Hasib Noor

Islamic History, Heritage, & Law. Founder of Prophetic Legacy. Instructor AlMaghrib Institute

Hails from Afghan heritage, grew up in the US, & studied at the College of Islamic Law in the University of Madinah, following undergraduate study in the U.S, with a major in Pre-Med and a minor in Psychology.

His journey in seeking traditional knowledge started in the U.S. while in high school & college. He continued to pursue his studies in the City of The Prophet (peace be upon him) under the tutelage of over 50 of the scholars of Madinah & worldwide.

With over 10 years experience in working with different organizations at the local & national level, he has held positions as a board member of many organizations, mosques and as khatib. He is the founder of a research foundation & dedicates his time traveling, teaching, & study & research in Madinah where he currently resides with his wife.

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