Islamic Leaders’ Response to Boston Bombings

Shaykh Waleed’s Shared Thoughts on the Tragedy in Boston.

Dr. Yasir Qadhi Reflects on Boston Bombings – An Excerpt from the Friday Sermon.

Imam Safi on Prophetic Example of Kindness in Lieu of Violent and Extremist Attacks in Boston.

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10 responses to “Islamic Leaders’ Response to Boston Bombings”

  1. Gibran says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    JazzakAllahu khair

    Please also make videos on this:

    And every time our government slaughters our brothers and sisters.

    And I advise you to fear Allah. Your popularity is a test from Allah so use it to benefit yourselves in the akhirah.

    • Abu Asiyah says:

      shaykh Qadhi answers your suggestions at the end of his talk.

      • Gibran says:

        I agree there is a time and a place.

        The question is, where is the time for our brothers and sisters who are slaughtered by our government? How about these sheikhs make a video every time the drone strikes happen? They could also say in those videos, “now is a sensitive time, not the time to talk about 9/11 or the London bombing atrocities…..”

        It’s good to have balance.

        • Abu Asiyah says:

          Bro, I love you for the sake of Allah, but I find a number of problems with this attitude.

          1) Since when is making videos the currency of sympathy for victims? Why is that you measure the concern of these shuyookh for other victims by how often they make videos about them? Do you see them in their congregations? In their talks after their salah? Do you see them at the talks they give that are not recorded? In their interactions with non-Muslims? Generally speaking even if you have observed one scholar closely, you are missing all the other ones. And in that case, how do you know if they speak out against atrocities against Muslims in other ways? Have you considered that perhaps it’s this video format that they shun for OTHER reasons? Perhaps they feel like making videos is not the best way to speak out against anti-Muslim atrocities. Shaykh Qadhi himself says that he is outspoken against these issues – so I take his word for it, I’m not sure why you don’t.

          2) What are the benefits and what are the harms of making a video about every single time a Muslim is oppressed? If you recall, the Tsarnaev brothers did what they did precisely because they watched a little bit too many videos about Muslims being oppressed and not enough videos by mainstream scholars telling them how to be part of this society in a halal manner. If all MM did was put up videos on injustices across the world, it would become a hotbed for youth who become angry at the world and follow in the footsteps of the Tsarnaevs.

          3) The shuyookh and MM are not a victim-sympathizing service. They are not responsible for handling, talking, and discussing every single case of injustice that happens around the world, nor do they have the ability/time to. There ARE organizations who do that and these shuyookh are known to support these groups, by attending their fundraisers, speaking at their events, etc.

          4) Have you considered the idea that maybe sympathizing with the victims is NOT the only reason these shuyookh are posting these videos? In fact, Shaykh Qadhi rarely puts up these random speeches. Why did he choose to put up the one about the Boston bombings? Because the Muslims are confused about how to react to them. We have plenty of young angry brothers who want to say “I don’t care about the victims, because Muslims are being slaughtered abroad too”, or even some Muslims who are glad about the deaths. The scholars need to clear up these issues because the welfare of the Muslims here in the West depends on it. They do need to speak out also so that non-Muslims, who are now paying more attention to Muslims, know that these bombings are antithetical to Islamic teachings. Do we have the same problem when Muslims get killed unjustly? Not really. We don’t have a problem with knowing that we should feel sympathy, or pray for them, etc. In fact, the many masajid I have visited usually do pray for the Muslims suffering abroad. The Boston bombings concern the POLITICAL situation of the Muslims in the West and as such they require these videos.

          5) At the end of the day, you also have to consider the benefits of constantly posting these criticisms on MM. First of all, they are worded in a way that is accusatory. I’m sure that’s not your intention, but they come off that way. From what I know of scholars, they generally do not respond to inflammatory questions. Second of all, I doubt they read comments under the articles you post. So all your posts are accomplishing is strengthening some foolish Muslims in denouncing our mainstream scholars and following instead people who call for violence against innocent civilians in the West. Or if not that, posting atrocious accusations such as by bother Abdullah below. If you really want to give advice to the scholars, contact them privately, in person or by email. Their contact information is available online. Imam Shafi’i said, (I’m paraphrasing), “If you want to advise me, do so in private. If you do it in public, don’t be surprised that I don’t follow your advice.”

          Is it really worth it to constantly accuse our scholars? How about you ask these questions from them first, in a polite manner, and see how they respond.

          GIve your brothers in Islam a benefit of the doubt.

          And Allah knows best. Forgive me for a long post. BarakAllahu fik.

  2. abdullah says:

    these have gone past the stage of scholars for dollars, rather scholars for famous collars

    • Abu Asiyah says:

      Because you have looked into their hearts and know their contents, of course. Watch out bro, that is not an accusation you want to be wrong on. How about we look at ourselves instead and see how much we have done for this ummah?

  3. Abdullah says:

    how are the two hadiths that is quoted in this video:
    “imām Safi on Prophetic Example of Kindness in Lieu of Violent and Extremist Attacks in Boston.”
    related to this incident.
    Hadith-1) Whoever kills a Mu’min the angels curse etc etc …
    Hadith-2) Whoever points a weapon towards the “akhi” …
    So how are these relating to the incident?

    Rather these can be said about the people who are getting killed on a daily basis in Muslim countries by the oppressing forces. Majority of the guns found in disturbed lands in these countries are US supplied

  4. suhail salim says:

    terrorism cant be supported in any form but we must understand that violence stem from injustice and cruelty. we must investigate why such people decided to kill and get killed.

  5. suhail javed says:

    Muslims s dont support such acts but it is very disappointing fact that the all muslims are suspected if such act happens

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