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Sponsored: Achieve Your New Year Resolution of Buying a Home


Taking a resolution is a great way to start a year. And it can be even more exciting when it is about buying a new home, especially when it is the first. It boosts your spirit and gets you geared for an abode of joy that will last for years to come. But as most of us know, all the inspiration and excitement around a resolution could run out faster than the first month, if it is pursued without a plan. To help you stick to your New Year resolution, here are a few ideas.
Workout the finances
Before you set out on the purchase process, it’s important to have an idea of the financial requirements. Make use of an online mortgage calculator to estimate how much financing you would qualify for and get a clear understanding of the numbers involved. If you’re considering a riba-free mortgage, get a clear orientation from your Islamic home finance provider and understand how it differs from the conventional mortgage system. Once you have the financial picture in place, you’re halfway through with your resolution.
Choose the right type of home
The options are plenty: Traditional single-family homes, townhouses, condos, etc. Each will have its own pros and cons. Let’s say your schedule allows you to spend minimal time in the upkeep of your home or its surroundings. A condo or a townhouse would be the best option, as maintenance and repairs will be taken care by the community board or association. Therefore depending on your home ownership expectations, you can settle for the one that suits you best.
Take help from an agent
Professionals can be of great help throughout the process, especially when dealing with elaborate paperwork, document reviewing and inspections. Their experience in the industry comes in very handy, especially while negotiating prices or during the inspection process. And with an agent who’s really good at the job, you can be sure of a hassle-free home buying experience.
Strike a balance between facts & feelings
It would be great to supplement the assistance of an agent with user reviews from the internet. But besides relying on advice from others, you should consider your and your family’s emotional connect and expectations. A stroll by the house could trigger a sense of belonging within you – a feeling like your name is written all over it. Spend some time with your agent and a lot more with your family on the options you have in mind and assess them carefully. Of course, they say ‘the home is where the heart is’ for a reason.   
Make a timeline
Most importantly, doing all of the above in an organized manner will make the entire process as smooth as it can get. A timeline based task list, which can be reviewed on a daily basis will keep you motivated throughout the process. Do this with intent and you would feel like you’re a step closer to your own home, day after day. 
Making your resolution of home buying come true can definitely be a wonderful experience. From the moment of sketching a dream home in your mind, getting the process done and finally stepping into your own home with your family – the feeling is priceless. To top it all, it becomes all the more delightful when you get it done riba-free, with assistance of an Islamic home finance company. A great feeling of achievement, a contented heart and a beautiful home can all be yours. Wishing you the best.
Guidance Residential is a company that helps Muslim-Americans realize their dreams of owning a home by providing a Sharia compliant, Declining Balance Co-ownership Program. With a commitment to provide the best quality and by adhering to Sharia principles, we have financed $3.3 billion and have become the #1 U.S. Islamic Home Financing company.
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