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Stop Demanding White Christian CVE

As Americans it is vital everyone, particularly community leaders, interact with all community institutions, including law enforcement. However, act carefully and in the best interests of the weakest and most vulnerable in the community. No matter what any Muslim leader thinks, the job of federal law enforcement is not to be their ‘friend’. While some communities may feel the FBI in their area is not as hostile to Muslims as they are in places like Southern California or New York, these suggestions are relevant to Muslim activists and leaders nationwide:


Last week another Muslim convert with a mental illness was arrested in an elaborate, expensive and yet familiar “sting operation” revealing a “New Year’s Eve” ISIS plot.  Also, over the weekend 150-armed white Christian “militia” members occupied a federal building and took over a large swath of federal land without a fight. The typical response is for for Muslim leaders to call for “Countering Violent Extremism” to be expanded to non-Muslims, particularly white Christians and to continue cooperation on the current “Muslim-only” CVE. This is the wrong response.

The FBI’s modus operandi for “stings” is well known and established now. Agents typically select a Muslim convert with a mental illness; someone they will identify (in their own words) as a “retarded fool” without a “pot to piss in.” They may lure the individual, who had no notion of committing any crimes in the first place, the opportunity, motivation and means to break a federal law.

This, combined with discriminatory prosecution (nobody can be arrested for flying to white supremacist meetings or for white supremacist Twitter activity) has the effect of pumping up the FBI’s terrorism arrest record to make a problem look bigger than it actually is. Since the FBI’s victims appear to be selected based on how weak and marginal they are, they can expect little resistance to this tactic. Who wants to defend “material support” of ISIS? Indeed, American Muslims are less likely to condone violence against civilians than Americans as a whole.

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Muslim leaders want to be gracious hosts to everyone, especially law enforcement during a time of increased Anti-Muslim hate. Ideally there should be no barrier between citizens and it’s governmental institutions, including Federal Law Enforcement. But at what point does this instinctive kindness, generosity and show of unity become damaging to the Muslim community?

Muslim Leaders have a Duty to their most vulnerable community members

Muslim leaders owe a duty to the people who come to the Masjid, which should be a safe place for families, including, children, teenagers, the poor, the sick, the intellectually disabled and the otherwise vulnerable. Every Muslim should have the right to pray in peace.

For some Muslim leaders, federal law enforcement is known for it’s “partnership,” “friendship” and common interests. These claims do not hold up to scrutiny.

White Supremacist and Right Wing Violence is not Federal priority

We should address the self-interested reason to build a communal relationship with Federal law enforcement first (the FBI and DHS): the alleged commitment to protect the Muslim community from white supremacists or right wing extremists. No such commitment exists. Take the recent spate of hate crimes against Muslims. Recently, in Northern California a man was arrested after he made threats in front of a mosque “I am going to kill you all.” Police found and detonated what they described as a bomb. They arrested the man then released him on bail. The FBI, unsurprisingly, was absent. This was a matter for local police.

When the FBI is involved, such as the threat by American Christian Robert Doggart to murder American Muslims and destroy property in the upstate New York hamlet of Islamberg, no terrorism charges were filed at all. His punishment amounted to a slap on the wrist. As Dean Obeidallah noted this past summer, the FBI did not hold a news conference or even a press release in the case, common even for robbery cases and certainly common for ISIS cases.

Though the FBI routinely issues warnings about potential terrorism by ISIS, it does not issue warnings about plots by right wing extremists, though this is a significantly larger threat not just to Muslims, but to all Americans.

There is good reason for this disinterest in right wing extremism. A report by the Department of Homeland Security produced an intense political backlash, forcing the Secretary of the Department to apologize and close down the office that dealt with right wing extremism.   The FBI knows better than to alienate the politically powerful. So they don’t.  It is far safer to go after mentally ill Muslims.

In the FBI’s budget request for fiscal year 2016, nearly all attention is focused on ISIS and Al-Qaida, it does not make any mention at all of right wing extremism or white supremacists. They are simply not a priority.

It is foolish to assume the FBI and DHS care about something when they seem to go out of their way to prove the opposite.

“Islam is a Threat to our National Security”

This past month A Federal Court Appeals Court in California  heard an appeal on a lawsuit called Fazaga vs. FBI, by Muslims who were subjected to dragnet surveillance based purely on their religious practice.

Craig Monteilh, a convicted felon and con artist who was sent to fake conversion to Islam, pray all prayers at the Islamic Center of Irvine and befriend local Muslims for the purpose of entrapping them or turning them into informants was told “Islam is a threat to our national security.”

In it’s pursuit of Muslims who regularly attend a masjid, the FBI was following the discredited “radicalization theory” model that posits increased Muslim religiosity is an indicator of future terrorism.  Monteilh’s career as an informant, until the Islamic Center of Irvine obtained a restraining order against him, lasted from 2006-2007. The case however still continues. The government is as adamant as ever that it did everything correctly.   There is no reason to believe this program with other informants has stopped. The FBI has recruited more convicted terrorists than Al-Qaida, Al-Shabab and ISIS, combined. According to the Washington Post, the FBI employs as many as 15,000 spies in the United States, much of this activity is focused on the Muslim community.

Indeed, in the Fazaga case itself, where the Obama Administration is arguing the FBI’s discriminatory and unconstitutional investigative techniques cannot be challenged because of the “States Secrets Privilege”, a doctrine normally reserved for international intrigue (remember, we are talking about a people praying at a place of worship). A Federal District Court Judge agreed to the FBI’s claims of “States Secrets” in large part based the “threat” made evident by all of the other terrorist plots by Muslims, many of which were the FBI’s own plots.

It starts with a lie

The Monteilh saga actually started with the FBI lying to the Muslim community in a masjid. Muslim community leaders in Orange County arranged for a town hall meeting at the Islamic Center of Irvine in 2006 because the relationship was obviously bad. Part of the audio from the event was included in a ‘This American Life’ segment, (readers should hear the whole thing). [An FBI speaker had previously told the business club the agency was monitoring Muslim students at the University of California in Irvine (UCI), where there had been a prior assault of a student by an agent, and at the University of Southern California (USC).   The FBI was singling out young people on the basis of their religion, which was offensive to many.]

In that meeting at the Islamic Center of Irvine, an FBI representative stated emphatically that his agency did not send informants to mosques and attempted to walk back his agency’s hostile disposition when they talk to anti-Muslim bigots. He was of course lying, since the case of Monteilh emerged soon afterwards.

Outreach is spying

In many communities, the FBI is routinely involved with “mosque outreach.” This may be in the form of a town hall or attendance at Jummah or Tarawih. They will typically have a Muslim community member act as a surrogate to arrange such gatherings.

It is important for leaders to understand the FBI is in no way interested in better long-term relations with the Muslim community.  They are not interested in learning about Islam or making friends with Muslims. That is not their job.

Freedom of information act requests found that “Mosque Outreach“ interactions that the FBI had with the Muslim community was for the purpose of spying. While many Muslims may consider this information gathering harmless, this opinion is irrelevant. The FBI may be in a position to identify vulnerable people, such as those easy to manipulate and recruit into a fake terrorist plot or as informants.

So what should Muslim Leaders do?

As Americans it is vital everyone, particularly community leaders, interact with all community institutions, including law enforcement. However, act carefully and in the best interests of the weakest and most vulnerable in the community. No matter what any Muslim leader thinks, the job of federal law enforcement is not to be their ‘friend’.  While some communities may feel the FBI in their area is not as hostile to Muslims as they are in places like Southern California or New York,  these suggestions are relevant to Muslim activists and leaders nationwide:

  1. By all means, if you need to report a crime, call 911 or whatever emergency services number was set up in your community. A community leader should not be a “partner” for law enforcement. A Muslim leader cannot both serve federal law enforcement and the most vulnerable in a community.
  2. Muslims leaders should call for institutional changes within Federal Law Enforcement so they have a genuine interest in equal protection under the law, rather than call for similar treatment for politically powerful groups such as white Christians.
  3. Muslim leaders should not participate in any public-private partnerships for “countering violent extremism,” or “CVE.”   This serves an agenda hostile to to the Muslim community.  They should certainly do their own community educational efforts in the Muslim community based on local needs and free of government influence.
  4. Before interacting with federal law enforcement and particularly before hosting meetings and events, rely on organizations such as the ACLU, CAIR, Muslim Legal Fund or Muslim Advocates, who have more expertise and can help Muslim leaders be more knowledgeable and effective in protecting the most vulnerable than the Muslim surrogates law enforcement typically prefers arranging meetings and events through.  If one of these groups has a local chapter, go to them first.
  5. Part of our civic education must always include “know your rights.” The organizations noted above can help organize those.

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Ahmed Shaikh is a Southern California Attorney. He writes about inheritance, nonprofits and other legal issues affecting Muslims in the United States. He is the co-author of "Estate Planning for the Muslim Client," published by the American Bar Association. His Islamic Inheritance website is



  1. AZBro

    January 5, 2016 at 4:30 PM

    As salaamu alaykum,

    This was an excellent essay and it really showcases and articulates the many double standards, the unfairness, and various hypocrisies that most of the establishment/elite seem to hold as far as their stances and beliefs regarding the treatment of alleged or possible Muslim “criminals” as opposed to non-Muslims “criminals.” Of course criminality, extremism, and bad behavior are wrong, regardless of who may choose to engage in it.

    However, I really don’t agree with the stance that many (most?) Muslims in the US seem to take, as far as many of the disparities in treatment between the Muslims and the non-Muslims being mostly a “racial” or color issue. That’s a big cop-out. “White” supremacists this and “white” supremacist that, etc., is something that the vast majority of Muslims (Sunni/Orthodox) at least in North America seem to always go on and on about (I’m not saying the author is saying this), when it’s something a lot more deeper and complicated to say the least.

    The author of this essay does a great job of showing examples and giving evidence that the main issue here is not the supposed color of various people being arrested or “not” being arrested, but what supposed “religion” they allegedly follow. Do you think Pam Gellar and the well funded, extremist Ziocon, Israel first (and second and third), Islamophobes and other right-wing, fanatical Zionists don’t like Muslims because of their supposed color? Or lack thereof, as the case may be, as many Muslims are white…

    What I would say to Muslims that seem to only think that all of this bigoted and unfair treatment is mainly about “color” is the following:

    Many, if not a majority of the half retarded/retarded, idiot, mentally challenged, jahil (who are barely even “Muslim” to begin with) “Muslims” that get caught up in these various stings, are allegedly white converts/reverts.

    And while the author makes a comment about the fact that “white supremacists” (the fact that they are “non-Muslims” is the key part, which I’m sure the author would probably agree with) are not getting into trouble or facing the same things that “Muslims” of course would face (of all colors it must be stressed, again, even if many of the alleged “Muslims” are halfway retarded dimwits, oafs, and obviously very ignorant of the Deen), I would add that it’s also a fact that there are many black “supremacists” and racists that also can tweet about anything and fly anywhere, without being arrested and never getting into trouble, etc. Of course the main thing about these black supremacists in terms of them not being arrested or getting into trouble, etc., is the fact that they are ALSO non-Muslim, like the white supremacists and racists.

    And unfortunately, lately I’ve noticed that some of the writers at Muslim Matters have been virtual “apologists” to some of these black racists and bigots (something that they would never do to white supremacists and rightfully so) as they unfortunately maybe see this as the “PC” thing to do, I guess, choosing to go by what’s acceptable in “mainstream” American/Western culture, as opposed to abiding by the ethics and morals of the Deen, and have in essence wrote nothing but glowing “praise” and “support” for these bigoted demagogues
    I’m taking about the racist, black supremacist Nation of “Islam” (sic), and their leader, Farrakhan, who spreads many lies about Islam, and about God and His last messenger (saws).

    I can provide links to various fatawa and/or opinions from respected, mainstream, Ahl us-Sunnah Scholars regarding what the Muslim stance is on the so-called “NOI” if you would like, but I’m sure that’s not necessary.

    Anyway, I have seen many things that these black racists and their “brothers” (who are very similar to them in every way and even more radical and racist) the “New Black Panther Party” (they are always inciting for racial violence BTW) have said that are just as bad, if not worse than any white supremacist type, and they’re never arrested, but wrong is wrong, and it doesn’t really matter (or shouldn’t) what color various racists are, but it does bother me that “Muslim Matters” only chooses the PC racists to denigrate and condemn and it’s even more frustrating because of the fact that some of the writers are seemingly too scared or apprehensive (not wanting to “offend” anyone?) to even call out the racist, non-Muslim NOI, who let me remind everyone, STILL to this day, continue to confuse non-Muslims of ALL colors about what the real, true Islam, is all about (it’s bad enough that we have these mad, misguided, psycho “SJs” allegedly doing these various evil, and totally,100% unIslamic, haaram acts – although false flags/psy-ops have been around for hundreds/thousands of years; another subject for another time I guess). As an aside, do you know how many times I have had to explain to non-Muslims (black and white) through just regular conversation (or dawah), that NO, the NOI are not Muslim, and that NO, Islam is not a “black supremacist” religion, or just a religion for black folk, etc.?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for writing this excellent essay, it was indeed very informative, and extremely interesting. And I’m sorry to have digressed a bit.

  2. GregAbdul

    January 6, 2016 at 9:24 AM

    I sort of agree. Of course it does no good to ask the police to harass and disrespect white Christians the same way they do it to Muslims. But as a black person, we give our kids the talk. “If the police pull you over….” We know that if a crazy person attends our mosque and then goes out and randomly shoots a bunch of white Christians in America, there is a danger of our mosque being burned to the ground, with the usual cursory investigation and wrist slaps by the locals and the feds. Being a person who likes my mosque, if I have to choose, I want us to reign in the crazies. Yes, I know they are crazy and that it’s a sickness and sick people need a special space, but we can’t let their special space extend to a place where they are hurting others and we who are not crazy are getting blamed for it. We most definitely need to call out the FBI on this targeting of sick people at our masjid.
    However, for me, part of the problem is an antisocial element in our communities that believe our faith commands us to hate everyone who is not Muslim. The ones who talk about “voting is haram” and the like. It is parasitic to sit in the West and demonize it at the same time. This goes for my immigrant and native African American brothers and sisters. The Quran forbids us from living in a haram place.
    So these people, who are not making it and hating this place at the same time, their solution is clear. We should all truly follow our faith. There is no command to slaughter those you can’t live with that I know of in Islam. If you hate these kuffars and the place they have created, then “the earth is spacious” and if I find you at my mosque andcrazy and you want to hurt people and put my community and our masjid in danger, I would rather the FBI gets you.

  3. AZBro

    January 7, 2016 at 8:07 AM

    As salaamu alaykum,

    I came across an excellent article that talks about this whole saga, in terms how both the right and left are a bit “hypocritical” and I’ve copied and pasted a few paragraphs (it’s from an anti-Police brutality blog):

    “Mow them Down,” Americans Once Critical of Police Killings Now Beg Feds to “Slaughter” US Citizens | The Free Thought Project

    –Those who call for violence against others, who have not harmed anyone, are the epitome of all that is wrong in the world today. Regardless of your political views, or positions on issues, denying due process, even to the vilest of criminals, is the work of tyrants.


    –The anti-Muslim Right, Islamic terrorists, and now the pro-state-violence Left — would all do well to study the intention behind Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous quote:

    –“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”

  4. AZBro

    January 7, 2016 at 10:52 AM

    As salaamu alaykum,

    While of course there may be few half retarded, very mentally ill, criminal, jahil idiots who know nothing about the Deen (that’s a big understatement!) living in the West (and elsewhere), I think that we all (Muslims and non-Muslims) should think a lot more critically, think outside the box, and also look at alternatives to what we are constantly being fed, propagandized, and bombarded by our corrupt and controlled mass media.

    I think that after any alleged “terrorist attack” as the old saying goes, we should always ask – “Cui Bono?” (Who has benefited?) And who will be benefiting in the future, etc.

    I’m 100% convinced that many of these alleged “terrorist attacks” are indeed false flags and/or psy-ops committed by various Intel Agencies and the deep state, including elements of the Mossad. And no, I don’t thing that everything is an alleged false flag or so-called “conspiracy theory” (BTW, this term was coined by elements of US intelligence after the JFK assassination to discredit “skeptics” of this event).

    While I would admit that there are some very unbalanced, misguided, very ignorant/jahil alleged “Muslims” out there (and all of these guys are allegedly, so-called “SJs”) that obviously know NOTHING about the Shariah, and supposedly don’t know (????) that it’s 100% and TOTALLY un-Islamic, and HARAAM, under ALL circumstances, PERIOD, no ifs, ands, or buts to intentionally and purposefully target non-combatants (“civilians”), I believe that some of these “terrorist attacks” CAN BE proven to have been false flags. For instance, the 11-13 Paris attacks have been proven, basically beyond reasonable doubt IMO, to have been a deep state/intelligence agency sponsored false flag/psy-op. There’s indisputable proof that the various attackers were indeed knowingly protected assets and/or patsies (has anyone looked into this clown Salah Abdeslam?!). I know a writer and researcher in Canada (I consider him a friend) who has done very extensive research on the 11-13 Paris Attacks and has written many excellent essays regarding this “false flag” (and many other dubious types of events). I would like to link to some of his articles later, insha’Allah.

    Look, I know many people, especially Sunni Muslims (why do we blindly believe and buy into – hook, line and sinker – every darn thing that our controlled (by you know who), mass media and various govts. relay to us?) are very close minded to so-called “conspiracy theories” (again, let me stress that I personally don’t think that everything is an alleged “false flag”). However, I can list a few out of MANY false flags/psy-ops, that have been proven 100% and admitted to and confirmed by various governments and/or Intel Agencies to have been false flags/psy-ops:

    ~~The sinking of the American USS Maine in 1898 in the Havana Harbor. Initially blamed on the Spanish military, but proven to most likely have been an accidental explosion that went off from within the USS Maine.

    ~~The Bmbing of The King David Hotel in 1946 in Palestine. This operation was carried out by Zionist terrorists who were dressed up as Arabs, trying to make it look as though it was Arab “Muslims” who had carried out this attack, but the British were able to discern who the real perpetrators were.

    ~~The Lavon Affair in 1954. Mossad agents (working undercover) in Egypt bmbed several places and locations where there would likely be British, American people and/or Western interests and tried to make it look like and “Muslims” were the culprits (the Muslim Brotherhood; the same group that the fanatical anti-Muslim, Islamophobic, Hasbarat Ziocons, are always trying to fear-monger their fellow Americans with) for doing these evil acts. And for a while the Israeli govt. officially denied any responsibility for this act, labeling it as an anti-Semitic “conspiracy theory” before finally owning up to it and admitting that they were indeed 100% responsible for doing this (and BTW, the Israelis celebrate and honor these terrorists who were involved, just as they celebrate and honor the terrorists involved with the King David Hotel bmbing and other miscreants, including the infamous spy “J. Pollard”).

    ~~The Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964. There was an alleged “incident” in Southeast Asia/Vietnam, in the Gulf of Tonkin, where the North Vietnamese (Communist govt.) were said to have shot at an American Naval ship. After this incident was announced and presented to the public by president Johnson, the US Congress overwhelmingly passed a resolution for sending large numbers of US troops to Vietnam. Well, this was a complete fabrication and lie, because it never even happened.

    ~~The Attack of The USS Liberty in 1967. The Israelis intentionally bombed a US military ship in 1967 in the Eastern Mediterranean, trying to make it look like it was the “Egyptians” (Muslims) who had done this, in order to get the Americans to go to war against Egypt, one of Israel’s “enemies” at the time. They killed several Americans but were unable to sink the ship…

    Anyway, these are only a few false flags/psy-ops out of MANY that have been proven and admitted to by various governments, Intel Agencies, and/or establishment court historians. There are of course many more that I can list, including more recent ones allegedly involving Muslims…

    • Wael Abdelgawad

      January 7, 2016 at 4:51 PM

      Very interesting information. This could be the basis of an article in itself.

      • AZBro

        January 9, 2016 at 1:50 PM

        Thanks :) I’m not sure what part you meant, so I’ll cover a few things…

        Yes, I’m saying that these kinds of beliefs (i.e. that many of these alleged terrorists or would be terrorists are said to have) are so strange, so ajeeb, and of course because they are indeed so far away from the Quran and Sunnah, and totally against the Shariah (and I’m talking about basically what every single terrorist attack blamed on Muslims in the last 15 plus years has consisted of – i.e. Muslims intentionally targeting non-combatants/civilians) that you cannot come up with a different conclusion in terms of the fact that anyone with these kinds of totally un-Islamic beliefs (although 99% of Muslims in the world probably do not agree with these acts, and I’m sure 99.9% of Muslims in the US don’t, and the minuscule 00.1 % would not do any violent acts anyway IMO) have to be very, very jahil/ignorant of the teachings of this Deen. I mean seriously, how many Hadeeths of the prophet (saws) say over and over to NOT intentionally target non-combatants, including children, women, the elderly, day laborers (the common worker), the handicapped, religious folk (monks, rabbis, priests, etc.), and so on. I mean in the Quran it’s also very clear that any verses talking about fighting are always referring to people that are fighting you on the battlefield (i.e. all of these people are combatants), aside from the fact that from a historical perspective, many of these verses are only referring to specific battles that the Prophet (saws) and the Sahaba (ra) were fighting against the oppressive and murderous pagan Quraish. Even the famous “sword” verse is referring to people that were at the time, actively fighting and killing the Muslims (and even if we apply all of these verses to today, of course NONE of them would in any way support what has been happening with any of these alleged “Muslim” terrorist acts, and this is before even taking a look at the various aforementioned Saheeh Hadeeths of the prophet (saws)).

        But as far as False Flags (FFs) and Psy-Ops (POs), I wanted to clarify a few things that was maybe not evident in my last post.

        The US govt. pretty much knew very early on that the explosion that occurred on the USS Maine in 1898 in the Havana Harbor was an accident of some kind, likely caused by the American munitions that were located in the bowels of the ship (this was in later years proved beyond reasonable doubt). Of course it benefited the US Imperial ambition at the time to pretend that it was without any doubt whatsoever a Spanish naval ship that caused this explosion by firing on the American naval ship (without having any proof of course). And the US could gain a lot more territory than it already had, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines – the territories that the Spanish held and ruled at that time in history. And the pro-interventionist/pro-war press at the time (embodied by the Hearst owned newspapers) kept saying “Remember the Maine!” to try to propagandize the mostly anti-interventionist Americans to support and back a war against the Spanish empire.

        Also as far as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, most of the TPTB (“The Powers That Be” – the President, most of the Cabinet, military intelligence, the CIA, NSA, etc. – everyone in the loop) knew that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident never indeed did happen, and that the communist North Vietnamese NEVER fired on the American ships. And while the Kennedy Adm. sent various advisors and some troops to Vietnam, the various factions of the then Johnson Adm. wanted to escalate the whole American involvement in SouthEast Asia a lot more, and an “event” (or non-event as we now know) would of course help to facilitate this.

        Also in regards to to 11-13 France terrorist attacks blamed on “Muslims,” I have some general questions to my fellow posters:

        How many people are aware of the fact that the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was seen by various witnesses THE NEXT DAY (Saturday, 11-14) chillin’ out on the street, in broad daylight, smoking weed and drinking whiskey?! How many people know that the Abdeslam brothers (Salah and Ibrahim) used to own a bar in Brussels and were known to do nothing but get high, drink, and sell drugs at their bar? (ALL of this info is from the MSM)

        How many people know that Salah Abdeslam (who is “gay” by the way) until NO MORE THEN A MONTH before the 11-13 attacks (and possibly less), WAS GOING TO GAY BARS regularly, and that he was known as a kind of PROSTITUTE? (again, ALL of this info is from the MSM)

        There are MANY more anomalies and CRAZY facts about the Paris attacks, but I just wanted to mention a few.

        And BTW, there are many former high ranking US Military officials, very prominent (and well respected) former US presidential Cabinet officials, former “spooks” (CIA, NSA, MI6, etc.) that have gone on record and continue to this day to go on record saying that most of these alleged terrorist attacks that have been blamed on “Muslims” were indeed 100% False Flags and/or Psy-Ops, and that many of these same officials will attest to the fact that one of the main goals of these FFs/POs is to rev up the so-called “Clash of Civilizations” between the West (the formerly Christian, although at least now culturally Christian) and Islam and the Muslim world. A very big reason for this (although not the only reason) is because extremist Zionists want a Greater Israel (Eretz Yisrael – from the Nile to the Euphrates, just look at a map), and obviously all of these various terror attacks blamed on Muslims (and Islam) will get the US in particular and the West in general to go to war against Israel’s so-called enemies (i.e. Muslim nations and/or Islam in general), etc.

        Of course many of these western/Zionist elites also want more and more powers that will enable even more measures that will enhance the already existing Western/Zionist (Ziocon) “police state.” It’s said that the “Internet Patriot Act” has been written for a while (as the “Patriot Act” was written way before 911), ready to go, and that the US elites are waiting for the best time to facilitate (and there have already been various measures for vote in the Congress) the so-called “internet 911” – something that will “falsely” be blamed on China and/or Russia (not to say these states are “good guys” or that like all nations, including the US, that their govts. – although Israel is said to be the most aggressive and brazen by the US Intel Agencies – don’t also conduct high level state sponsored espionage and “hacking”), but this would entirely be something that would in no way be caused a “foreign govt.” or external bogeyman.

        Later, I would like to include some very important and relevant links…

  5. The Professor

    January 24, 2016 at 10:48 AM

    Interesting that you would mention the White Supremacist and their ideology in reference to Muslims, and the FBI. You referred to them as being the ones who are saying, “make friends with them (Muslims) then kill them.” Do you know there are several jihadist training camps in the the USA and a statement in their training manual is, “make friends with the non-Muslims then kill them.” You are making a comment about the FBI doing this and yet the Muslims who are training in the USA have this in their training manual. Curious as to your arrival of the same comment. The camps are unfriendly and violent to non-Muslims who approach their front gate to talk to them.
    I will be surprised to see if this comment is posted or scraped because it delivers information that would be damaging to the training camps of jihadist in the USA.
    Usually, when Muslims are questioned or information is shared with them they start screaming a tyrant of words and will not be quiet and listen to what the other person is saying. It is a statement of, “my way is the only way and I do not have to have a peaceful conversation with anyone who is different from me.” Then they throw anything they can find at the person attempting to speak with them.
    The Sharia Law is not for non-Muslims, so to attempt to enforce this is causing a severe retaliation against all Muslims. The law of the country that a Muslim resides takes precedent over their religious laws. You did not see Christians forming patrols and challenging non-Christians to follow their religious laws or they will be beaten or worse. It is happening now because of the Sharia patrols and treatment against non-Muslims. What you expect of your Muslim community is separate from the non-Muslims and you can not declare your area of residence as a non-Muslim, No Go Zone.
    If you honestly want to understand why the non-Muslims are reacting in the manner that you are witnessing on global scale just look at what they started when they entered the various countries who offered to assist them in their need to escape the same crimes and envirnment that they are creating in their host countries. Now, the same countries are deporting them, banning them and destroying their mosques. In China it is against the law to be a Muslim. In Japan Muslims cannot wear their Islamic clothing or pray in public. Plus, they are now banned, as well. Why? Well, look at what the Islamic people are doing to the people and cities of the various countries who offered them a peaceful existence and financial assistance until they are established. You can answer that question for yourself. Norway is completely fedup with their rapes, destruction and demands, so they are deporting all Muslims, even ones who have been there for years, because of the violence and hatred of the other Muslims towards non-Muslims. When you open your heart and home to help people in dire need and they return your kindness by raping your people regardless of their age, destroy entire communities and cities and making demands of money, free houses and cars, it forces them to close the door and send you home, where ever that may be because they and other countries are just loading them on huge vessels and dumping entire families on whatever country the vessels land. I worry about the women and children who are not the ones creating this violence, but they are paying the price for their male family members and Muslim males who have been invoking this sabotage against hosting countries. Like all the religions of the world, Muslims can enjoy their lifestyle, laws and prayer just do it in your homes or mosques and stop enforcing them on other religions of the world.

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