How Beautiful is Love | Ammar AlShukry

All praise is due to Allah, the creator of Love, Al-Wadood,
Who designed it in our hearts, and made it a gift pursued,
To be exchanged between two, protected, nurtured and grown,
Until that love reunites them, in the shade of His throne,

This is about this beautiful emotion, love. How beautiful is speaking about love, with love. Love is a beautiful emotion, and from its beauty and its importance is that the prophet made it one of the conditions of Iman and its fruits “You will not enter paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another.” (Muslim, Ibn Maajah, from Abu Hurayrah).  Watch this lecture that took place at Texas Dawah Convention in Houston, Texas.




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12 responses to “How Beautiful is Love | Ammar AlShukry”

  1. Michael Scott says:

    I find it interesting that you say GOD created love, but the Bible says that GOD is love. GOD is eternal, has no beginning or end, has always been. Therefore, love is eternal, has no beginning or end, has always been, it wasn’t created. GOD created us with His love (we were fearfully & wonderfully made) & created us in His image & likeness, & His image & likeness is love because He is love.

    • Muslimah says:

      One of the 99 names of Allah is Al-Wadood, which means the Loving One, or the Lover

    • Hashir says:

      Interesting. Doesn’t love exist because there is also hatred ( lack of love ). If there was only love then would we have recognised it?

      Same as darkness and light? Was light created or is it light all along? Does light exist without darkness? If there was only light then we wouldn’t have recognised it.

    • Maryam says:

      I feel that in Islam, God created love indeed , and it’s actually a form of worship. It’s humanly .
      Divine Godly love is far more impressive than what he created for us .

    • Hasan Ali says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. God’s attributes that are made aware by Him are 99 through Quran, but His magnificence is not limited to that and is infinite and beyond the capability of our limited human minds to perceive. Yes one His beutiful attribute is Godly love (the love at its best form). But He is lot more, that we are not enabled to perceive during our life on the earth, which is nothing but a test for our souls. May He guide our souls to see Him in our best state of closeness, love, obedience, when we get to meet Him, in the life hereafter. Peace!

    • angel lovers says:

      dear br.michael, (nice name, we love that name as we love the angel Michael)

      I do not mean to be or misunderstoond…etc. but as to the light and darkness comment below..etc!

      what is and where did death come from?….and what is the difference between Creator and creation?

  2. Kristy says:

    Can love exist in isolation of either someone to love or someone who does not respond to love? Without God being love, then what was God in the beginning? Yes, God IS love and we -all of us- are the creation He loves. Respect can be earned; love cannot be earned.

  3. goo dluck says:

    no such thing as love……..

    love is the eye of the beholder……

    I…i.e, the other god…..the dajjal…..

    • clueless to what is coming..... says:

      amendement* as to what satan is promoting…..i.e. the no such thing comment…..

      Allah/God made everything in pairs… there is good love and there is also bad love……main thing is what one we follow and who do we really worship??………

      do not blind follow…and make sure if it happens, whether healthy or not, enjoy the raisens…the Beloved ordered…..

  4. charmed and charmless says:

    why the moidration….beautiful muslims

    I want to bring peace…..

    pleas please p[lease…let me speak

  5. Imaanun Insaan says:

    Indeed, ALLĀH is Al-Wadūd, The Loving. The Greatest Love of All is Loving ALLĀH and Being Loved by ALLĀH and Loving Others for the Love of ALLĀH.

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