MuslimKidsMatter | Oh Allah (Poem)

Oh Allah

By Hana Hubert

Oh Allah, creator of all in existence,

Oh Allah, you rule all, with no resistance.

        The King, the Owner, it is to you we pray,

You blessed us with our life, in which we have a say.

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        Oh Allah, the All-Hearing, you hear me when I ask,

To ease the duties of the people who are burdened by their task.

        And to guide the un-guided, and show them the way,

So that they also can feel the beauty that Islam does portray.

        Give the children who are starving a proper meal and bed,

And clothe and feed the orphans who yearn to be fed.

        Oh Allah, bless our mothers, who raised us from day one,

Grant safe passage for the travelers who burn beneath the sun.

        Oh Allah, make us pleased with our life as it may be,

Give us courage to battle failures that uproot us like a tree.

        Let us all afford a house, that can support our families,

And give us strength to face our fears, that hover above us like bees.

        Oh Allah, I know you hear us, so answer us when we plea,

For our dua to be answered, Allah I know you hear me!

About the Author

Hana Hubert is a smart, strong, healthy 10-year-old girl who loves to care for others in a good-natured, well-mannered way.  She loves caring for plants and doing ibadah to Allāh.  She enjoys drawing, painting, and playing with her friends.  She also likes to play in the park, swim, and jump on her trampoline.  Her favorite colors include all shades of green.  Hana lives in Delaware with her parents and younger brother.
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2 responses to “MuslimKidsMatter | Oh Allah (Poem)”

  1. Nayma says:

    May Allah the One Who Hears answer your prayers Hana and may u remember to make dua always.

  2. Muhsina says:

    Masha allah such a talented girl may allah reward with a beautiful life in this world and the hereafter!!!??????????

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