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Yasir Qadhi | Ramadan Reminder: Will You be a Better Person After Ramadan?


Brothers and sisters, every one of us has raised the bar this month. When we raised the bar, what have we discovered? Raising the bar is not that difficult. In fact, the rewards and pleasure are worth it. Now that Ramadan is over, what are we going to do after this? Are we going to back to where it all began? Read More »

Ramadan Challenge – 30 days, 30 Amazing Muslim Women (Part 5 of 5)

Woman In Islam

In the last five stories of Ramadan, I wanted to cover a range of stories and women from across Muslim history. Read More »

Maqasid (Wisdoms) of the Six Fasts of Shawwal


It is among the peculiarities of the injunctions of the Sharī‘ah that on the last day of Ramadān fasting is fard while on the first day of Shawwāl it is forbidden to fast. The last day of Ramadān is the day of perfection of Allāh’s blessings and the completion of one’s duties. The first day of Shawwāl is the one in which all the Muslims are Allāh’s guest. In fact, all the creatures of Allāh are His guests, always, but it is a day of special hospitality and feast and it is a grave sin to refuse the invitation. Read More »

MM Treasures | Ramadan, My Dear Guest, I’m Sorry


Eventually, the time comes and the day of his departure is here, and your beloved and blissful guest, Ramadan, is leaving, and leaving soon. This wonderful guest is so polite that he does not come back very often, so that you always desire his return later. Read More »

The Ramadan Tafseer Series | Surah Maryam, Conclusion: Message from Makkah | Abdul Nasir Jangda


Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda's special message from Makkah to those who followed the tafseer series. Read More »

Ramadan Challenge – 30 days, 30 Amazing Muslim Women (Part 4 of 5)


The women in this article are prolific writers, aḥadīth scholars and Islamic jurists, and each one of them imparted education for the betterment of their societies. Read More »

Special Ramadan Adab Series | A Matter of Emergency…Or Not?


Special Ramadan Adab Series: A Matter of Emergency...Or Not? Read More »

A Muslim’s Guide to Eid Gift Shopping


Gift-giving is a highly-refined and deeply intricate art, and fortunately for you, here's a quick 5-step guide to show you the tips and tricks that’ll make your Eid gifts unforgettable this year. Read More »

5 Historic Events During Ramadan that Rocked the World


To see Ramadan as only a month of inward spiritual reflection and purification is to miss out on the real example of sacrifice, struggle that has been a feature of the month of Ramadan throughout our history. This Ramadan, get involved in a project and make a difference to the Muslims in your community and the world around. Read More »

Ramadan for the Self-Righteous

backbiting jpg

A surge of the sanctimonious. A pandemic of self-righteousness, if you prefer; and that too one that seemingly peaks to its most destructive during the month of Ramaḍān. Manifestations of which include the thinly veiled ahems of “Ramaḍān *cough* Muslim” when a brother decides to start frequenting the masjid for all five of the obligatory prayers. Read More »

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