“Forget You, Mom!”

Bismillah was salaatu was salamu alaa RasoolAllah.  Was salamu alaykum sons and daughters of mothers who bore you with great distress, and whose favor — a favor so great it can never be recompensed — we too often return with boredom or indifference.

Astagfirullah wa attooboo alayh.  I ask for Allah’s Forgiveness, and I repent to Him.  And I am grateful to Him for making me cognizant of my faults while I have time to make amends to the one he made guardian and nourisher over me when I was in every way without recourse and without power.  Truly Allah is the One Who Provides, and we only delude ourselves if we believe we achieve anything by our own means or our own power, such that we need no longer be grateful.

And if I do not mend my ways, then no power of mine will hide my name or my disgrace from the world on the Day of Accounting.  So I must do more than try.  I must submit, and I must succeed.

This penitent son is abu abdAllah Tariq Ahmed.  Share this video with sons and daughters you know who need a reminder.   Send it to them while they have time to act bi idhnillah.

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6 responses to ““Forget You, Mom!””

  1. Faisal says:


    The picture freaked me out the moment the main page loaded.

  2. Ghareebah says:

    Whoa…That was scary…thought it was something real scary i was asking to see…..lol

  3. wa alaykumus salam, wa Rahmat Allah. :) funny, the picture that loads on my screen is the mom. or is it the mom that scares you guys? ;)

  4. MR says:

    Excellent video.

    I’ve seen many of these on YouTube. Interesting to see them copy the “hollywood” version of the devil.

  5. Sister says:

    Assalamualykum brother,

    Jazkumallahu khairaa for the remider.Sometimes we don`t even get a chance to correct our mistakes.My mom passed away and all I can do now is just dua for her.Treasure your mom .


  6. @Sister, remember the hadith in which the Prophet sull Allaho alayhi wa sallam mentioned that the khala (mother’s sister) is like the mother. As shaykh Birjas taught us in the khutbah transcript posted here a few months ago, follow your misdeeds with good ones seeking that the latter will make up for and wash out the former, so treat your khala with love. And make sincere dua for your mom, as you mentioned, in the same vein. And may Allah accept your repentence, and make your deeds expiation for you, and grant your mother a grave wide and full of light with only good deeds to accompany her. And may He cause her to have no complaint about you on the Day of Judgment, and make your reunion in Paradise a glad one.

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