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Born and raised in Lebanon, Hlayhel began attending study circles at his local mosque when he was ten. He came to the United States at 17 and studied electrical engineering at the University of Houston. At its MSA, he met Sh Yasir Qadhi and worked together to raise Islamic awareness on campus. Hlayhel studied traditional sciences of Aqeedah (Islamic creed), Fiqh (Islamic law) and Nahw (Arabic grammar) under Sh Waleed Basyouni and Sh Waleed Idriss Meneese among others. After settling in Phoenix AZ, he worked tirelessly, in the capacity of a board member then a chairman, to revive the then dead AZ chapter of CAIR in order to face the growing Islamophobia in that state and to address the resulting civil right violations. Today, he's considered the second founder of a strong CAIR-AZ. In addition, Hlayhel is a part-time imam at the Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley in Phoenix, husband and father of four. His current topics of interest include positive Islam, youth coaching, and countering Islamophobia.

7 Reasons Why I Love My Beard


  I'm proud of my beard.  I don't say this in an arrogant way, but what I mean is that I'm not ashamed of it.  I don't wear it because I think I've attained human perfection, but because I want to imitate those of whom I know have.  I wear it because it's the sunnah of my Prophet Muḥammad and I ... Read More »

Did the Prophet Know that his Grandson al-Hussain was Going to be Martyred?


A young brother sent me the following question a few days ago: A shia brother posted this status:        The Holy Prophet said: Surely, there exists in the hearts of the Mu'mineen (believers), with respect to the martyrdom of Hussein , a heat that never subsides. [Mustadrak al-wasail vol 10 pg 31] Basically he is claiming the Prophet ... Read More »

In search of al-Aalim ar-Rabbani


We need the scholar who has the ability to see potential in others.  We need the teacher who recognizes potential in his students. In the past, Muslim scholars were true coaches.  They taught their students manners just like they taught knowledge.  They raised their students like we raise our children.  They nurtured, they mentored, and they guided.  To them, no ... Read More »

Islam’s Antidote to Extremism


“Oh People of the Book, don’t go extreme in your religion, and do not say about God except the Truth. Indeed, the Messiah Jesus the son of Marry is the Messenger of God, His Word revealed on Marry, and a spirit sent from Him” [Surah An-Nisa' : 71] Read More »

Five Authentic Ramadan Du’as Every Muslim Should Know


Below are five short easy to memorize Ramadan prayers that I picked from the book of Adhkaar by imām an-Nawawi.  I made sure that I picked only authentic narrations (grade of Hassan and above).  Below you find the Arabic, the transliteration, the translation, and some commentary when necessary. What to say the first time you see the new crescent of ... Read More »

Anti-Muslim Bigot Daniel Pipes Says Back Assad to Keep Syrians Killing Each Other

Syria, Daniel Pipes

A new and a very shocking video reveals the true color of anti-Muslim bigots.  This video is a definite MUST WATCH.  In his ever-devilish looks, master-bigot Daniel Pipes makes a short appearance on a TV show to share with us his indispensable views on Syria.  It doesn't really need any of my commentary.  His words speak for themselves.  Here are some excerpts: “We're best off them ... Read More »

Some Quranic Reflections on the Syrian Revolution


"Oh God, oh God, we have no one by You, Oh God". It's a manifestation of this verse that the Syrian Revolution is gaining ground every day despite this universal conspiracy. Read More »

The Muslim Creed: a Poem


This is a poem that I wrote about 8 years ago.  It is a very modest attempt to summarize the Creed of Ahlus-Sunnah in poetry format, something that was done by many Muslim scholars in the past.  I pray to Allāh almighty that you find it beneficial and that it's done for His Sake alone .. Āmīn! this is a summary ... Read More »

Mocking the Prophet, How Should We React?


How should we Muslim react to mockery of our Prophet Muḥammad or should we even react at all? Just like the cartoons few years ago, the Muslim response to the recent film has been very diverse.  From the very mild of responses to the very violent ones, what's most noteworthy is the enormity of the response.  Despite the consensus that ... Read More »

Texts of Terror? An Interfaith Dialogue


It's no secret to anyone, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, that this issue is the number one misconception about Islam in this post-911 age. It's also no secret that this is number one question that Muslims get anywhere they go. Read More »

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