Houston Mosque (Madrasae Islamia) Targeted By Arsonists

Houston Mosque Targeted By Arsonists (from KPRC Click2Houston)

Members of the mosque reported two men smashed in a window at Madrasae Islamia in the 6600 block of Bintliff Drive and then doused a room with gasoline before setting the fire.

Surveillance video shows men sneaking onto the property around 3:30 a.m. Saturday. The video shows them covering their faces, as if they know there are cameras.

Two to three minutes later, they are seen getting into into a white or silver four-door car driven by another person.

Carpets were burned and there was still evidence of the smoke and flames on Sunday.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. This is indeed very saddening to hear. Alhamdulillah, the news reports that the damage from the fire was limited and that someone was there to alert the fire department before it went out of control.

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I believe any of our brothers and sisters who live or have lived in the Houston area can attest to just how special Madrasae Islamia is to the Houston Muslim community. Having lived in Houston myself for a few years, this masjid holds a special place in my heart. Besides being renowned as Houston’s very own Hafiz factory (the graduates of which are recruited to lead tarawih prayers across the nation), it also holds historic significance being one of the older, more established masajid in the area. I still remember all the times we would purposely make the 20 minute drive to this masjid to hear Hafiz Iqbal’s recitation. We ask that our readers remember them and the entire Muslim community in their duas.

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11 responses to “Houston Mosque (Madrasae Islamia) Targeted By Arsonists”

  1. Muhammad says:

    Extremely sad to hear. May Allah protect all our masjids! May Allah give us the sense to go out and educate people about Islam!

  2. anon says:

    Assalamu ‘alaykum

    This is one of my local masajid, I go here frequently.. it was sad to hear and see what had been done. Even sadder was all the comments on the Houston Chronicle and other such sites of people saying that it was an inside job! May Allah give hidayah to all, Amin.

  3. Tariq Ahmed says:

    One of the best jamaat in Houston is the one that fills Madrassah Islamia on a regular basis, five times a day, through good weather and bad, alhamdolillah. Allah protect them and His house.

    Maybe there will be more Muslims taking turns in ‘itikaaf in masajid around the Western world, to protect them. Just as men spend the night at Masjid al Aqsa to help defend it from hateful aggressors.

  4. Yasir Qadhi says:

    Really sad… this is the masjid closest to my house, and Hafiz Iqbal is my first Quran teacher (way back when I was only five!).

    May Allah give us sabr to deal with all that is happening around us, Ameen!!!


  5. Kashif Dilkusha says:

    These are days of trials for us. May Allah keep us steadfast on the right path and help us in responding to these incidents.

  6. Shuaib Mansoori says:

    I was really sad to see the news. This was my regular Masjid when I lived in Houston. My apt. was a mere 7-min walk away.

    In my opinion, I think it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the ONLY Masjid where you would see the MOST diverse crowd, not only in terms of nationality but age as well – from the youngest kids to the elderly of the community. Masha Allah a truly beautiful Masjid.

  7. Nur says:

    Very sad….may ALLAH protect all of us!

  8. wade says:

    may allah guide those people to islam…ameen

  9. Abu Kamel says:

    As salam alaikum

    Why was the protection of Allah lifted from this masjid and its community?

    Arson is the criminal, willful, or reckless ignition of fire to other people’s property. Its often a random crime of opportunity.

    But the targetting of the masjid was not ramdom criminal mischief. It was meant as a political message, a threat to Muslims in Houston. It is targetting civilians and it used violence. By Texas law, it could be deemed a hate crime if the perpetrators signify any animosity towards Islam and Muslims which they undoubtably have.
    Texas penal code considers hate crimes as crimes motivated by prejudice, hatred, advocacy of violence, and federal law states its crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, etc.
    But the local media report it as arson, as do Muslims? But we can reasonable assume its motivated as prejudice against Muslims and Islam.

    By American political standards, its an act of terrorism. The US Congress defines terrorism as premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by clandestine agents. As Islam is in the news everyday with negative bias, as teh masjid was likely specifically targetted, and many groups have threatened violence against Muslims in America, its reasonable to call this an act of terrorism even when local and state politicans and officials continually seek to downplay.

    Muslims have to ask themselves: why do WE downplay the significance of this attack?
    Why are WE afraid to stand up for ourselves, afraid to accuse our attackers of violent terrorism?

    Abu Kamel

    Take note, brothers and sister, STOP accomodating your victimization by failing to stand up strong for yourselves. Passive emotions of sadness are not sufficient.

  10. Olivia says:

    its going up on my FB as an act of terrorism because that’s what it is. by the way, take heart. the guy who tried to burn that one down in Oklahoma (or maybe TN, i cant remember which state) was recently arrested. Insha’Allah they’ll catch these guys too.

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