How Do You Express Your Needs to Your Spouse? | Haleh Banani

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9 responses to “How Do You Express Your Needs to Your Spouse? | Haleh Banani”

  1. I think that the first things that we should improve as muslims is our relationships, marriage, family

  2. Aafia says:

    Alhumdulillah,Allah Instills automatic love in our Spouse Otherwise It is not an easy task living with each Other for life and caring for them every moment.For me the most Important part of happy married life is communication .But Unfortunately Technology has evaded our Personal life to such an extent that we hardly give enough time for each Other .

  3. Faisal says:

    It’s true that smart phones etc. are taking more and more of our time, time that we could be using to communicate with our spouses. One thing that my wife and I do is to send each other romantic messages on our smart phones. It works for us and reassures us both that we are a part of each other’s smartphone worlds. We also sometimes watch things and listen to things of mutual interest together on our smart phones and tablet. If we use our smartphones in this way viz a viz our spouses it can be enjoyable and exciting and help to keep intimacy alive and well in a married relationship. After all, it’s not that technology is a problem, it’s how we use it that’s a problem. I hope this helps.

  4. Henry RootBall says:

    Is anal sex ok in Islam?

    • Ahmad B. says:

      Dear Henry,

      The answer is “No.” Only vaginal.


    • Hussaini Abdullahi says:

      dear Henry,
      Can a you eat talk with your nose? Allah gave us mouth as tool of talking (which include reading and recitations) and eating.
      Why do we not choose to change and eat through the nose? It’s because the nose is not the right channel for eating.
      Likewise, the anus is not the right channel for sex.
      He provided everything for us to enjoy in vagina and a route through which a seed can be panted.
      Even scientifically it’s not OK.

  5. Foyez says:

    It is not a matter to express. She can understand almost anything seeing my eyes.

  6. i do not have good relationship with my piences. she dont want give more time to discuss about love, and insiste tell me a word of loves. but she agreed to marry me. is there any women whom their habit is aturally like this? if not what can i do? and i loves her. advice me what to do? m’y name ils umar mohammed

  7. Abdulrahim says:

    Asalaaam Aleikum,

    please can i have Haleh Banani’s contact please

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