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Hena Zuberi is the Editor in Chief of Muslimmatters.org. She is also a Staff Reporter at the Muslim Link newspaper which serves the DC Metro. Hena has worked as a television news reporter and producer for CNBC Asia and World Television News. A mom of four and a Green Muslim, she lives and preaches a whole food, organic life which she believes is closest to Sunnah. Active in her SoCal community, Hena served as the Youth Director for the Islamic Center. Using her experience with Youth, she conducts Growing Up With God workshops. Follow her on Twitter @henazuberi .

Update: Husband admits to plotting murder; Pakistani-American Muslim woman killed in Boonton, NJ assault

My heart was anguished when I first heard this story because the victim was a mother; one immediately feels a bond. The news of any human being killed so callously hurts, but it felt closer to home because she was a Pakistani American Muslim, like me. There are so many times we walk from one relative's house to another, after ... Read More »

Religious Beliefs Shape Health Care Attitudes Among US Muslims, Report Suggests

Recommendations in the report for health care institutions included cultural sensitivity training for staff, providing halal food and prayer space for Muslim inpatients, and building partnerships with mosques to create health awareness campaigns targeting the community. Read More »

Yerushalmi’s Agenda – A $400,000 Study of Imams’ Beards Pushes Anti-Shariah Movement

It is hypocritical to say the least when an orthodox Jew who believes in the Torah and the Jewish Shari'a, the 'Halacha', and who believes in the authority of religious law and code of conduct would let his extreme prejudice lead him to go to such extents as to deter followers of another faith from following religious code. Is he going to also do a 'conclusive' study of temples and synagogues and the connection between wearing of to the kippa (yarmulke), discussing mitzvahs about the Amalekites, teachings of R. Shimon ben Yochai, let alone the violent readings of the Torat Hamelech? Read More »

MM Treasures | We Feed You for the Sake of Allah Alone – Humanitarian Day

You forget you are in the US when you enter the urine-drenched, graffiti covered streets of the homeless capital of the world... Sister Taswiyah Mutazz is the director of food programs for ILM. "A lot of us are a paycheck away from being on the other side of that line;" tears in her compassionate eyes, she recounts countless stories of challenges women and children face on these streets. This was the first year, I heard so many reports of homeless Muslims, men and women, too ashamed to walk into a masjid, without access to a place where their faith can help them recover. Read More »

How to make the most of Ramadan in School- tips for parents

Link to all Ramadan 2010 posts   This year Ramadan coincides with back to school for many families. Realizing that many of our Muslim brothers and sisters do choose the public school system for their kids\' education, this is a resource to help make the best out of Ramadan in public school. This blessed month is such a vital part ... Read More »

What’s In Your Ear? | Mufti Ibn Adam

What\'s in Your Ear? is an occasional Saturday series where we ask Muslims, both ordinary and extraordinary, a few simple questions: 1. What are you listening to? 2. What are you reading? 3. What are you watching? 4. What technology are you rocking, Mac or PC? Kindle, iPad, Android phone, etc? 5. What\'s the best piece of advice you\'ve received ... Read More »

Not all Conservative Christians think alike: Southern Baptist Leader Chides Herman Cain


Not all conservative Christians think the same way. It is refreshing and heartwarming to hear Christian leaders such as the head of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Richard Land, categorically stand up for what is right and demand a higher standard of behavior from a Presidential candidate. By Stephanie Samuel | Christian Post Reporter Southern Baptist ... Read More »

‘Sister Wives’ family to challenge Utah bigamy law

From Yahoo News SALT LAKE CITY – A polygamous family made famous by the reality TV show “Sister Wives” plans to challenge the Utah bigamy law that makes their lifestyle illegal, a Washington-based attorney said Tuesday. In an email to The Associated Press, attorney Jonathan Turley said he will file the lawsuit challenging Utah's bigamy law in Salt Lake City's ... Read More »

Make your Deen Green: Illinois House passes Green Ramadan resolution

On June 1, the Illinois House passed the Green Ramadan resolution allowing the ninth month of the Islamic calendar as a “Green Month” for all faith communities in Illinois. “It is a great day for people of faith and for Illinois's Muslim. Illinois is the first state in the nation that recognizes the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting ... Read More »

Strauss-Kahn and the status of French women’s liberté and égalité

For the victim's sake, I am relieved that when the IMF chief decided to (allegedly) sexually assault a woman he was in the United States of America, that is why he was put behind bars at Rikers Island and treated like any alleged criminal would be treated. There are not many countries in the world, especially not France, where a maid in a hotel with $3000 a night rooms, a housekeeper, a muhajjaba, a Muslim and an immigrant from an impoverished country, would have the same rights as a man running for President. Read More »

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