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Bismillah walhamdolillah. May Allah accept my repentance and yours. I am an attorney, a stepfather, a husband, a son, and a Muslim. Studying Islam is a means, reflecting what I have learned is a must, and to Allah is the inevitable return. If you would like my help, know that Allah is the source of all aid. If you would like to contact me, try tariqnisarahmed at Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, or add me as a friend on Facebook.

Open Thread Sunday 10-18-2009 | Eeyaaka Nasta’een

That's right folks, it's Sunday. Who are you going to call? Read More »

Open Thread Sunday 10-4-2009 | Your best deed today?

Wouldn't you like to see "my best deed" trending on twitter instead of TGIF? Read More »

Open Thread Sunday 09-27-2009 | Shuyukh on Twitter

Let me start off this Open Sunday with the one thing most of us cannot get enough of -- our shuyukh! Yes, maybe you already have their twitter accounts. Or do you? Read More »

Open Thread Sunday 09-20-2009 | Eid Mubarak Everyone

Alhamdolillah. All praise is for Allah, Who gave us from His Grace and Mercy Islam, gave us the blessed month of Ramadan... this Eid ul Fitr in which to show our thanks with joy amidst our families and communities, and caused on this particular Eid... Read More »

9th Ramadan – Reflections on a Special Night

After all, the imam of your masjid, the ameer of your local students of knowledge, or your teacher of ilm -- have not they ever asked you to do something while you came back on the due date or after with an excuse? Read More »

O You Who Are About to Marry, Any Last Words? Any First Words?

When you shop for your spouse, what will you look for, who will you ask, and what questions or discussions will follow? Length? Width? Color? Perhaps. The sunnah in Islam is to find out... Read More »

“Forget you, mom!”

"Ignore her, as if you didn't hear her -- if it is important she will call again." Read More »

Who are you going to call?

Instant re-cap: "millions of white dots, distracted by black dots, Hajj ruined! (naudhobillah)" Remember? Read More »

What do you see?

Do you see what you were looking for or what's really there? Read More »

February 23rd: 9am Hearing for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui — Why you should be there!

Did the Prophet Muhammad sull Allaho alayhi wa sallam say that only those who complete their hijrah, and build a fantastically just society, and fight many battles, and have many long years of service, that only those persons would get the reward of their intentions? Free Dr. Aafia Read More »

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