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ACTION ALERT! Sh. Ibrahim Dremali and Wife Arrested!

Shaykh Ibrahim Dremali and wife arrested on ridiculous charges, facing trial in Iowa. He is too sick to travel. Need everyone to call Senator Harkins today! Read More »

ACTION ALERT! Thank Olbermann and Stewart for Exposing Islamophobia

Olbermann and Stewart both gave stunning performances on their respective TV shows, in relation to the Ground Zero Mosque. Pls take a moment to thank each, as they truly do deserve our gratitude. Read More »

ACTION ALERT: Thank CNN for the Positive Portrayal of Muslims

Send your emails to: thankCNN@muslimmatters.org Read More »

UPDATE (5) | Action Alert! Fundraising Appeal for Pakistan Floods

More than 1600 lives lost and 13.8 million people have been affected in a disaster declared by the UN to be far more destructive than the 2005 Tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and the 2009 Haiti earthquake all put together. Join Muslim Matters' appeal for donations towards the relief and rehabilitation efforts. Our target is $10,000... every cent counts! Read More »

Ramadan Live Preparation

Join Yaser Birjas, Nouman Ali Khan, Wisam Sharieff, Muhammad Alshareef and others in live broadcasts on how to best prepare for the blessed month of Ramadan. Read More »

A Tremendous Opportunity for Ajr: A Call for Donations for Shaykh Ibrahim Dremali

As Sh. Ibrahim is among those whom we count as the leaders and scholars of our community, we feel that we cannot idly stand by and allow him to endure his ordeal without any help. In order to assist the Shaykh in his time of need, as he has touched so many of our lives, we at MuslimMatters are raising funds to donate to Shaykh Ibrahim. Shaykh Ibrahim has not asked anyone to raise money for him, but we love this scholar dearly for the sake of Allah, and we pray that Allah will put barakat for you and for him in whatever you give for the shaykh's relief from the provision Allah has given you. Read More »

MuslimMatters Joins CAIR in Urging Muslims to Pray for End to US Gulf Oil Spill

As true friends of earth, and vindicating Prince Charles's words that "man’s destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions – but particularly those of Islam", let's pray for an end to the spill. Read More »

Sunday Open Thread 5/30/09 | TIME FOR ACTION: Berry/740KTRH & Muslim Advocates/White House on 6/4

#1 Complain about Berry's terrorist threat #2 Call White House on June 4 Read More »

Take Action: Stop Anti-Immigrant Bill

Action Alert: Ask Arizona Governor to Veto Anti-Immigrant Bill Read More »

Letter from Haiti: A Haitian Muslim’s Request for Help

There are wails in every corner of the city. It's just a real living nightmare. They've had to do massive burials and have started to do massive cremations and more bodies are being discovered. Read More »

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