MuslimMatters’ Top 13 Most-Read Articles of 2013

1) Sex MashaAllah | Muslim Vignettes on Female Sexuality  by MuslimMatters
This series of articles contains the perspectives of several Muslim women at different stages of life who have grown up and lived in different parts of …

2) Look Who’s Coming Out, But It Isn’t What You Think by Abez
Abez deals with chronic illness, and dying with humor, grace, strength and closeness to God that is sure to inspire.

3) Ten Tweets on the Hypocrisy of the Turkey Protests by Yavus Selim
“What’s going on in Turkey?” is a common question on the lips of people as varied as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and some American Muslim …

4) The Muslim Marriage Crisis by Hena Zuberi
A major part of creating a beloved community is the creation of a family but a Muslim marriage crisis is at our doorstep.

5) A Conversation With a Hooker: Adultery, Sex Addiction and Muslims by Umm Reem
We are in a mess. We are in a moral and ethical meltdown. No, it’s not lying, cheating, gossiping or anything that is related to the tongue, it’s the other part that our beloved Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) asked us to safe guard—the part between the two legs.

6) The Shaykh ‘N Bake Shame Grenade – A Muslim Internet Phenomenon by ibnabeeomar
Presenting the Shaykh ‘N Bake: A critical analysis of the utilization of shame grenade discourse by Muslims on the internets and its efficacy.

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7) What I Learned About Ramadan – By Not Fasting by Abez
I missed all but five fasts last Ramadan, and if this sounds like a shocking confession, you might want to try a survey of women to see how many of them have fasts to make up.  Many young mothers struggle to make up dozens -if not hundreds- of fasts missed in the alternating cycles of pregnancy and breastfeeding.  

8) Halloween: 10 Tips for Muslim parents by Iesa Galloway
The following article was compiled by Iesa Galloway for the Islamic Society of Greater Houston’s E-Newsletter. It draws heavily from content originally…

9) Listen to Them and Understand their Sexual Struggles (of our Muslim Female Youth) by Umm Reem
Dear Muslim girls, especially you teenagers, I want to apologize to all of you on behalf of Muslim adults, Muslim parents and the Muslim community as a whole …

10) What I Learned about Lipstick from my Five Year Old by Abez
I walked into an interesting conversation the other day between a middle-aged woman and her teenage daughter.  It was happening in front of a ladies …

11) 8 Reasons Why I, as an American Muslim, Don’t Feel Guilty About the Boston Bombings by Amad
Ever since the Boston marathon bombings, my mind has been swarming with thoughts and emotions. I have been glued to the internet, digesting article after are …

12) 50 Shades of Sex Addiction by Umm Reem
When it comes to the subject of sexual addiction, the question that arises in most minds is, “Why do men seek women other than their wives?”

13) She’s Not Damaged Goods – We Have Damaged Standards by Siraaj
Male-bashing articles are notoriously en vogue, admittedly for valid reasons. From the outset, let me clarify this won’t be one of them. The difficulties …

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2 responses to “MuslimMatters’ Top 13 Most-Read Articles of 2013”

  1. O H says:

    May Allaah reward all the authors of the articles immensely and keep them sincere on the truth. Ameen

  2. Ahmad says:

    As Salaam u alaikum, Did Sr. Umm Reem ever write any follow up article to her “50 Shades” article. She writes in it, “To be continued in next part:
    ◾Cybersex Revolution
    ◾True Addiction or Not
    ◾Role of Shaytaan and Sex Addiction
    ◾Cures and Treatment”,

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