Gearing Up for Ramadan

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With less than two weeks left until Ramadan, the MM team shared their tips for preparing for the special month. Here are their suggestions and comments. Add yours too!

Nihal Khan:

Create a daily schedule of how you’re going to make your day different then outside of Ramadan. Schedule the different acts of worship at different times.

Abu Ibrahim:

Make sure to prepare yourself.  As the saying goes, “those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

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Create a routine before Ramadan so you can keep it going throughout the month. Just as cramming before an exam isn’t a good idea, going from 0 to 60 when Ramadan starts may lead to burnout before the month ends.

Sameera (Content Manager):

Set some goals for yourself and make a plan of how you can accomplish them.  (i.e. if you want to read one juz a day, then figure out what works best for you — it could be spacing it throughout the day by reading 2 pages before and after each Salah or setting aside one chunk of time each day to read like your lunch hour at work).  If you aren’t meeting your goals, don’t give up altogether but re-evaluate and do what you can.

Set aside time before Ramadan to make a massive du’a list covering different areas (deen, work/school, family, akhirah, health, etc.)

Get your heart ready for Ramadan.

Meena Malik:

Start cleaning out the bad habits/time wasters in your life from now.

Increase your amount of daily Qur’an reading gradually so that you can meet your daily goal for Ramadan more easily.

Take one of last Ramadan’s incomplete goals and start working on them right now.

Haytham Soliman:

Dedicate time for dua.

Create a list of things you wish to ask Allah.

Read Qurʾān , read lots of Qurʾān .

Start calculating your Zakat from now.

Set up a special daily charity fund for Ramadan.

Figure out a way of showing your parents that you love them.

Decrease the time that you are online to only one hour a day so you can use your time for other beneficial acts of worship.

And what do you think? Please share with us!

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6 responses to “Gearing Up for Ramadan”

  1. Asad says:

    Can someone point out a good android app to manage our ramadan schedule.

  2. Sarah says:

    Complete eid shopping (gifts, writing cards, clothes etc.) before the month begins so that one does not waste the most precious last nights going to the mall.
    Freeze some freezable food before-hand so that one doesn’t spend the whole ramadan cooking.
    Ramadan is a good time to change our eating habits. Many people can’t consume yesterday’s food. Cooking every other day would help us become less choosy and free up time to spend volunteering/worship etc.
    Another way to practice simple living is to consume less meat during this blessed month. That extra money could be given to charity insha’Allah.

  3. arif sufyan says:

    gud thread mashallah..thnx

  4. Jazakallah for this wonderful advice!

  5. says:

    In reply to the question below: Our Android/Blackberry app is coming soon. But we have just released our Iphone app. Go Mezquita ( or @gomezquita) is not just for Ramadan – however we are looking to add Tarawih to it once we have feedback from users. Please help us spread the word. Jazakum Allah Khayran.

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