to its flank Concentration camp: Just as the Vatican sees it. A cage as I see it. Great video ... Read More »

Boycott Israel?

*Link to complete coverage of Gaza Massacre on MM* The following is a guest-post by Nausherwan Hafeez. At what point does a citizen-led boycott of a state become morally justified? This question has been raised with regards to the growing academic, cultural, and economic boycott of Israel. In 2004, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel ... Read More »

Lloyds TSB Threaten to Close Charity Account

The banking group, Lloyds TSB are forcing the Islamic Bank of Britain to close Interpal's account – a UK-based charity dedicated to helping poor Palestinians (which these days, constitutes most of the population of Palestine, thanks to Israel preventing fuel and food aid from entering Gaza). The timing could not be worse: the notice comes into effect on December 8th ... Read More »

Boycott Israeli Dates

I was shocked to learn that Israel is a major producer and exporter of dates to the European market! They are grown in the Jordan Valley, West Bank, and are the most profitable crop of the illegal Israeli settlers, who exploit the desperate poverty of their Palestinian workers – including children – with appalling working conditions. One company, Carmel Agrexco, ... Read More »

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