Debt Free Muslims Podcast – Interview With Shaikh Mirza Yawar Baig

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This episode is brought to you by – Because Muslims matter.

Our guest for this episode is Shaykh Mirza Yawar Baig.

In this episode we cover:

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  • Financial issues affecting Muslims in America vs. globally
  • Understanding the concept of rizq (sustenance) in Islam and misconceptions surrounding it
  • The importance of good parenting
  • Wants vs. Needs, identifying needs in regards to things like education
  • Self-Worth that our children need
  • The mindset needed to be debt-free
  • The entitlement attitude
  • The true meaning of sabr
  • What holds people back from seeking scholarships
  • Countering destructive negative attitudes from early on
  • The effects of laziness and a safety net
  • Role of Barakah and Tawakkul and it’s relationship with sabr
  • The Tahajjud litmus test

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2 responses to “Debt Free Muslims Podcast – Interview With Shaikh Mirza Yawar Baig”

  1. Mahmud B. says:

    jazakallah khair for this insightful audio. On another note, am I the only one who has experienced unusually slow loading of muslimmatters?

    I know some of the banner ads are contributing to this. of course, they are necessary source of revennue

    But I know that websites can be optimized to help them load much faster

    • Dear mahmud

      While we do experience technical issues occasionally, there has been no such issue reported in the past couple of days. Are you facing this recently or is this a regular occurrence? Please let us know details of your location and the issue you face at info [at] muslimmatters [dot] org


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