Yasir Qadhi: My Conversion – Admitting One’s Mistake and Moving On

Broken WindowsThis is, in many ways, an awkward post for me. Admitting one’s mistake is not easy to do. Claiming that one’s past opinions were wrong  – opinions that were defended publicly, in writing and speech, and championed for many, many years – is always a bitter pill to swallow. And this is even more difficult to do when the ‘mistake’ is not just one secondary matter or trivial opinion, but rather an entire framework or methodology.

But now, I am forced to make such a confession. I have given the matter great thought, and have realized there is no way forward unless I break clean of my past. And if I do so, I am not the first, nor shall I be the last, to make such a claim. Many great scholars in our tradition have gone through phases of their life, realizing later on that they followed an incorrect system in an earlier stage.

It is an open secret that there are two great traditions in our times competing with one another. Each of these two systems claims to be better and more perfect. Each one claims to be older, or more ‘orthodox’. Each one claims to have large numbers of followers. Each one presents an entire methodology – a holistic framework from which all other programs of one’s life should spring forth. Each one is eager for converts, critiquing the other tradition with utmost contempt (sometimes with very cheap and underhand tactics – as bloggers know all too well).

It is obvious that both of these systems cannot simultaneously be true in all that they say. One of the two MUST be the more correct and better.

For many years of my life, (in fact for ALL of the years that I have been of age), I had been an ardent follower of what I thought was the only system. As a young teenager, I never even knew that people followed other methodologies, and the first time I was exposed to the other system I truly found it incomprehensible. It seemed too difficult to follow, too ‘strange’ and exotic. As I grew older, and learnt more about both systems, initially my faith in my own tradition grew stronger and stronger. It is actually ironic that I wrote many works, books and treatises in its framework. In many public and private gatherings, I had defended my own preferred methodology and mocked the other.

It is true that many people tried to convert me, and initially I rebuffed them quite easily. But as these efforts increased in earnestness, and I found close friends of mine, people whom I truly looked up to, convert one by one, I felt the seeds of doubt grow within me. Perhaps my system was not the best? Perhaps the framework that I had initially been led to believe was the truest and most perfect was not actually so?

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One by one, those whom I admired began to drop their ‘old school’ affiliations and change boat. I was truly shocked – my very foundations shaken. Eventually, not a single friend of mine who specialized in the field still  remained with me in the old camp. When the final person in my circle of friends converted, it was the last straw.

So I decided to take time out of my other projects, and do some research. After all, this was not a trivial matter, it was an entire methodology of operation. Taking a deep breath putting aside all my previous prejudices, with a pure and unbiased heart, I began to read. And read, read and read. History, works of methodology, testimonies from converts, and even biographies of the founders of these schools. And that was when I realized that I had been wrong all along.

Reading the material that I read, it dawned upon me that the more orthodox of  the two methodologies was NOT, in fact, my current one. Rather, it was quite clear that the other system was older, and that mine was but a cheap attempt at imitation. It was also clear to me that my own system, unlike the other one, was full of mistakes – mistakes that I had tried to ignore or brush aside, but existed nonetheless. The other system attracted all the high-profile converts; surely there was a reason for this?

In the end of the day, the evidence spoke for itself. I decided to cast aside my old prejudices, and at least try the new methodology for a while. Until one experiences certain ‘realities’, book knowledge alone will never be sufficient. So, gathering whatever courage I could, I went ahead and took the plunge. For a full week, I immersed myself in a new and fascinating world. I discovered matters that cannot even be expressed in words. The simplicity, elegance and profundity of it all truly blew me away. It was, in all senses of the term, a truly mystical experience compared to my previous ones.

That week is over now, and I cannot remain quite any longer. I too have converted, and this conversion must be made public. This is the truth, and it shall set me free.

I hereby renounce any affiliations I previously had with the PC, and am now a die-hard Mac fan.

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390 responses to “Yasir Qadhi: My Conversion – Admitting One’s Mistake and Moving On”

  1. anonymous student says:

    I thought this was about you turning into a hanafi. hah! great stuff!

    • Asmaa says:

      Ditto. Lol, that was nice SubhaanAllaah

      I would want to try Mac too.. When I have enough money… maybe in the bext ten yrs if I still am alive.. I will give it a try..Even if for a few seconds.

      • Loga says:

        BarakAllah fiikum.

        jazakAllah khier for the smile and inshaAllah we can use them in giving dawah: If anyone is interested inshaAllah we are speaking with Christians and Pastors about Islam on a Muslim run site. JazakAllah khier if you can come and join the conversation. The site linked above (my name) will direct you there. Looking forward to your input, dawah and jazakAllah khier.

        salaam alaykum.

      • Ahmed says:

        Hahaha, Mashallah ! Sheikh you’ve killed me !!!

    • Abu Hanifah says:

      Whats wrong with being a Hanafi? :-|

      • ukhtukum says:

        nothing, alhamdulilah all 4 madhabs are valid regardless of their differences.

        and sheikh yasir i nearly had a heart attack <_<
        it was too funny! may Allah smile down at you

        • Abu Abdullah says:

          What’s wrong with being a Hanafi? It depends:

          When you reject an authentic hadeeth of the Messenger because it goes against your madhab – then there’s something wrong with being a Hanafi.

          When you divide the Muslims into sects by naming yourself as partisan to one Muslim imam – then there’s something wrong with being a Hanafi.

          When your books of Usool state “any Nass which goes against our Madhab is either rejected or abrogated” – then there’s something wrong with being a Hanafi.

          When you ignore the way of the Sahabah in asking any reliable, qualified scholar available for fatwa not just the scholars of your own madhab – then there’s something wrong with being Hanafi. No Sahaba were Bakri, Umari, Uthamani or Allawi they were Muhammadi.

          When you close the doors of ijtihad until the Day of Judgement and tell the “scholars” to blind follow only and not to think then there’s something wrong with being Hanafi.

          When you reject Imam Abu Hanifah’s aqeedah and only take him in Fiqh – then there’s something wrong with being Hanafi.

          When you don’t care how the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) ordered us to pray when he first displayed his prayer from the minbar in front of the Muslims and said “Pray as you have seen me praying” and instead cling on to weak narrations about how to pray because its your madhab – then there’s something wrong with being Hanafi.

          When you believe in Wahdatul Wujood, call upon the dead in the graves, or believe that your Shaikhs know the Unseen – then there’s something wrong with being a Hanafi.

          When however you use the Hanafi Usool as a framework for beginning your studies in Fiqh, but follow the evidence when it comes to you, and your ‘aqeedah is of pure Tawheed – then there’s nothing wrong with being a Hanafi.

          • Shibli Zaman says:

            So, Abu Abdillah, in other words there’s nothing wrong with being a Hanafi. Thanks for clarifying that.

          • mustaqeem SHAH says:

            It would be vey intresting if you mention a single HADITH that the Hanafi Fuqahaa go against.
            Taqleed (shakhsi) has been there from the time of sahabah RA and it is rather very iportant to follow one these schools of thought especially when not every one is a ‘Mujtahid’, that is what Allah says: ask the people of knowledge…’.
            May Allah reward all of the aimmah mujtahideen kiraam, ameen.

          • Hasan says:

            Abu Abdillah’s statement is filled with ignorance and misunderstanding. It is a common notion that people who follow maddhabs are biased fools who go contrary to the evidence of the Quran and hadith. As Abu Abdullah says, “When you reject an authentic hadeeth of the Messenger because it goes against your madhab – then there’s something wrong with being a Hanafi.” There are so many problems with this statement that I don’t even know where to begin: 1. the criterion for a sahih hadith is different according to different usul. Abu Abdullah has definitely not studied hadith in the least, otherwise he would understand this problem. The Hanafis, for example accept mursal hadith, but the Shaf’i’s don’t. The Hanafis don’t accept khabar wahid, but the Shafi’is do. So who said there was a consensus on what a sahih hadith is? 2. The Quran or hadith in question could be interpreted in different ways. 3. One hadith could abrogate the other 4. One hadith could be used in a specific situation, and another hadith might be general. 5. The sahabi relating the hadith might just be unaware of the saying of the Prophet, or have heard incorrectly.

            Only a mujtahid mutlaq can figure out the reality in every situation and issue. A layman would find it impossible to do this job. I hate it when children go to an Al Maghrib class, learn a few hadith, and believe that they could do ijtihad and disprove the Hanafis, who have literally thousands of scholars and books to back them up, as do the other maddhabs. And to say that the door of ijtihad is open is correct for new issues, but not issues that have already been resolved. This is a dangerous view that has led to modernist movements that legalize homosexuality and other immoral acts through their ijtihad, even though these issues have been long determined before.

            And last, to say that calling oneself Hanafi or Shafi’i is causing divide in the ummah is an assertion steeped in ignorance. Even if one stops calling himself something, he remains what he is, regardless of what he calls himself. The difference will remain. The problem is not calling ourselves something, but fighting over it, as Abu Abdullah has already done. The Democrats and Republicans have completely different views, and even call themselves something different. They do not pretend that they love each other and are one group. But when the time comes to unite against an external enemy, they do so. That is what the Muslims must do, not pretend like we have all the same opinions.

            Wallahu A’lam

          • Nader Ismail says:

            none of those things you mentioned are inherently Hanafi

          • Observer says:

            Abu Abdullah be very careful! The path you are treading on is very dangerous . You may not agree because of your lack of wisdom & by your Wahabbi’ism brainwashing & distorion of truth,but it is prudent not to criticize a man who performed Esha & Fajr salaah with the same wudhoo for 50 years because he was busy in the worship of Almighty
            اَللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى!

          • Hello Brothers,

            Love towards Hanafism is itself a spoil.

            Death to Hanafism.
            Death to Shafaism.
            Death to Malikism.
            Death to Hanbalism

            Do you know brothers, death of Maslak-e-Sufian bin Unayah.

            Death to Jafarism.

            Long Live Islam.
            Long Live Manhaj-E-Mohammed SallaAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.

            With regards to Yasir Al Qadhi, he is thaali mein ka baigan.

            He does not have any content. He just plays with words.
            He does not belong to any madhab.

            He is not true Salafi.
            He is not true Deobandi.
            He is not true Hanafi.

            I listen to speeches and Qutbahs of Yasir Al Qadhi. He just decorates his Qutbah and speeches with Quranic verses. He does not want to be unpopular in any of Circles ( Deobandi, Salafi, Ahle Hadith, Barelvi, Shia, etc.)

            I hate Yasir Al Qadhi style of Speeches.

            Though I follow Ahle Hadith School of Thought. I love Ustadh Nauman Ali Khan. Even if he is a Barelvi school of Thought also I will love him.
            He is a great Scholar. His Expertise on Quran is really great.

            Yasir Al Qadhi is playboy, playing safe side.

    • abu Nusaybah says:

      May Allah preserve you Shaykh Yasir.

      The following speaks to unity – based on the practices of Uthman, ibn Mas’ud and AbdurRahman ibn Awf (may Allah be pleased with them). I think it builds upon your beautiful story here, it gives us a pciture of how differences were dealt with, and how we ought to deal with them.


      InshaAllah the actions of the companions gives us much food for thought regarding the unity of Muslims, and how we are to deal with one another when we face differences. Allah knows best. barak Allah fiikum.

  2. Amreen says:


  3. Ahmed says:

    Sheikh Yasir, you really got me with this one. Hope you don’t start a flame war in the comments…

    That said, I love my Mac too. http://www.guidanceapp.com for a really simple and elegant salah times application. Make sure you get the program ‘Growl’ as well, as Guidance uses Growl for fancy notifications. If you’re ever interested in more Islamic programs for the Mac, or searching for a program to fulfill a certain task, feel free to ask and I may know of one.

  4. Hidaya says:


    I admit half way through, i couldn’t wait, so I cheated by reading the last sentence and then continuing with the remaining article..lol

  5. Anum H says:

    Wow… Shaykh Yasir…. the rate my heart was beating towards the end of the article…. you have no idea!!!

    But that was a good one I must say… lol

  6. Wasif (twin1) says:

    MashaAllah, that was very funny! I was on the edge of my seat the entire read.

  7. Amatullah says:

    mashaAllah I was waiting for this article to come out! Really had me scared for a second when I first read it :) hehe.

    I converted for about 3 hrs…I was utterly confused and baffled so, I then apostatized. I’ll stick with my HP!

  8. MentalMuslim says:

    Shaykh! You really had me going there…I thought this was a real fitnah, Subhanallah! I was seriously under the impression at the begining of the post that it was related to some aspect of the deen. Good one!

  9. Hala says:


    Alhamdulilah. Sh Yasir, welcome to the light! I love Mac.

  10. Amatullah says:

    Assalamu Alykum

    Now thats funny…

    Its even tagged as ‘Manhaj’

  11. Musa Maguire says:

    What a letdown! I thought you were about to let us eat cheeseburgers.

  12. Abu Hafsa says:

    Sheikh Yasir, Welcome. اهلا و سهلا. A quick list off the top of my mind of must have mac apps for muslims.

    1. Zekr http://www.zekr.org . An opensource highly customizable Quran application.
    2. Guidance app for prayer times (Br. Ahmed already mentioned it before)
    3. Don’t forget to turn on Arabic support in Languages. Typing in arabic is pretty easy on the mac (Ok, this is not an app but a must-do tip !)

  13. Abu Ayesha Al Emarati says:

    I almost fell into despair.

    How far is Allah from imperfection.

    Waalhul Mustu’aan.

  14. Very nice post. Sheikh Yasir had me worried for a while until I read the last line :). As I was reading I knew that there will be a stump line at the end and honestly i tried my super best to continue reading and not scrolling down but couldn’t resist and when I was very close to the end “That week is over now”, i skipped and read the last live :)…Very nice post which puts a smile on anyone’s face…I really like your writing style Sheikh Yasir. Thank you and regards…Waqar Mehmood from Houston Texas.

  15. Hassan says:

    I had my heart in my neck, and was shivering, you almost gave me heart attack. I had to scroll down without reading to read the conclusion.

  16. talib-ilm says:

    lol…good one

  17. Abû Mûsâ Al-Ḥabashî says:

    Well put.

  18. Taylor Starr says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. Well…I was pretty excited when I read the title. Then I cheated and read the last sentence. Oh well. The fantasy was fun while it lasted. :-)

    I still haven’t made the switch to the Mac yet, but I am slowly being pushed in that direction. So you could say I’m well on my way to conversion. But old habits die hard, so we’ll see what happens.

  19. Abs says:

    Sheikh Yasir, that was hilarious!

    Welcome to the Mac world!

  20. AA says:

    Sh. Yasir , that was awsum!! i seriously thought you had converted into a hanafi!! :)

  21. Yasir Qadhi says:

    Salaam Alaikum

    I was hesitant to post this, but then decided to go for it. The reason is simple: I believe such humor (or ‘humour’ for the Brits) is in fact part of the beautiful Prophetic Sunnah. We all know of the story of the old lady who asked the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) to make duaa for her to enter Jannah, at which he replied, ‘Do you not know that old ladies shall not enter Jannah?’ When she got worried, he immediately replied, ‘Allah will change you back into a young lady and then you shall enter Jannah’.

    Indeed, if our Prophet can joke with an old lady about something as precious as Jannah, then we have even more right to follow him and revive this Sunnah. The jokes of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) are the best and purest jokes, and ones that in fact teach us much.

    I believe that many of our scholars have neglected this aspect of the Sunnah and give an ultra-serious image of Islamic scholarship that is a bit too rigid (yes, for sure it is a serious science, but that doesn’t mean you can’t crack a few jokes!)

    Lighten up – it’s part of the Sunnah :D


  22. A.Lahoz says:

    Salaam ‘alaikum Sh. Yasir,

    I read this with much anticiaption myself, though I have to say that the end was a double let-down. :-)
    (sent from my dell)

  23. Salman A. says:

    Ya Shaykh!!

    Subhanallah! Being one of the pioneer converts, I was on the receiving end of much criticism and mockery. Though many of those that once ridiculed and/or questioned Apple products (Macs/iPhone) have now switched over, and claim they never made such comments. Before I had a great level of respect for you, but now I consider you FAMILY! =) When and if you get any slack for switching over, just tell ’em: “Don’t Hate, Just Appreciate!”

    … Impatiently awaiting your return to DurbahLand!!

  24. Shahzeb Ismail says:

    Sheikh Yasir please be more careful with these types of articles… You are gonna give some body a heart attack … What came to my mind was shia sunni traditions … You are my favorite Sheikh and you really got me there…. Any ways in the end that was filled with awesomeness hands down… =D

  25. As-salamu ‘alaykum,
    Alhamdu lillah, nice to know you have converted from M$ to the Mac.

    However, I pray that you are soon guided to Linux (I use Ubuntu) and, only then, will you know that there is yet a better world.

    Anyway, I am pleased to see that you are more than halfway there alhamdu lillah.

    Your brother who wishes well for you
    Abu ‘Abdissalam

  26. Anon E. Mus says:

    I was getting tachycardic … but that was very funny! I was trying to think what PC meant, and then I read the Mac part :)

  27. MuslimaA says:

    Hahahah! I read through half way, couldnt wait and went down to the comments and came back up to read the rest! I need to work on my patience :)

    Awesome article Shaykh! may Allah preserve you, humor is always needed!

    P.S Forget MAC! Its all about the PC ;)

  28. Talha Syed says:

    Sheikh Yasir showed the beginnings of this troubling turn last year at Ilm Summit, when he remarked how so many of his friends were converting, and he even confided to me that he was thinking of doing so himself.


    Perhaps I should have warned our other Shuyookh, so that they could set him straight in time?

    • Yasir Qadhi says:

      Ajeeb – got caught ‘red-handed’ ;)

      Also, I see our dearly beloved Sh. YB seems enamored by this new methodology as well. Word has it that conversion attempts were made at IlmSummit, which he seemed to succumb to.

      Don’t know the latest regarding his methodology though…

  29. turaab says:

    Microsoft: “You’ve got questions. We’ve got dancing paperclips.”

    But seriously, that put me on the verge of tears…

    May Allah keep us firm on the straight path.

  30. usman says:

    Salaam, I was about to pass out, Shaykh Yasir, this is FINALS week, i do not need my entire world shaken up right now.

    I have heard good stuff about macs thinking about making a conversion myself, inshallah.

  31. Abu ziyad says:

    SuhanAllah !! While I was reading, my mind was going through LOG and LUL classes ….and all of your comment.. I was about to start crying… ooooooofff !! But the last line did it all… GREATTTT

  32. Hajera says:

    LOL.That`s good.

  33. Yus from the Nati says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. One of the most hilarious things I’ve read on here. Man, I was sitting here thinking the same as everybody “helllllllllllllllllllllllllll no”…

    Yusuf – Cincinnati

    PS Mac is Wac

  34. Imtiaz says:

    MashAllah welcome to the RIGHT SIDE Abu Ammar…. for a second there I thought you were gonna become guyanese *wipes sweat off head* I do not think the ummah would be prepared for that.

  35. shirtman says:

    what a waste…of 13 seconds

  36. Sunie says:

    I was so worried until I read the last sentence.

    We should have a Mac vs PC advert made. We have Sheikh Yasir on one side with his kurta and side parted hair. Who will take the PC persona?

    and Macs are awesome. If only I could spare the extra cash…

  37. Irfan says:

    Assalamu alaikum Sh. Yasir,

    I really like your sense of humor, yes, I really do. But I believe that you are in the state of hammas regarding Macs :) If you don’t have it yet, soon you will have to buy this so you can run Windows on your Mac.

    Now the fiqhi one, does your family have to follow you in this conversion :)

  38. Ataa-ur Rahamaan says:


    Have to say Shaykh, with respect, I am a little disappointed. To quote the sentiments of brother Yusuf:

    ‘Mac is Wack’

    – Was-Salaam :)

  39. almost had a heart attack! says:


    Sheikh Yasir…my heart almost stopped!!

    pc all the way!

  40. ilmQuest says:


    Sheikh Yasir, while many people here are happy for you I however pray to Allah to guide you back to the rightly guided path of PC computers.

    Macs are just all show.. no substance.. there’s nothing underneath that beautiful exterior “Graphical User Interface”. It is just hollow.

  41. Media Guy says:

    Allah guides whom He wills. Alhamdulillah.

  42. Abdul-Alim says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum,
    That’s funny, I was at the edge of my chair and hanging onto every word. I needed a good laugh today.

    Was Salaam

  43. yahmtz says:

    subhannalh, my heart was beating really fast toward the end of the article…

    Anyways, did you get one of the new MacBooks or what?

  44. JYB says:

    LOL omG I was literally at the edge of my seat! Nice one, may Allah reward you for reviving this forgotten sunnah ;)

  45. yahmtz says:

    If you want to be a real rebel, try Ubuntu (Linux for human beings)…

    I should have also seen that this was posted in “Humor, Opinion”…

  46. Mazin says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Sh.


    still laughing

  47. Ali Colak says:

    When I saw that part about two seperate schools, I thought Sufi VS. Salafi. At first I wondered if you had joined a tariqa. Towards the middle how evr, I thought it must be a joke and at the end, my suspicions were confermed.

    A beautiful piece ya sheykh and may allah cause you to smile for the rest of your days in dunya and in akhira.

  48. Mehreen says:

    LOL my heart was thumping the whole time I was reading this- lol sh. Yasir has some humor!

  49. Abdul Hamid says:

    That was funny. Halfway through the article I was thinking Yasir Qadhi will be all over S.Talk and I.Awakening haha

    Good one. May Allah guide us all and keep us upon the straight path. Aameen.


  50. That was pure genius!
    I was terrified that this would be the cause of my resigning from MM once and for all and having to join the anti-YQ bandwagon :)
    AlHamdulillaah ‘alaa kulli haal!

    (I’m a diehard PC-er myself. I just don’t get Macs.)

  51. Mezba says:

    Macs are a fitnah and temptation.

    We know you will come back.

    Allah and His Messenger knows best.

  52. I really needed that laugh!!!

    May Allah (swt) reward Sh. Yasir for his humor…

    I pray that he and others with his knowledge of Sunnah might compile a “greatest hits” collection of Hadith that highlight the jokes and lighthearted playfulness that made our beloved Prophet (saw) such a well-rounded leader.

    While our Deen is a serious matter, I’m happy to hear that it’s part of Sunnah to lighten up…

    …that way I can learn to laugh when my PC crashes!

  53. tazkiya says:

    wallahi You scared me

  54. Hayat says:


  55. ibnkhalil says:


    I was like now I have heard it all! Oh no what did Shaykh Yasir do! Alhamdulilllah!

    Now you should try the iPhone Shaykh!

  56. Arif says:

    LOL – Masha’Allah, this was one roller coaster of a post; my emotions swung up and down as I read through it (I was wondering why one of the categories was humor ;) )

  57. anon says:

    Ma sha Allah, great post.

    I advise everyone to read it again to really ‘get’ the lines…

    Keep it up ya Shaykh!

  58. Bahader from Sweden says:

    Hahaha! Good one!

    I thought he was talkning about Salafi etc. issues… Totally confused until I read the last line..

  59. Suhaib Webb says:

    Asalamu alaykum,

    We need to talk.


    • Yasir Qadhi says:

      Any time, Shaykh, any time.

      But come prepared with an open mind, and be ready to cast aside your prejudices :)

      • I think this is past talking. There is only oen way of settling this. I got my money on Ustad Webb infact I’m in his corner telling him not to go for the face because he isn’t allowed to. Tho I see Ustad Webb more of a grappler than a striker..hmm

        I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        we really need to get all you western scholars in an octagon to duke it out. We can have all the MAC lovers like Ustad Yasir Qadhi and Ustad Faraz Rabbani on one side. And have all the PC lovers on the other side. Then whoever wins we make a pact that all the Muslims would follow that methodology. SO if PC wins we all for the sake of unity use PC…or MAC.


      • Abdullah says:

        May ALLAH swt keep both of my beloved shayukh dear to each other and may ALLAH swt keep both of my dears to sincere intention , increase them in love even more now and after it, So that we can keep getting benefited In sha allah n may he gift them jannah Meeting together In sha ALLAH…May ALLAH swt always make us do thing for ONLY His sake And keep us united as one heart with pure love..Ameen

  60. a student says:

    LOL that was such a beautiful conversion story :D

  61. Osman says:

    Alhamdulillah I read the end first lol!!

    anddd yess after getting the iphone, I too will be switching to Mac after my PC goes . . . . .


  62. Asim says:

    uh oh Imam Suhaib is unhappy…or maybe hes looking to convert as well?

  63. harmony says:

    Silly Shaykh. Had my heart in my mouth!

  64. Saimah says:

    Subhan’Allah this post had me on the edge of my seat!!!! I was like freaking out towards the end!

    But I’d like to say that Sh. Yasir you’re 100% right for changing to Mac…I recently did and now I don’t think I can ever get used to using a PC again.

    Macs are awesome! :D

  65. AbdelRahman says:

    Alhamdulilah, if you need any discounts, you have my contact info.

  66. Megan says:

    ok..now this post was so so not cool….

  67. Waasiq says:

    The main problem is that Shaykh Yasir called PCs a mistake. If one goes through ijtihad and comes to a conclusion and reaches an answer, he gets 1 reward if wrong but 2 reward if right.

    Allahu A’lam.

  68. Omar Mumtaz says:

    la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah!

    I knew Macs were becoming a bigger and bigger fitna..
    But even for our mashaykh?!!

    We must all learn to respect our mashaykh regardless of their opinions..
    But this opinion is not in a trivial matter ya shaykh… this is shocking!

    I still remember sitting next to you in California.. it was in the year 2005, when we browsed together the Dell online store.. the screen was filled with beatiful PCs… and you eventually placed an order for a laptop you wanted. You were so far from the fitna of Macs then……. but now.. subhanAllah…
    it will take some time for me to absorb this one.


  69. ray says:

    wow subhanallah dis is sooooooo hilarious. soo ad me goin scard me @ 1st loool

  70. ray says:

    wow subhanallah dis is sooooooo hilarious. shayk scard me @ 1st wow lolol

  71. my h-town says:

    that was so not cool.


  72. AsimG says:

    The Shaykh is off the correct technology manhaj. Someone needs to start a blog dedicated to disproving Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

    PCtalk.net maybe? lol

  73. farzhana says:

    I was terribly nervous whilst reading this… the title scared me the living daylights out of me!
    Very funny shaykh!
    It comes a close second to the ‘Nigel’ joke!

    • Rasheedah says:

      lol.. sheikh Yasir has an ‘unusual’ but wicked sense of humour. Subhanallah, and it makes it even funnier because its when you least expect it.

      Ur right Farzhana this was almost, if not as funny as the Nigel joke… now that was HILARIOUS!

  74. writeousbum says:

    Converting is the easy part….now you have to strive to learn more and go deeper.

  75. ihsan says:

    subhanallah, this post had me soo scared. : O

    You are too funny shaykhana!

  76. Abu Ninja says:

    OH MY GOD!!

    Walaahee as I was reading the post my heart began beating faster..!

    My palms started sweating..!

    I thought.. no.. this CANT be..

    Please NO!!

    Then when I read the last paragraph I was in stitches..!!!!

    Welcome to the world of Apple Mac!!

    I have a MacPro, a MacBook, an iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and an iPhone!

    At the moment.. I LOVE my iPhone! Its the BEST phone in the WORLD!!!!

    Once you go Mac, you NEVER go back!

    • turtle says:

      this should be the new mac logo ” once you go Mac, you NEVER go back”
      love it!

      i’m a pc gal though…

      • Abu Ninja says:

        lol @ turtle nick

        Just thought id mention that the tag:

        “Once you go Mac, you NEVER go back” is a copyright of Ninja Inc.

  77. imz says:

    very very funny

  78. kheira says:

    Wallahi, I got so.. worried…but at the end it was funny gotta admit

  79. hmmm says:


  80. Yasir Qadhi says:

    For all of you asking me to get an iPhone… alhamdulillah that too is on its way (gifted to me by a very beloved and ‘guiding’ Qabilah ;) )

    Seriously, my MacBook is so great it not only supplanted my Dell laptop, I find myself rarely using my home PC as well. I’ll probably end up buying an iMac too.

    I must admit, though, that there is one MAJOR problem, and that is that most of the Arabic/Islamic softwares out there are geared towards PC, so its just a chore if I need to use them.


    • Gizmo says:

      Software such as?

      • Yasir Qadhi says:

        I have lots of hadith software, and databases of large books (Majmu Fatawa, etc.). I know you can run Windows within Mac, but it is not as convenient obviously.

        • Ahmed says:

          Sheikh Yasir,

          You can just install Windows XP or Vista onto your Mac using Apple’s ‘BootCamp’. The software should come with your computer if you’re running a new MacBook. By doing this, whenever you turn on the computer you have the choice of running Mac or Windows. If you have some experience in installing Windows then you shouldn’t have a problem! (Otherwise, find a tech brother to do it for you). See the following links for more info:


          I’ve done this and highly recommend it! It allows me to get the best of both worlds, so-to-speak.

  81. SaqibSaab says:

    I can see the refutations being written in PDF format right now.

  82. MK says:

    Shaykh – Just install windows on your macbook and that will take care of the Arabic/Islamic software issue.

  83. Wahid says:

    lol this was hilarious….i was baffled at first about admitting mistakes, but this is good read and i usually don’t read much

  84. Umm Fulaanah says:

    Woow…. This really had my emotions going… I was thinking … ”O Allah, Please dont make Our Shaykh turn to anything dodgy like Sufism”…and i was wondering why such an article was in the humor catagory… But the last line got me of my seat… I had to read it THRICE to digest it….

    You made my day Shaikh…. May Allah put barakah in your new …. eh….MAC!!!

    *Still Giggling*

  85. IbnAbbas says:

    nice one Shaykh!!!

  86. Hilarious post! I wonder what was going through the minds of people from the “two schools” as they were reading it – moment of truth? ;)


  87. Saleha says:


  88. Asiah says:

    Truly scary. Omg. Alhamdulillah. My Allah guide us and keep us all on the straight path. Whether we use PC or Mac ;)

  89. Osman Azam says:


    Windows 7 will revert you back :-P

    But seriously, whats the point of spending $1000+ extra on a computer than can only run a fraction of the applications that a PC can run?

  90. Ozair says:

    I am interested in knowing how much Sheikh Yasir was paid to convert to the dark side.

  91. Osman Azam says:

    Sheik Yasir, have you tried Gentoo Linux?
    You get to compile the entire kernel from scratch..

    just kidding, I’m not a Linux fan.

  92. AsimG says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if someone used this article out of context to prove Shaykh Yasir is a sufi

  93. yahmtz says:


    Muslim Ubuntu. Someone should review this.

  94. jenan9 says:

    this story gave me a good chuckle I adore the almaghrib instructors. I am an official HAADI student representative…since I have moved to California and away from my family which is hard as hell….for me literally…Your classes have given the peace and knowledge I need to becoming a better muslim….May ALLAH reward all your efforts…Big up to Yasir Qadhi, ,Yasir Birjas, Waleed Baysouni and the rest of the Almaghrib family….! P.S. I am not ready to convert Sheikh…I have a P.C. that is as old as a dinosour and I still wont use the new MAC my husband bought me…..This is part of my fitrah…sorry I disagree with you on the matter of the MAC…

  95. Osman Azam says:

    Lol, Ubuntu Muslim edition seems like the type of OS scholars should use.

  96. […] Qadhi: My Conversion – Admitting One’s Mistake and Moving On Source: Yasir Qadhi: My Conversion – Admitting One’s Mistake and Moving On | MuslimMatters.org […]

  97. MashaAllah — that was an awesome use of misdirection and suspense. :) I was relieved so much at the end, that I forgot to laugh.

    @Omar: lotawala, please bring back the nested comments. :)

  98. Specs says:

    Ya Allah!!

    Well, we must have a discussion/debate some time and invite all PC followers; we’re sure we can convert you back!!!

  99. yahmtz says:

    You can run Linux on a PC…

  100. shuja says:

    what happened to the Blessings of Dhikir Khutbah page by Sheikh YAsir on this site???

  101. Ibn Masood says:

    Assalamualaikum Sheikh Yasir!

    This is very disappointing. I have known you to be a scholar of The HAQ… It is now clear that the evil insinuations of the Tufaah crew have lured your tech-nafs into a great fitnah.

    InshAllah with the new bidah hasanah of Windows 7, we shall again bring you out of the Dhulumaat and back into the Noor.

    May Allah swt reinforce your knowledge and replace your operating system with something better.

  102. Nihal Khan says:

    I love Sh. Yasir…..When you come back from Turkey, I’m giving you a hug :)

  103. snzfathima says:

    Lolzzz… subhanAllaah shaykh Yasir Q, ..great piece of suspense !! I was so deeply sunken into the curiousity of what manhaj you converted to..wAllaah, for a moment, I found myself trying to figure out what islamic sect “PC” standz for..lol :)

  104. snzfathima says:

    Lolzz.. subhanAllaah, shaykh Yasir Q.. great piece of suspense!! I was sunken so deeply into the curiosity of what manhaj you converted to.. for a moment, I found myself trying to figure out what methodology “PC” standz for.. lol

  105. Pure Pundit says:

    I’m not bashing on anyone/any computer but it seems as of late that most people who switch to Mac from Windows still can’t completely get away from Windows for one reason or another (i.e., they have to run virtuals like Parallels or Fusion) :) I was one of them.

    To be fair, Apple makes a good product but it’s a computer at the end of the day so you’ll experience its shortcomings soon enough. My suggestion is just don’t try to justify the shortcomings because you realize you spent much more on an Apple vs a PC so you try to prevent yourself from feeling guilty ;)


  106. ModerateMuslims says:

    I was pleasantly surprised at the start of article and at the end little disappointed :)

  107. Sara says:

    for a second…I thought Sh.Yasir was going to say he converted to a non-zabiha eater :)

  108. Anonymous says:

    On a more serious note, seeing this joke and all the shocked reactions (even though it’s really about mac/pcs) really reflects the level of animosity we have towards the “other side,” I hope this doesn’t hurt any efforts of unity that have been initiated, being that this is the feature story on this website.

    May Allah unite the hearts of the Muslims, Ameen.

  109. Ali Mackaben says:

    Best reason to buy a Mac over a PC…

    Macs don’t crash NEARLY as much.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Actually this is probably shocking mostly because of what Sh. Yasir represents rather than any animosity but I hope it’s just not taken the wrong way and hurt efforts for unity.

  111. Arshada says:

    Sh Yasir: Salaam, I am a Mac
    Sh XXX: Hi, I am a PC ….

    Belal can come up with rest of the trailer.

  112. It took me a while to bring back my thoughts .. but alhamdolillah, all my guesswork was stupid & crap :)

    Regarding the methodologies, .. I solemnly agree. If I could afford it as of now, I would have ordered one yesterday :D

    p.s. also tag it as “Mazzaq” :D

  113. Nael says:

    Dear Yasir Qadhi,

    I too have joined the other side as I type I’m on a Macbook pro but let me tell you about another open secret. This secret is called Ubuntu, its an open source free linux operating system that I also use daily at work. All the applications can be downloaded free of charge since its open source. You can openoffice.org, pidgin, firefox, thunderbird email client, and many others.

    Since you have an extra laptop not in use, you should download and install ubuntu and give it a try for a week. It’s really straight forward and easy to use.

    Salam Allekium and welcome to the other side where the grass is truly greener.



  114. I despise MAC users…even my blood brother who got my father to try MAC (mainly because my dad doesn’t know how to use it and just wasted $1500 on a machine that he only watches videos on and then when he tries to do soemthing else he needs to call me making me break from my studies and go help him…I BETTER GET SOME HASANAT FOR THAT!!).


    I HATE NEW MAC USERS…You didn’t use mac 5 yrs ago like I did when I was forced to use the old G4 cuz that’s all my cheap college could afford. You haven’t witnessed the horrors of the old school Excel on MAC. you coem to these new school MAC’s and then start preaching that the PC sucks. All MAC machines shoudl be put in a pile and BURNED.

    Okay a MACBOOK is cool. But if you’re using an iMAC you better hope you don’t cross me in a dark alley after one of your talks in NYC.

    • iMuslim says:

      I have a G4 iMac from 2002… it was my first Mac… my first love! It’s what brought me to the light side.

      I now also have a MacBook (Intel), which has become my main computer, as the old one isn’t fast enough to handle the HD video work I do.

      So I better not meet you down any dark alleys, any time soon! :p

      • Have you used EXCEL on that thing. I had a chem lab due in 2 hours and that excel was just MIND BOGGLING!!!! I almost took the imac and smashed it to the floor. But didn’t because peopel would be like who is that crazy brown bearded kufi wearing dude.

  115. Marya says:

    This was excellent. Haha, seriously had me going. :)

  116. MR says:

    I’ll remember this post when I see Sh. Yasir with his PC in the future.

    PCs > Mac

  117. vindicated says:

    wow, that was truly scintillating!

  118. faisaltai says:

    wow u pretty much had every one there

  119. Assad says:

    In these 2months I read tonnes of websites, opinions, reviews, forum discussions ,comparisons and 100s of blogs to come out if Mac is better than Windows? But I always remain confused and never got this question! Now finally after Shaikh Yasir Q. conversion I am fully confident that Mac is better than Windows :D

    I think this was a Divine help for me :D

  120. abu Rumay-s.a. says:

    I never thought the day would come that I would have to refute, make rad and hukm on my own shaikh..

    since no one has been man (or women) enough to make a refutation in the comments, before issuing the official PDF refutation with all our signitaroies from the KAABBAA IR ulama on the TRUE MANHAJ, I will take this opportunity to refute you point by point in hopes that you will repent once again from this dark and narrow path…

    first of all, can you not see what you have done to the youth, left them doubting the ONE and ONLY true manhaj, the way of our rightly guided predecessors…this deviant transformation is poisonous…

    It is true that many people tried to convert me, and initially I rebuffed them quite easily.

    That is why that OUR MANHAJ is THE ONLY true one, YOU have to hang on with your MOLARS…

    Eventually, not a single friend of mine who specialized in the field still remained with me in the old camp. When the final person in my circle of friends converted, it was the last straw.

    The TRUTH is NOT in Numbers, its in DALEEL, if you quote the DALEEL and even if you are by yourself, you are on the TRUE path, this path is not for the WEAK and Feeble, it is for the UPHOLDERS of HAQQ…

    began to read. And read, read and read. History, works of methodology, testimonies from converts, and even biographies of the founders of these schools

    Didnt our Shuyookh advise not to READ the books of ahlal BIDDAH, nor mix with them….In fact we were ORDERED to aleniate them until they repent from their way…

    It was, in all senses of the term, a truly mystical experience compared to my previous ones.

    I think you summed it up well in your own way, Biddah is Biddah, and HAQ is HAQ, the only path for your salvation is to repent, do not mix with ahlal biddah, do not read their books, and I encourage you to refute yourself in a follow up article to this in how you made a “hastey’ choice to convert. Now that you have followed the other devious manhaj, you can easily refute them since you know all their shortcomings…

    Fear Allah…I would write more about “mystical” deviations, but I have to make some more serious refutations and prepare some PDFs….

  121. Abu Dalaala says:

    This conversion surely will lead to the demise of any and everyone who joins this fold with open arms. It is a methodology that demands complete negation of basic freedoms while affirming very little. Is it not the better route to take detailed affirmation and concise negation? Why whisk oneself into a world of obscurity where one must sell themselves to proprietary hardware and software. It is no less than a binary bay’ah whereby one surrenders himself to a world far too unknown and far too unreachable to the masses; bearing costs far too insurmountable.

    I implore you, ya Shaykh. Do not be hasty. There whiteness is merely a racial ploy. I ask you one question, why don’t they take on a darker face? What do they fear? They are thriving upon the last remnants of white supremicism. As for me, I prefer methodologies that reach the entire human demographic.

  122. Ridhwaana says:

    Now Shaykh – that is what I call suspense!! lol

    Although I must agree with you…..I too am on the verge of renouncing any affiliations with PC aka (Piece of Crap) and convert to the Apple MAC….inshAllah saving up my money!!

  123. Anisa says:

    I read the last line and just killed the whole thing for myself!!


  124. ibnhuseyn says:

    Assalamu aleykum,

    Mashallah ya Sheykh!

    I undertook the same journey last summer and I’m very happy alhamdulillah!

    Welcome to the brotherhood! :)

  125. @sim says:

    Don’t listen to Abu Abdisalam!

    He is promoting one of the deviant sects of Unix! In fact this sect is so deviant that the senior scholars have proclaimed that functioning within this branch takes one outside the fold of Unix.

    Yet the interesting bit here is, that within this deviant methodology (commonly known as Linux), there are yet more deviating branches. Only Allah knows exactly how many sub-sects there are within this deviant group, but there are definitely more than 73!!!!

    Red-Hat, CentOS, Debian, Slackware, Knoppix and Gentoo are some of the widely held variations.

    And lets not forget Ubuntu – the most deviant of them all, which Abu Abdisalam unashamedly promotes and calls to!

    We must be aware of these deviant groups, lest we fall into their trap ourselves!

  126. Bilal says:

    hahaha I was like is he proclaiming adherence to a certain school of thought? LOL, Alhamdullilah I converted in June 2007 and can not even think about looking back :)

  127. […] Yasir Qadhi: My Conversion – Admitting One’s Mistake and Moving On 19 05 2009 Posted by Yasir Qadhi • May 18th, 2009 • Printer-friendly […]

  128. Ahmad-Qadri says:

    changing machines won’t solve your problem yasir. your REAL problem is your inability to understand program code and application functionality, and it is THAT character trait in the user that makes for a good computing experience. a user who understands this will enjoy either machine equally. happy mac’ing nonetheless ;)

  129. abu Rumay-s.a. says:

    @ ism:

    I agree ya shaikh…

    first Mac, then Ubuntu…What next? Where is the wala and where did the bara go?

    I wonder what is the hukm on such deviations?

  130. @sim says:

    Ya abu Rumay-s.a.,

    I think we already know part of the answer to your question

    As the scholars have mentioned, going down the path of Linux (which includes its sub-sect, Ubuntu) takes one out of the fold of Unix. As such, we must apply the hadd.

    As for Mac OS, although this is also a deviation from Unix, there is Ijmaa that it is still clearly within the fold of Unix. As such, i am unsure of the hukm.

    However, it is a deviation nonetheless, and as you’ve said, Haqq is Haqq, and Batil is Batil. We must consult the senior scholars and refer back to our pious predecessors to find what the hukm is.

    Be warned ya ikhwan! Follow not your desires for slim, shiny plastics, or chromed metal surfaces, for surely this will lead you to the path of destruction! This is surely the trickery of Steve Jobs!

    First he whispers with the was-was; it starts with the advertisements of a Mac vs a PC, promoting the corruption; then he forces you to pay for upgrades which shouldn’t cost you in the first place!

    Lastly, he blinds you with the pleasures of shoddy Chinese made products, so much so that you ignore any sense of reality. Verily it’s a path of destruction, if people only but knew!

  131. Asmaa says:

    It’s good for many reasons though:
    A virus-free interface for a lifetime. (I’d get bored though, it’s good to keep replacing the old notebooks with a new one)
    Since it wouldn’t be as colourful as windows, you will get to focus on the real deal.

    Mac- just comes off as being for the elite.

    Since I am from among the masses, I’ll let it pass.

    May Allaah make it a very beneficial experience for you ya Shaikh, and Insha Allaah we will get to learn more of it from you in the future..

  132. Basil says:

    Aoudhubillah. Sheikh, I advise you make sincere tawbah and repent from your computing kufr.

    Recite ayat al kursi and the quls to keep the shaytan from putting such disgusting whispers in your head. O Shaykh, we both know that Macs are nothing but overpriced, shiny doorstops.

  133. Amad says:

    Is there more to the “story” than just mac vs. PC… is there a hidden message, the only that only certain people can read into?

    I think shaykh sahib is just preparing us for something deeper :)

  134. ZawjatuSaid says:

    Wow….that almost gave me a heart attack! I was in denial by the time I got to the middle of the article and had to jump to the end to see what was really going on. I’ve never been so happy and relieved that someone switched over to Macs :).

    I then left this page open and my husband ended up reading it and having the same reaction…haha.

    On a more serious note, may Allah swt guide us all on the straight path and keep us steadfast!

  135. Umm Sulaiman says:


    *-Jazak allah khair.. needed it

  136. Suhaib says:

    Hmmm, Fascinating

    Apple is bid’ah.

  137. @Amad, Yes there is a hidden message.. it’s that the schism in Ummah is analogous to the rift b/w users of these two methodologies, which are both wrong! But, there is only one true path, the path of destruction of these devilish computers from the entire globe!

    Many reasons, e.g. I do research on target marketing .. and i know how it works, but then i wonder why i always get “loose you weight” and “kiss it the right way” advertisements on my facebook & hotmail. This is Satan.. trust me!!! Hence, all of you are deviants .. and i take pride in comprehending the big picture out of this discussion.. Muahahah!

    To become a member of this TruePath, please visit http://www.IslamTruePath.org ;)

  138. Amin says:

    loool, that was a good one, i can’t help but admit you scared me there sheikh!
    PS i never knew mac is that good…

  139. Nihal Khan says:

    I sense some esotericism….

  140. Abu Harun says:

    I thought you were talking about meat (Zabiha or not?) :) lol

  141. Niqaabis says:

    I love the Mac too

  142. AbuMaryam says:

    Beautifully written. Marvelous.

  143. Waleed says:

    Wait if we do taqleed of Shaykh Yasir, does that mean we have to convert too?

  144. Anas Khan says:


    I accept that scholars are just simple men and women. I also accept that every one needs the therapuetic release of laughter and comedy. Therefore, I accept that even scholars have the right to laugh and enjoy comedy; if any one says otherwise, they are forgetting that scholars are people. However, when someone writes an article titled “My Conversion – Admitting One’s Mistake and Moving On”- and equates the process of internal reflection to choosing between a mac or a PC, it is reflective of a lack of respect and gratefulness for the position Allah(s) has bestowed upon them.

    I can see how some will find humor in the substantive let down of the article, but to me it was an absolutely stupid post. There are people who, in their naivete, follow scholars and other respected individuals blindly (maybe following Yasir Qadhi into the MAc Kingdom is in fact the right thing to do), but the problem is that when a post is made on a very public forum like this, you run into some distinct outcomes: 1) People will read this article and be turned away by the indulgence into stupid topics, followed by the almost puppet like reponses affirming the nonexistent humor ; 2) People who are expecting something more substantive will be turned away because of the dissapointing lack of substance; and, 3) people might end up enjoying it.

    If this post was written with humor in mind, which is a perfectly acceptable reason for writing it, then maybe it should have been shared with people who understand the personality of the author. But i urge you to consider the following: When something is posted on a medium in which Information about Islam is shared with non-muslims and muslims who are not familiar with your organization, you shouldn’t handle it with such brevity. And it simply was not that funny.

    Just some thoughts…


    • ibnabeeomar says:

      perhaps advice is better received when it is not accompanied with multiple “stupid” attacks? :)

    • turtle says:

      If you don’t get it, don’t hate.

    • AsimG says:

      No YQ post would be complete without some harsh unsubstantiated criticism.

      Even in the humor section….lol

    • Dear ASA,

      As a relatively recent revert to Islam, and a very recent visitor to MuslimMatters.org, I respectfully disagree with your assessment. If this site DIDN’T occasionally digress from the super-serious and have a good laugh once in a while, I think THAT would turn away more people.

      I don’t personally know Sh. Yasir at all, but his humor, as well as his acknowledgement of the humor of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), tell me he’s probably a pretty cool brother. And the type of Shaykh I would be far more inclined to follow than someone who had no sense of humor whatsoever.

      To your credit, I admit that I found it a little disturbing that the topic of Mac vs. PC would elicit SO much dialogue–while having little to do with our Deen. But then again, it’s something everyone can relate to–if you’re visiting this site, you’re using one operating system or another–and who am I to say the Ummah can’t have a little fun?

      I still love you for Allah’s sake and I hope you don’t get TOO much flak for expressing your opinion. May Allah (swt) guide us all.

    • maria says:

      although I personally found this joke very entertaining, I can imagine how it would be lost of those who are unfamiliar with Shaikh Yasir. However, i would also imagine that those who do not understand would just move on and that it would not become a huge source of confusion.

  145. Basil says:

    (Insert OFF DA MINHAJ joke here)

  146. ali mamoo says:

    as-salaamu ‘alaikum dear shaikh,

    May you return to your fitrah inshaAllah. Indeed the company one keeps has an affect on the heart.

    Almaghrib’s popularity will soar when you become a revert.

    Sh. MAC: aslaaaleikum, I’m a Mac
    Sh. YQ: uh..salaams, I’m a revert ….here, read this Ahmed Deedat Style refutation of your deviant kind
    Sh. MAC: oh subhanAllah, they deceived us into believing the MAC is closer to fitrah
    Sh. MAC: but wat about all time I’ve spent in their MACJID?
    Sh YQ: leave the MAC dunya behind brother it wont benefit you. It’s inferior. Astagfirullah. Repent now brother.



  147. Samir Hashmi says:

    I converted in October 2008, and I cannot go back. MAC > PC

  148. ulive says:

    There is Islamic version of UBUNTU which is call Sabily. It has all the Islamic software you can think of . It is a beautiful Islamic Linux Distor which needs support of the community. Here is link of their web:


  149. Anonymous says:


    i just couldnt wait and i ended up skim reading it then i got even more impatient, so i skipped it till i got right to the end and then the punch line just knockd me out!!!

    alhamdulilah may allah increase us in imaan and taqwa and may allah make us all the inhabitants of jannatul firdous and be saved from the hell fire, and may we save and take as many people as we can with us as possible inshallah (ameen)

  150. yahmtz says:

    Once you go Mac, you can’t go back.

    • MuslimaA says:

      No I think that only goes for black :)

      PC rules and MacDrools! <i hope you got the irish joke!

      *back to studying!

  151. Dawud Israel says:

    LOL…next thing you’ll see is a MM sponsored, “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC commercial !!”

    I can see how this post could cause some real problems…almost mocking some people? But let’s face it, we need to lighten up about this stuff and just relaaaaax…I’m tired of a high blood pressure Islam, I prefer a few giggles here and there!

    -sent from a PC, although I use a Macbook Air…us hybrids are a force to be reckoned with! –

  152. SubhanAllah, The most horrible article that I have ever read. For a moment I thought I lost my brother.

  153. Mohamed Ibrahim says:

    Oh no, we lost a dear brother :D
    I assure you, I am still on the PC camp, but I am not a Windows guy, I am an Ubuntu (Linux) guy

  154. ar.m says:

    the world is now a much safer place

  155. Dawud Israel says:

    Does this mean…Yasir Qadhi will now be known as: iYasir Qadhi…or even better: iYQ


  156. ilmseeker says:

    Mac Rules PC Drools. Welcome to the club Sh YQ! :D

  157. ilmseeker says:

    Sh YQ get VMware Fusion to run Windows on your Mac.

  158. […] hereby renounce any affiliations I previously had with the PC, and am now a die-hard Mac fan. http://muslimmatters.org/2009/05/18/…and-moving-on/ __________________

  159. Zakir says:

    What a complete waste of my time!

    This is only amusing as Shk Yasir Qadhi wrote it.

  160. Nihal Khan says:

    Allahumma inni As’aluka minal PC wa Windows, wa ‘Aoothubika minal MAC wa Linux wa Red Hat. Ameen.

  161. Shibli Zaman says:

    I am sorry to digress from all the jovial snickers and giggles here, but, with all due respect, I found this to be cocky and snide. You can’t compare this to the Prophet’s (صلى الله عليه وسلم) joke about the old woman and Jannah. He (عليه صلاة والسلام) did not tease his followers into thinking that he was switching one belief to another.

    Allah knows best, but I feel that Shaykh Yasir should have hesitated a little more. The scholars have not abandoned any Sunnah by refraining from this kind of jest and mockery.

    Also, let’s call a spade a spade. We all know what the “other side” is here. Imagine yourself as an Ash`ari reading this. It derogates them and is basically saying for someone to become an Ash`ari is a joke.

    Humor is great and I’ve seen many scholars leave you on the floor rolling and entertained while maintaining Hikmah and not making a joke of any individual or group. Shaykh Mustafa Mahmoud of Houston’s North Zone is a classic example of this.

    Allah knows best.

    • AsimG says:

      I see your point, but the post was vague enough to not represent the sufi/salafi division.

      It could have been about Sunni/Shia, Sufi/Salafi, Madhab/non-madhab, zabiha/non-zabiha (which was I first though), etc.

      If he mentioned names or anything of that nature, you would have a point.

      And again, this was posted in the HUMOR section. What more could have the Shaykh done?

      Wallahu Alim

      • seeker says:

        are u really being serious with your post here? that Shaykh’s post was implying something OTHER than the salafi/madhabi differences? you’re not talking to first graders here bro. quit with the spin.

    • Amad says:

      I find it interesting that you assume something from the article, and then want everyone to call a spade a spade? What if it isn’t a spade? And since when did humor become mockery?

      You are obviously a minority in seeing it as a spade; perhaps that should have led you to question your own judgment rather than question most everyone else’s including Yasir.

      • Shibli Zaman says:

        “I find it interesting that you assume something from the article, and then want everyone to call a spade a spade? What if it isn’t a spade”

        Bro, with all due respect, are you quoting the Matrix with this “there is no spade/spoon” thing? What exactly was the Shaykh referring to? The entire point of the post was to make the reader assume he was “converting” to an ideology that he had previously refuted. As can be seen (with great dismay and concern) from the readers’ comments some believed he was leaving Islam. Some beleived he was becoming a Sufi/Ash`ari. Some believed he was leaving Islam by becoming a Sufi/Ash`ari.

        With Shaykh Yasir’s `Aqidah classes and articles of refutation available on the internet, what exactly was he alluding to? Taoism?

        “And since when did humor become mockery?”

        Ummmmm…since always? Humor has always been misused for mockery. What kind of question is this?

        “You are obviously a minority in seeing it as a spade”

        News Flash: You and I are also minorities in being MUSLIM. Point being?

        “perhaps that should have led you to question your own judgment rather than question most everyone else’s including Yasir.”

        Whose judgment exactly did I question besides Shaykh Yasir’s?

        News Flash again: He’s human.

        The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and his Khulafa’ Rashidun were questioned frequently by the Sahaba (رضي الله عنهم). Please don’t undermine our right as Muslims to respectfully disagree and question our scholars. This is not Mubarak’s Egypt (الحمد لله). In spite of any disagreements I may have with his views, I have never in my life expressed anything but esteem for Shaykh Yasir to him and to others in his absence and Allah is a witness to this.

        This post was not befitting of him. He is a witty individual (ما شاء الله) and could have, and has in the past, expressed his very well liked humorous side in a more responsible manner.

        Allah knows best.

        P.S. Many of us, including myself, have been using Apple computers since 1982 :) Welcome aboard.

  162. Billal says:

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuhu,

    Forget this, my build up was worse! I entered the masjid for ‘ishaa and a brother had on a serious face and said “brother have you received the email?” I naturally was like OMG who died who got shot what product is out? XBOX 720??

    The brother continues!…”…about Yaasir Qadhi and his conversion?”

    I was like “NOOO…tell me tell me converted to what???”…”no bro just ask someone to send you the link” (walks away all angry looking)!!

    I was all worried all the way home thinking *what am I gonna do about this sciences of the Qur’an book?*

    Then I find out that he has become a MAC-hivelian! I have at long been at war with my own brother about this and now we have to up our game!

    Its cool guys honestly just let me speak with Bill Gates about “Operation MAC storm”

    Jokes aside! Jazakallah Khayr, made my day!

    Your bro,


  163. Anisa says:

    Asalaamu Alaiakum

    Oh My Lord Allah, thank you for saving me from a heart attack haha :)

    I originally read a post on Leechon Films, and brother Belal said something to the effect that he witnessed your conversion, and i was thinking conversion to what!? A million thoughts running in my head i rushed over….or rather clicked over to MM to see what this was all about. I didn’t have the patience to read the whole article, I went straight to the last line, when I did subhanAllah *ohhh sweet relief*. lol Alhamdulilah.

    Masha’ALlah you are very funny, much respect to you Sheikh, very well written article….and I’m a die hard PC user, but I see the benefits of Mac, I probably will never go the ‘other side’ but Allah Knows Best! It must have been those commercials that go to you. :D

    On another note, To be honest, part of me is kind of nervous, as this article can be misinterpreted by the blamers! Who will say you are making a mockery of the deen, and issues of manhaj, and of course they will add their own opinions, thoughts on what you ‘really meant’, your hidden agenda lol’. Never mind husna dhan, they know what you mean! Come on! They are the qalb readers, subhanAllah they know what you are going to say even before you say it lol. I won’t be suprised to see a 100 page refutation soon!….Really, I’m amazed at how big our imaginations get sometimes, masha’Allah….

    But then again, I shouldn’t be nervous, that’s their job….to find fault with any and every single thing Muslims do in order to take them permanently ‘off the manhaj’. They must get a thrill from it or something. May Allah guide us all, ameen

    Anyways, Allah knows your intentions, and that is all that matters, it isn’t haraam to make jokes after all! :) It’s funny because just the other week my professor was actually surprised when he was invited to a Muslim comedy nighy event, he was excited to go. he thought was cool that Muslims can laugh and makes jokes, even about themselves.

    Well sorry for the long post, I enjoyed the article and comments

    Keep up the good work Sheikh


  164. shahgul says:

    You just gave Mac some free publicity. No matter which side lost, it was corporat America that won.

  165. Omar says:

    I thought it was going to be about some fine nuanced Islamic issue, but you got us all sheikh. :)

    Is it just about mystique or is there a lesson we are supposed to draw from the dramatic style.

  166. Rizak says:

    Astaghfirullah, those things are PACKED with INNOVATION

    “Apple’s new notebooks answer the call for innovation” (infoworld)

  167. Rizak says:

    Also, it’s a very expensive manhaj to follow.

  168. محمد الجيلان says:

    دروس مستفادة ..

    1- الثبات بيد الله سبحانه و تعالى

    2- علينا أن نتبع الحق لا الأشخاص

    3- أن نقتدي بمن مات ، فالحي لا تؤمن عليه الفتنة

    جزاكم الله خيرا

  169. pciswhack says:

    PC’s are off the manhaj

  170. rr says:

    I didn’t quite get the British humor. But I do appreciate the messages in between the lines.

  171. Amatullah says:

    Wow I wasn’t expecting this many comments! Now we know what else draws in the most readers besides marriage…shaykh YQ and his new manhaj.

  172. Kashif says:

    haha. shaykh got jokes.

    Shaykh YQ, we will be missing you at ICNA! Thats when i first heard you speak, during the youth conference. I was simply amazed!

  173. Fulaanah says:

    Har har?

    It would have been better without the last line.

  174. Shirien says:


    Makes me wonder how many of us actually practiced husn-ul-than when reading this post? :) I guess that’s a huge lesson we can learn.

  175. sabiwabi says:

    That has to be the funniest thing that I have read in over a year. Bravo! Never saw that last line coming!

  176. Syed Shoaib says:

    Asalamualaikum ya shaykh…next time inshaAllah this same post will be written regarding more important issues. ;) lol.

    jazakAllahu khair…im a mac fan also…but im using a pc :(

  177. Syed Shoaib says:

    I forgot, now you and shaykh faraz can agree on something.

  178. abu Rumay-s.a. says:

    Ya Shaikh Yasir:

    In spite of this innovation and deviation :) , I have to admit, since HAQ is HAQ…the Prophet (saws) is reported to have said :

    (من أفضل العمل إدخال السرور على المؤمن (المصدر: صحيح الجامع – الصفحة أو الرقم: (5897

    “From the best of deeds is to bring “happiness” upon a believer” and after having read all the comments, I pray that you are entitled to the reward of this hadeeth. You achieved 99.05% MHR “Mu’min Happiness Ratio” (208/210) from readers…

    I would like to say to you what Umar (ra) used to say to the Prophet (saws):

    أضحك الله سنك

    May Allah ta`ala keep your teeth exposed smiling and happy..ameen.

  179. VM says:

    OMG – I was expecting to be totally shocked and while reading was thinking to myself, ‘This can’t be happening + more fitna will ensure’ until I read the last line.

    Not to mention my friend, who I haven’t spoken to in a while sent me this e-mail saying I had to read this and that she didn’t have any comments because her mouth was still hanging open.

  180. A2Youth says:

    Very intense post, had me the whole time!

    Anyway, here is a nice lecture video by Sheikh Yasir: Defending the Prophet Against Orientalist Critique

    Worth watching since many people thought this is what he was converting to :P

  181. Danish Hasan says:

    you should probably know i read most article bottom up…..specially on MM….

    nice trick….expensive conversion…have fun….

    the conversion – not worth the time nor money, for me atleast…

  182. ExEx Blogger says:

    What’s funny is that people think and honestly dream that YQ is going to convert from Sunni Islam to Sufism? One person in the comments referred to Sufism as “more moderate.” What?!

    Funny post…but I think YQ is admitting to something else. I think that he’s saying how he’s disowned TROID and SPUBS for Salman Al-Awdah and Safar Hawaali and more mainstream dawah.

    YQ…I know you do. :)
    Let the brazenness begin!

  183. ExEx Blogger says:

    Oh wait, I forgot maybe YQ is getting royalties for speaking on behalf of MAC. Perhaps the new ads, “I’m a mac and I’m a PC” will feature him. Don’t you worry people! I know you do taqleed of YQ more than that of some people towards “paths”and “Madth-habs”. Go ahead! You will all be referred to as..Qudaahs (plural for Qaadee (judge))! Go ahead and buy yourself a MAC. You know you want to.

  184. […] THIS article by yasir “i’m so funny” qadhi caused a jolly good chuckle by many a […]

  185. […] reading my post, please read Shaykh iYQ’s post here in its […]

  186. Dawud Israel says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this post could cause some damage? I mean, especially with all the talk of Salvification? Salafi clique much…! What again? NEXT!

    It’s open to interpretation…so can draw fire from any crowd and, well, to be honest…its kinda arrogant…or mocking arrogance. For one thing, converting…from what…to what? Uber-subjective! But then on the same token, its clear to read in the article, iYQ knows the faults in conforming only to one side without seeing the other…and yet, most of the comments fall back into the same flawed ideological thinking- our side is the saved one, (ignore the fact I know diddly squat about the rest of the ummah) and so, you kinda have problem where people didn’t quite get that message. This is what I think of as “bar room humor.” Drunk…on laughter. :(

    The other problem I see from this is some people will be offended, but we will drown them out with our laughter. In other words, because we see it as “only a joke,” it therefore cannot register as being offensive to others. Think, Danish cartoon of Nabi Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam…thats funny! Right? WRONG! But who cares right…”Its funny as long as I am not offended” ? Yeah, I laughed but LOL is not a justification IMO, nor a cure…just a way of ignoring stuff and it can create more tension. Keep laughing stuff off…until you push them away entirely and they give up on any chance of building strong relationships.

    I’m going to cut to the chase here: since when did humor become so…necessary or needed? I can see it trying to be used to build bridges, but just as much, it is going to create problems as well. Whatever bridges there were…just got a little more rickety. Whats going to be the consequence of that? Was a few laughs worth that gamble? You know who reads this blog…and you know, it seems like your fronting calling it “muslim matters” when it represents a small fraction of muslims…and then still, lets rub it in everyone’s face the fact this is nothing but a clique? Maybe some more hikmah and discretion be needed!?!

    I personally, felt, as funny as this was…its somewhat denigrating to the word “shaykh”…in other words, the fact our shaykhs are also our comedians erodes the dignity of our deen a little bit. No? Since when did we have so much to laugh about and so much time to crack jokes…sorry, but when theres so much comic Muslims, I get uneasy on our priorities. Right right, we can’t have a little fun can we? Sure we can…but at what expense?

    Not really befitting the deen and lets face it…its going to hurt shaykh’s credibility and I think, in a sense, portray him as childish, even more after the fact of being a student of Tony Blair. Its naive to think this little comic stint won’t have some repercussions, especially if you try to give it a “Sunnah-spin.” I can’t help but imagine Imam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimullah) rolling over in his grave. If you can’t at least accept the fact some of our great shuyookh wouldn’t approve of this, then I think theres a real misconception of how much they did for the deen.

    Anyways, Shirien is right. Husn-udhan is needed here. Sh. iYQ is as pukka Saudi-Desi as they come. I personally can see, why Sh. iYQ would post this…when Madinah University has attached the shaykh and there are all these stupid arguments on whose ego is bigger, one would sooner or later just no longer give a damn. And cynical humor results…lets face it, most of us would do the same or at least consider it. When ya tired of it all and got nothing else to say what else is there to do but laugh…? Heck, its what white people do all the time. Lets assimilate.

    • Osman Azam says:

      Lighten up a little. Always being strict and harsh it what scares people away from being religious. A lot of people view “religious” people as being strict and harsh and never having any fun. This stereotype needs to be broken.

      • Dawud Israel says:

        I’m just thinking out loud here…don’t take me too seriously.

        Its the first time to my memory a devoted student of knowledge has written something like this, so I think its unrealistic to ignore what it might mean or what the ramifications of it may be.

        • Amad says:

          Dawud, is it absolutely necessary to take contrarion positions on all posts? When you write something, there is no reason for people not to take you seriously. You know that this sort of stuff has bitten you before… be careful of what you try to bite off… it might be too big to swallow… just a brotherly advice.

          • Green Child says:

            Gross! – when you’re eating and you just take a gorilla sized bite, you can’t even close your mouth, and you make all them eating sounds …. just gross.

            I agree with Amad, :

            be careful of what you try to bite off…. it might be to big to swallow

          • syed Danish Hasan says:

            wait who’s biting and who’s getting bitten….be clear…..

            I wish i could take a bite of that special caudate lobe of a fish’s liver…..

            Narrated Anas that the Prophet salAllahu ‘alayhi wa salaam answered, “…the first meal of the people of Paradise will be Extra-lobe (caudate lobe) of fish-liver. ” [bukhari]

    • Green Child says:

      I think you’re over exaggerating the situation of humour in the commnunity.

      “The other problem I see from this is some people will be offended’

      Oh no, YQ uses a Mac! What am I to do, all of these years I’ve been loyal to PC. C’mon brother, who would possibly get offended by this article – who doesn’t have psychological issues. And comparing this to the Danish cartoon doesn’t do you much good either except that it shows you are over generalizing. Quite frankly you have said more offensive things in your comment than a Mac vs PC joke.

      “When ya tired of it all and got nothing else to say what else is there to do but laugh…? Heck, its what white people do all the time.”

      Yeah, of course you should know ’cause you’re the spokesman for all white people.

      “I’m going to cut to the chase here: since when did humor become so…necessary or needed?”

      YQ makes one mild joke, and all of a sudden humour has become necessary and needed. If your statement is made to address “Muslims Comedians” than yeah ok, i get your point and I even agree with you, but don’t take it out on the Shaykh – and it’s not like a seminar or a lecture by Shaykhs in this day and age is all just poops and giggles.

      You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Yes there are muslims who are crossing some serious boundaries whilst trying to be funny for the sake of attention, and yes, even in the non-celebrity portion of the ummah there are many brothers that are always trying to crack a laugh – but this article by YQ is not one of those examples.

      If you want to make a point about the problem of “funny islam”, then this is not the place to do it, because quite simply a Mac vs PC article is NOT in any sane form of thinking, problematic.

    • AsimG says:

      I understand your hesitancy and I don’t think it is a bad thing, but I think a little more respectful tact is necessary next time (the TB thing is out of line)

      Shaykh Yasir is not a “scholar” nor is this obsession with titles healthy. Personally, I’m tired of the stereotypical desi “maulanas” and “muftis” who can’t crack a smile and walk around frowning at everyone. Is this of the sunnah?

      Humor IS necessary in this day and age!
      A major chunk of our ummah does not pray. Sins from lying, pornography and interest are running rampant (even with those that pray). Do we just sit here and tell our shaykhs to act more “shaykh-like” (whatever that is) and expect change?

      Do you have any idea how many desis hate “religious Muslims” because to them, “religious Muslims” seem hateful, unapproachable and inhuman? A lot in Chicago…

      Our “shaykhs” need to be approachable, they need to be human and yes, they need to crack jokes once in a while.
      Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Imam Zaid Shakir and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf all understand this and constantly crack jokes.

      How you view the post is how you see Shaykh Yasir. (I initially thought Shaykh Waleed convinced him to go non-zabiha). If you see him negatively, then you will see this post in a negative light.
      In the end, he just played with words and became a spokeshaykh for Mac.

      And wow, comparing this article to the cartoon depictions is REALLY out there. Those cartoons were meant to make fun of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (S) and were done with hateful intentions.
      Are you really trying to state that Shaykh Yasir did something similiar?


      • Dawud Israel says:

        I do know how to take a joke guys… I cracked a few in these comments as well and found this article pretty hilarious myself. But after thinking about it, I saw how this could be seen as really disgusting and arrogant to certain people.

        I’ll try and re-iterate what I said, in more nuanced, less impulsive language (yes I am aware of my weaknesses!) because I don’t think it registered. This is a critique (not an attack or refutation or whatnot) because whether you like it or not, this article clearly did offend some people. I’m trying to get at why it offended them, (although there could be other reasons).

        1) Not listening to people who didn’t think your joke was funny, no matter how many other people laughed. Plenty laugh at racist jokes, but that doesn’t justify them. If you can’t recognize only a select crowd is laughing along with you, there is a problem. Adab?

        2) Comedy’s role in Islamic work: Its not necessary nor precisely needed. I know Sh. iYQ makes jokes, he makes good ones too. (This is not exactly necessary neither…I can recall many dawah lectures to non-Muslims where speakers have spent more time cracking jokes, than actually doing direct dawah.) Thats not exactly what were discussing here, but I think comedy has its place in private, for religious speakers, not in a public performce. For a shaykh to do so, is demeaning to his status as spokesperson for Islam- I feel they should know better. (the TB comment was not intended to sound malicious, just a statement of how this, could hurt Sh. iYQ’s reputation).

        2) Muslim Comedy offending Muslims: What I am particularly troubled by, is the limits placed on “Muslim” humor. This article, does, as many comments point out, mock a very large segment of Muslims and people did take offense. How wise is this? I mean, we all know tensions among our community, right? So is it worth a few laughs to gamble on that? I think its not too considerate of possibly igniting old tensions and the bridges people are trying to build in our fragmented ummah.

        3) My group is Saved: The article makes the point (at least up until the last line) of “potential conversion” and not knowing whether your group is better than the other. But the comments here demonstrate the majority of people are stuck on their own little narrow interpretation of Islam, considering the other interpretations as blasphemous and destined for hell-fire. If you read the article, take note of the big debates and what the major division in our community is over, its clear as to what was being referenced int he article. I have no issue with peoples own interpretation, but when it becomes hostile to others or comes off as potentially encouraging hostilities, its an issue. The comment portray such narrow-minded thinking its troubling. It encourages prejudice and fosters hatred for our fellow Muslim brothers. This history of argumentation has lead to serious friction in our communities…and these comments, which none of the MM staff have called out, demonstrate how dead brotherhood has become. I would personally call out the same potential for hostility had it been targeted against Salafis.

        Overall, I think more considerations should be made as to how something will be received and considered by your Muslim brothers. Otherwise, I push again, to call a spade a spade: Salafi Matters, not Muslim Matter. And then very few of my criticisms will be valid since the context has changed and you can be as exclusivist as you desire.

        • AsimG says:

          A much better critique alhamdillah.

          I think points 1, 2 and 2 (you meant 3 but typed 2) are good points and insha’Allah someone can address them.

          Point 3 is a bit more of a jump and brings up a lot of ideological issues that don’t really need to be brought up in this article.

        • Green Child says:

          Yeah – sorry bro – I think I got the wrong idea. I was mainly trying to point out that although “funny islam” is a problem – Yasir Qadhi is not the main guy to blame.

          Anyways, regarding “my group is saved” – i do agree with you. There are a lot of comments here that are like : “Oh – you almost gave me a heart attack, i thought you were going to be one of those damned hanafis!” – and I think I recall ” I was about to burn all of my YQ books!”

          That is definitely a sad reality of how messed up this ummah is and how much fitnah there is among us. It’s like we were all hiding what we think about Salafis/Hanafi’s or w/e and then boom – we react to a joke with what we really feel in our hearts down here in the comments section about eachother.

          But maybe that’s a separate problem than “funny islam” – i think that these kinds of comments are the manifestations of the disease of arrogance – that only my group is saved.

          can’t conclude my thoughts……

    • Asmaa says:

      assalaamoalaikum ya akhi,

      i think the shaikh was being very eloquent.. it wouldn’t be right to equate your jokes on the forums [just an eg] to degrade your username.. [dawud israel]

      shaikh said that he was hesitant before posting this.. it’s a reality check for all of us. are we hesitant when it comes to jumping to conclusions..? or do we hesitate before posting harsh comments or saying things like ‘the sheikh is no more a sheikh in my eyes..’ or ‘is a sheikh of lesser degree now’

      how many of us here can stick to the topic here? the shaikh spoke the truth here, the talk about manhaj and all falls into place.. And Allaah knows best.

      perhaps people should stop reading too much into this.. have they got nothing better to do than trying to pull the people down..?

      this isn’t totally directed at you.. the horizons are included in it.. so who ever comes to read this post.. please, take it lightly.. don’t feel bad..

      Let’s be better than that and remember.. Our stay here and with anyone is for a short while, let’s not frown at others for what they did and said.. and forgive and forget and smile..

      • Anum H says:

        Masha’Allah very well said. I completely agree, we should step away from finding the faults of one another, and gloss over things that are simply, quite trivial. We sometimes come to a point, where most of the things may be nice and good, but we take the smallest things and blow it out of proportion.

        Allah knows best, and we all have this fault with in us, and may Allah guide us towards the right path.

  187. Danish Hasan says:

    so like…..


    anyone see the moon? who saw the moon?

    it’s sooo pretty

    • syed shoaib says:

      dude danish, i was on my balcony last night…and i saw the moon…it was soooo beautiful…if only i was married :(

      USMiLE step 1.

      • syed Danish Hasan says:

        subhanAllah bro…

        i saw it on my way back home….

        makes you wonder how beautiful the Prophet (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)’s smile was….

        and this wasnt even the full moon yday

        I wish i was with the Prophet (salAllahu ‘alayhi waSallam), sitting at a well, with our legs hanging…looking at the moon(probably something better in Jannah) and look at sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam’s face and trying to make him smile, and being unable to tell which one is better.

        With our first STEP into jannah


      • syed Danish Hasan says:

        arent u supposed to be back in Normal….

        i wish i was with the Prophet salAllahu’alayhi wa sallam…

        (USMLE STEP1 is nothing to smile about)

        with first STEP into Jannah

  188. Gohar says:

    There’ll be others who’ll agree with what you’ve said, but based on the feedback, you’re definitely in the minority. I think this post is healthy. It may even be mildly therapeutic for some.

  189. […] the same stupid jokes about Muhammad telling people to call him “Moe” and after reading this article I can’t help but think why don’t we have a Fiqh for […]

  190. Dawud Israel says:

    BTW, I was going to say…notice how people think this post refers to them and there group and their own little worlds.

    Doesn’t that say something about how insular and unconnected these little groups are from the rest of the community?

  191. Gohar says:

    Don’t understand where your last comment has come from. Its just not a good idea to pour water onto other people’s fireworks.

  192. enosh says:

    oh man… what about all the file attachments on emails that you won’t be able to open, or software that won’t work, how bout the feelings of being in the computing minority- with the inabilitiy to interface as effectively with the world. Are these rumors? or half-truths? or am I frantically looking for a claim, as many around me drop like flies into the “mac-world”, now including family members and respected teachers!

  193. Haji says:

    Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

    I think it’s quite funny that so many people were having anxiety attacks at Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s article.

    There’s more to life than just PCs and Macs…and they can both exist peacefully!

  194. muslimah says:

    As-salamu -alaykum,

    i think i must be the only one that read the whole thing calmly without skipping and having a ‘heart attack’ lolzz i knew there was a catch when i read the title, so i read it patiently till the end. :)

  195. mr forest says:

    although this may be somewhat creative and amusing, it is a bit inappropriate and disrespectful if you actually think about it for a while. it is in a way mocking traditional islam and belittling it…

    • Amad says:

      I think the more you bring attention to something which doesn’t really exist, it will in fact start appearing to you and others. If you look hard enough, you can find anything, just like people can see images in the sky!

      • Dawud Israel says:

        At least LISTEN to others and consider it !!
        Since when did MM have a zabiha/non-zabiha discussion? Or a Shia-Sunni discussion? Last, I remember there’s been only a few big elephant in the room…

        Look dude, if you got a blog and post an article…get ready for a critique. Its blogging, not a fashion show. If you think it hurts…leave it.

        I’m not an authority on this, I’m just asking questions. And dude, I hope by now you are used to me and my over the top rants. I know I make mistakes in what I say, and its my shortcoming and unfortunate circumstance I don’t have any role models to follow in doing so with proper adab. An article is nothing compared to a living example to follow. There’s nothing I would appreciate more than to have someone to imitate in how to critique, give nasiha and make people reconsider…but I don’t have that luxury…so forgive me for that. Theres a whole bunch of us like this, who have good intentions but we come across as more combative and insulting because of the past history of argumentation in our community.

        Deal with it.

        • ibn alHyderabadee says:

          dude…dawud…i thought i had your email…..i guess i dont….

          i think we used to chat through fbook, which i dont have anymore

          email me: syeddanishhasan [at] gmail.com

    • J says:

      you mean “traditional” Islam.

  196. Humza Arshad says:

    Now let’s c u ppl hate on mac pplz
    U hate on mac ppl u hate on Yasir Qadhi!
    U hate on Yasir Qadhi u

    • Asmaa says:

      This says a lot about.. the person who just said this!

      Mac is still uncommon in my area..desert people aren’t so familiar with it either.. just the usual hp, toshiba acers..sony too.

  197. seeker says:

    i agree with mrforest. I find it disturbing how people were scared at the thought that Shaykh Yasir was becoming Hanafi/Sufi as if he were leaving the religion of Islam. How sad and Shaykh, you should know better than to promote this type of fitna.

    • Asmaa says:

      Don’t we all just love our brothers and sisters in Islaam so much that some of us are actually going to hold a grudge for quite sometime after reading this article?

      How intense our emotions are.. Let’s make duas while these intense emotions last. May Allaah keep the bond of brotherhood among the Muslims strong and make it stronger..

  198. Dawud Israel says:

    Me and my grade 4 level education have but one thing to say to you:

    (clicky lol)

  199. J says:

    As-Salam Alaykum.

    When I read the title of this article and a few paragraphs, there was a lump in my throat. I couldn’t read any more, and had to take a few deep breaths before I proceeded. I am a huge self-professed YQ fan/groupie. (Ustadh Yasir may not remember, but I met him last ISNA, where he dutifully chastised me for calling myself his groupie.)

    Anyways, I seriously felt nauseous reading this article. I was thinking to myself: Oh no, now Abuz Zubair and co.–and SPUBS/Troid on the other side–will say “see, we told you so!” I was feeling sick to my stomach.

    Thank Allah [swt] that this was a joke. May Allah [swt] preserve Ustadh Yasir and keep him in the camp of Ahl at-Tawheed, and away from those who are soft towards shirk. Ustadh Yasir, you don’t need to be Salafi–just Salafi-ish. ;)

    Fi Aman Allah

  200. Ron Ibn Abi Paul Al-AntiIlluminati says:

    I have to admit, I almost passed out towards the end. Phew!

  201. Osman Azam says:

    No matter what is posted, some people can find a way to make a controversy out of anything.

  202. Aliya says:

    Mac is the only way to go…I’m glad you’ve finally seen the light.

  203. Osman Azam says:

    Macs are basically PCs these days. The only difference is that they are running OSX and cost $1000 more.

  204. Abdurrahman says:

    WOW…I almost cried!

  205. J says:

    Yasir Qadhi Zindabad!
    Yasir Qadhi Zindabad!
    Yasir Qadhi Zindabad!
    Yasir Qadhi Zindabad!
    Yasir Qadhi Zindabad!
    Yasir Qadhi Zindabad!

  206. Tawhid & Sunnah says:

    Sheikh Yasir – don’t give up the day job!

    Though lol – my heart skipped a beat! I would have had to burn all my Yasir Qadhi books and demanded a refund from the many seminars I attend where the Sheikh taught us!

    One thing I would say after reading some of the comments, where the comments turned serious! (Even though the article was and is supposed to be light hearted!) … is people should not confuse fiqh with aqeedah!!! So what if you use the hanafi fiqh or come to think about it any other madhab as a tool/methodology of learning. Being a “Hanafi” doesn’t mean your aqeedah is messed up! So called Quran and sunnah aka Salafis (if there was ever a contradiction in the meaning of term as opposed to our pious salafs) believe if your on a madhab especially a Hanafi your aqeedah all messed up!

    I am studying the Hanabli fiqh as point of learning because the Scholars of the ummah – Sheikh Bin Baz and Shiekh Uthaymeen (May Allah be please with them both) said it was permissible to learn a madhab as a starting point – this has always been the methodology of ahl sunnah wal jammah BUT a madhab “should be a means but not the end!” I am Quran & sunnah but in a holistic approach!

    So please brothers and sisters – don’t do aqeedah bashing based on a person fiqh. Sorry for getting serious….

    Back to the point – Shiekh Yasir, funny article – I always knew there was a funny streak in you!


  207. Zi says:

    These images sum up the argument quite well:

  208. Samir H. says:

    I’m fully convinced after reading some of your comments every single thing that Shaykh Yasir Qadhi does must go back to the Salafi issue. Next thing you know, Yasir Qadhi is going to write an article about him eating a bag of doritos, while people write essays about the incident crying foul…. oh wait….. :)

  209. Suleiman says:

    SubhanAllah, too many people are being influenced by the Mac-eologists.

    Though I am not a lover of Windows (or Microsoft), the methodology that Mac teaches needs to be exposed.

    First off, the price. We all know how hard it is to take out a few hundred dollars more for a Mac. And of course, they just had to make it difficult (and more expensive) to upgrade, while Windows is a lot easier (reformatting).

    Second off, the crash rates on Windows are due to third-party software. Most of the time Mac crashes is because of faulty OS programming. :o

    Thirdly, the sleek design of Mac is a master of disguise. The entire box is a stray sect!

    Then you got the Mac mouse which clicks all at once.

    Lastly, multi-tasking on Windows is a lot more efficient than with Mac. On the plus side, Mac’s are good for media software.

    InshaAllah no one takes this seriously (or as seriously as we took Sheikh Yasir’s post). Macs are OK.

    On another note, there is a new sect called “Android OS”. ;-)
    SubhanAllah, so many sects!

  210. a says:

    it indicates the thickness of the top-floor. if one has to read so much to arrive at pretty obvious things, you can extrapolate how much more mistaken one can be in grave and complex matters. mainly because he has not seen the ‘other side’

    but still, he just buys a mac and USES it. he does not read anything concerning principles nor design. and does not say: every mac user should go back to microprocessor design and architecture. and you are in great folly if you have not read knuth.

    and before launching any application, every user should examine the underlying APIs; otherwise, they are committing bid’ah without resorting to original sources.

    if at all there was a ‘methodology’ for platforms/OSes, then UNIX would be it. it is older than most popular OSes and is model for many other superior operating systems similar to it – like linux for example.

    now, some people who think that everybody should use a blue-box, claim that linux causes disunity and their strait-jacketed expensive system is the panacea.

    their misunderstanding is because there see various linux distributions around. this is because, they don’t see the flexibility that the OS gives people to adapt it to their own environment, without sacrificing the core principles or functionality.

    it can be ubuntu or suse; red-hat or fedora. gnome or kde. but the kernel is the same.

    the second major issue is that, many thousands of pairs-of-eyes examine the code and correct mistakes, improve upon it and so forth. only those who have ever managed a large development team can appreciate the challenges and the luxury of ‘many-pairs-of-eyes’ examining the code.

    there are certain frameworks that become popular and due to heavy contributions over the years from many experts, they become standards.

    why stick to a PMBOK or a PRINCE2? why not create your own framework, or better still go into a project with each member touting his own interpretation of how to conduct a project. simple mortals would answer that PMBOK and PRINCE2 are widely adopted, tested in various environments and continuously developed. it makes sense for any of us to use one of these ‘frameworks’ rather than design one from scratch.

    zachman might have been the earliest framework, but togaf is open and more flexible.

    common people go to a shop, buy a gold ornament. only idiots insists that every person should go to the mines, dig the ore, extract nuggets, purify the gold and learn smithery; and then design the ornament for their own purpose and satisfaction.

    common people go to a shop and buy a PC or a mac. only an imbecile will insist that every person design a microprocessor or at least, write their own operating systems prior to using the computer.

    common people go to doctors for an operation – but the truly intrepid fool without formal training in surgery will go to the supplies shop, get a scalpel and bandages.

    and oh, yes. macOS-x kernel is based on multiple *NIXes. even if the newbie follower claims that it is the ‘original’. even if the newbies eyesight stops at approximately 700 years ago…

    For many years of my life, (in fact for ALL of the years that I have been of age), I had been an ardent follower of what I thought was the only system. As a young teenager, I never even knew that people followed other methodologies, and the first time I was exposed to the other system I truly found it incomprehensible. It seemed too difficult to follow, too ’strange’ and exotic. As I grew older, and learnt more about both systems, initially my faith in my own tradition grew stronger and stronger. It is actually ironic that I wrote many works, books and treatises in its framework. In many public and private gatherings, I had defended my own preferred methodology and mocked the other.
    i love this self-goal.

    surely, if anybody takes this phrase and claims that it clearly indicates that yasir has converted from his old follies of salafism/wahabis/literalism and come towards this truth, yasir and his cronies will cry foul.

    sub’HanAllah, context for yasir, but no context for hadith? majaz for yasir but not for qur’an?

  211. Shahid Ahmad says:

    Subhanallah. Welcome to the light my dear brother. The truth of the Mac.

    As for the serious comments, come on my brothers and sisters, not having a sense of humour is one of our biggest problems. This article by our beloved brother in Islam was one of the funniest I’ve read precisely because he wrote it. In fact, I have often written about calling people to the cult of Mac and “converting” people (though some would argue that it is not “me” that converts them, my job is merely to convey the message hehe), but when the Sheikh says it, it is truly a great day for Islam.

    Well done my brother for making my day. I will spread this article insha’Allah. May Allah (SWT) bless you!

  212. I dunno what the problem is. He didn’t use Islamic terminology at all in his post. He said methodology, idealogy and convert. Which are all UNIVERSAL terms (used to describe anything even Mac and PCs) and it isn’t his fault you people assumed he was talking about Islam. Do not ASSUME because it makes a donkey out of you and me :)

    And I’m upset that he is a MAC user. I ABSOLUTELY HATE MAC USERS!!!.. Infact if bro.Yasir did a pledge of unity on PC’s and MACs like he did for Sunni’s in the west, I would actually hunt down all the signers of that pledge (the MAC and PC pledge)..


    Anyways on a serious note.

    If you liek the OSX of MAC then I suggest what you do is BUY the OSX and then custom build a PC and install the OSX to your PC..IT WILL TAKE SCRIPTING SO FIND A COMPUTER GEEK BROTHER. My brother uses OSX on his PC cuz he hacked it. It is completely legal to do as long as you BUY the software. if you custom build a PC you get a more powerful machine and for a fraction of the cost and also you get OSX..so basically you get the best of both worlds. If you are talking about a laptop. Get a lenovo laptop, they are jsut as good as macbooks and CHEAPER. then u can buy OSX and do alil scripting and you should be fine.

    Hope that helps

  213. Assalamu Alaikum,

    LOLOLOLOLOL….Shaikh…. not cool….. You had me going….SubhanAllah, heart rate started going up. Alhamdulilah…..I still like my PC though, but I’ll be more open to Macs not inshAllah

  214. Zuhair says:

    Alhamdulilah it’s a free country, you’re allowed to be wrong and use a mac if you wish.

  215. Osman Azam says:

    lol @hackintosh comment

    So the bottom line is the hardware for mac vs PC doesnt really matter, its the software that people are comparing (Windows vs OSX)

    • Exactly it is software. Because if you custom build your Desktop and do alil scripting you will have a more powerful PC then any Mac with all the MAC functions.

      Brother got a Quad core (thinking about changing it to the i7 processor) 8800gt 4 harddrives (one of them are those tiny flash hard drives that are only 32gigs but boot up faster) 4 gigs of ram and uncountable number of cooling fans. He is able to run lightroom photoshop illustrator and surf the net all at the same time. Just google s2sphotography to see what he does.

  216. Hala says:

    I actually think your reaction (or assumption) to what sh Yasir might have been talking about says more about you than it does about this article.

    • Dawud Israel says:

      I think your lack of reaction to the article says more about you than it does about anyone who reacted.

      I can’t help but think to myself…this could ONLY be written in the West.

      Would this ever happen at the time of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam or any of the Salaf who came after him salallahu alayhi wasalam?

      Think on it.

      • Mariam says:

        … perhaps if there were PCs and Macs during their time.
        wallahu ta’ala alam.

      • AsimG says:

        I don’t know if this could only be written in the west, but since different cultures have different ideas of humor, maybe you are right?

        And I don’t think this is a deeni issue, so why ask about the Salaf? There are other deen related issues/ibadat where your question should be asked instead.

        • Hala says:

          My thoughts exactly. I don’t really understand the relevance of the question to the topic of the article. Obviously this can only be written in the west, unless you know someone else with sh Yasir’s writing skillz anywhere else in the world.

  217. Adil says:

    Mashallah, And I can notice the dawah aspect in this post as well.

    May Allah be with you.

  218. Tariq says:

    …you got it all wrong you daft yanks – the further is LINUX’S!

    • Osman Azam says:

      You can’t even legally play a DVD or MP3 on Linux. Blu-ray can’t be played at all. Not to mention both gnome and KDE are buggy… especially when running with Compiz Fusion.

      X.11 Is outdated and needs to be replaced. EXT4 can cause your whole harddrive to be corrupted. You still need to go to the command line to many tasks. Also, you need to manually edit text files a lot of times to change configurations.

      Linux is fun for geeks to play around with, but it is not ready for use by mainstream consumers. Just look at the disproportionate returns on Ubuntu Netbooks.

      As long as the FSF and the Open source community have their “1337” attitude that they are better than everyone else, Linux will not be a mainstream desktop OS.

  219. Umm Makhtoom says:

    hahahahahahaa, wah wah! Way to go Sheikh YQ! :D

  220. Anonymous Person says:

    Shaykh Faraz Rabbani liked the article he said :)

  221. Nihal Khan says:

    2 more posts till 300 comments :P

  222. mofw says:

    Shoulda given Ubuntu-Linux a go first.

    Have to admit. PC is a travesty. Takes me at least 5 hours to install and tweak it to get started.

    Ubuntu has (almost) everything I need after a 30 min install. And it’s FREE. And all your basic productivity software is FREE as well.

    • Osman Azam says:

      “PC is a travesty”

      I’m guessing you installed Ubuntu on your PC

      OpenOffice.org is free on windows too… but you get what you pay for. (that thing is ultra bloated, but what else do you expect from Sun the king of bloat)

      Ubuntu is pretty nice considering it is free…. (although I wish Linux didn’t have case sensitive file names)

      How well does WINE run windows programs?

  223. blah says:

    i thought you became sufi

  224. PC Fan says:


    You wrote books on PC????

    Where can I purchase one?

  225. Isa Ilker says:

    Selam Aleykum,

    Really funny. Subanallah!


    Greetings from Germany …

  226. zainab says:

    you have tried .this is a good 1

  227. MuslimahS says:

    OMG, soo many comments on this. y do ppl criticize on each thing. Ppl chill, hav / get some funny enzymes in U ;)

    Liked this article by Sh.YQ, as usual all his writing are terrific :D

    May Allah swt bless us all, and may ppl stop criticizing others

  228. firoz says:

    sheikh , this came without warning.u have a lot of almost-attacks to answer for ! lol
    but im sorry u have to try harder to mac-ify us

  229. Shaybani says:

    May Allah have mercy upon your soul.

    How can you change in such a way…?

  230. F.A says:

    Asalaam O Alaykum,

    Okay, so I literally laughed for 2 minutes after. At first I was like, “hey this sounds far too serious…” and then I started to realize it might have one of those endings that just make you say, “sugar muffins! I’ve been duped!” But in all seriousness macs really do pwn windows.


  231. Abu Salahudeen says:


    Nice one Sh Yasir…But on a serious note..you almost made me cry reading that… I was broken hearted loooool, but maaaaaaaaan you have a way with words mashallah.

    Keep up all the good stuff :)

  232. Shabber says:

    No, no, no, no……… How could you go off the straight pc path, those years of study, and preparing some of your finest of works, those long days of overcoming the blue screen, and reinstalling windows, those opportunities to develop brotherhood, by calling the IT Brother Crowd, how many brothers feelings you have now hurt by not calling them to sort your pc out.

    I am seriously thinking of calling a Sheikh in Saudi and posing the question: “A well knwon Amercian d’aee is openly using the MAC for dawah – What do you advise Sheikh?”

    Then setting up a website with the title “Saudi PC Sheikh refutes Sheikh Yassir’s MAC dawa”


    …… see what you started…. :)….

  233. muhithg says:

    Salaam 2 all!
    Ya Shaikh…i was really shocked the way you put that. It is funny and i wont lie but i was thinking that if you said what my heart was saying and my mind was thinking….i would’ve dropped! I mean i dont see anything wrong in you taking other methodologies/thoughts/firqa/schools with strong evidences & admitting any mistakes BUT It would mean that all your errors must be rectified and many people would loose their trust and friendship with you and may even have wierd issues or thoughts in this religion…ALSO i would’ve started doing more research and tried to get in contact with you.

    Anyway, Allah Bless you and your family in Taqwa, Knowledge, Rizq and make you Success in Dunya and Akhirah!

    Jazak-Allah Khair
    Barak-Allahu feek

  234. muslimah4good says:

    seriously, this was CLASSIC. im so glad shaykh has good sense of humor

    and as far as serious comments are concerned, im shocked! are these people for real? They need to be humanized

  235. Mehrunnisa says:

    Asalamu-alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabarakatuh!
    hahahaha! niceeee! :D

  236. Abu Adam says:




  237. Asim says:

    Alhamdulillah I have left the Zhulm of Windows and entered into the Mac world just 2 days ago :P…does anyone have any good Islamic applications to recommend for OS X?

  238. Asmah says:

    So funny I forgot to laugh!

  239. Muneeb says:

    WOW…….after reading the title I had to jump to the conclusion to put myself at ease. Then I read the whole article……lol

  240. UmmZ says:


    Masha Allah!
    That was a good one!!

  241. fais says:

    none of us are born wise, it is the path we take and the choices we make in search of truth that determine ultimately where and how we end up… Some of us value truth and right over everything else more so than others, who are never affraid to say “we were wrong, we knew not”. As such we progress towards the truth faster than most others…

    And while we wait for the rest of the world to inch forward, for arrogance and false pride to make way for humility and understanding, we ever forever greatful for getting here, for having something others may never ever enjoy or come to truely understand… we are forever greatful for linux.

    • Shibli Zaman says:

      If you ever want to represent the Linux community again, then please use Firefox…

      It spell checks.

      • fais says:


        echo “none of us are born wise, it is the path we take and the choices we make in search of truth that determine ultimately where and how we end up… Some of us value truth and right over everything else more so than others, who are never affraid to say “we were wrong, we knew not”. As such we progress towards the truth faster than most others…

        And while we wait for the rest of the world to inch forward, for arrogance and false pride to make way for humility and understanding, we ever forever greatful for getting here, for having something others may never ever enjoy or come to truely understand… we are forever greatful for linux.” | sed -e ‘s/affraid/AFRAID/g’ -e ‘s/greatful/GRATEFUL/g’ -e ‘s/truely/TRULY/g’

    • understand? says:

      “for having something others may never ever enjoy or come to truely understand… we are forever greatful for linux.”

      Typical Linux user attitude “We are more 1337 than the rest of the planet”

  242. ibn Abdul Awal says:

    With all due respect to Ustadh Yasir for his efforts in the service of Islam and Sunnah, and recognizing the fact that being light-hearted in due manner is part of Sunnah, it is a little difficult to readily accept it all without qualms given the following principle and contexual observation:

    # From Ibn ’Abbâs – radiallâhu ’anhumâ – who said: “I used to teach (the Qur‘ân) to some of the Muhâjirûn, amongst whom was ’Abdur-Rahmân ibn ’Awf. Whilst I was in his house at Minâ and he was with ’Umar ibn al-Khattâb during his last Hajj, ’Abdur-Bahmân ibn ’Awf came to me and said: “Would that you had seen the man who came today to the Leader of the Believers (i.e. ’Umar), saying: O Leader of the Believers! What do you say about such and such a person who says: If ’Umar should die, I will give the bay’ah (oath of allegiance) to such and such a person, for by Allâh, the bay’ah to Abû Bakr was nothing but a reaction which became established afterwards. So ’Umar became angry and said: If Allâh wills, I will stand before the people tonight, and I will warn the people against those who desire to deprive the people of their rights.”
    ’Abdur-Rahmân said: “So I said O Leader of the Believers, do not do this! For the season of Hajj gathers the ra’â (the common people) and the ghawgâ‘ (the common folk and those who incline towards evil), and it will be they who will gather closest to you when you stand to address the people. I fear that you will rise and address them, but some of them will spread your words, but will not understand them, or that they will twist your words and take them out of context. So wait until you reach al-Madînah – the land of Hijrah (the Migration) and the Sunnah – where you will be amongst the people of Knowledge and understanding, and the noblest of people. So there you may say what you have to say with confidence, since the people of Knowledge will understand your words and put them in the correct context“. So ’Umar said: “By Allâh! That is what I shall do in my first address to the people of al-Madînah – if Allâh wills … ” (Saheeh Bukhari).

    Ibn Mas’ood radiallahu ‘anhu said: “No one relates something to a people which they do not understand, except that it puts some of them into trial and discord (fitnah).” [Muqaddima Saheeh Muslim]

    The established principle in fiqh “prevention of harm is given precedence over bringing about benefit” is well-known.
    I came to know some points on this from Shaykh Saalih Aal ash-Sheikh’s nice exposition titled “conveying knowledge with responsibility”.

    # Correct me if I am wrong, this is the most read/influential blog ‘on Islam and by Muslims’ on the entire Internet. Even by the most generous estimate on the average level of fellow Muslims’ ilm and taqwa (from what made apparent) worldwide, it would be hard to assume that the obligation and significance of understanding and following the correct manhaj are readily understood in large scales. Rather, as painful as it gets, current state of affairs of the ummah largely draws fear about the description of “those who take their religion as play and amusement, and are deceived by the life of this world (6:70, 7:51)”, and of those who “have divided their religion among them into sects — each group rejoicing in its belief (23:53)”. Even many fellow Muslims, who observe formal worships, find it counter-intuitive — if approached by the duat in matters of aqeedah — that mocking some aspects of the Deen nullifies one’s Islam.
    Naturally, the audience of this blog is to be taken as a projection of the entire landscape. Those who are making comments may not represent the whole community of readers, by the way. Not all readers of the blog are students of knowledge. Communicating something within a particular community (mailing list of specific people, dars/class) may not require same level of caution as it does for Internet-scale broadcasts.

    May Allah bless You.

  243. Nihal Khan says:

    Sh. Yaser Birjas has switched over as well – http://vimeo.com/5695021

  244. Mazhar says:

    A disturbing piece of writing. The heading suggested the train of thoughts to move in a particular direction but created anticlimax of a brilliant episode at the end. Not a healty authorship.

  245. leaf says:

    salaam. i thought it was funny. shocking at the end- but still funny. could have been a little bit shorter? obviously not everyone’s cup of tea (see above) but inshaAllah i hope they can move past it.

  246. Taha says:

    No we cannot lose such people to Maczzzzzzzzzzzzzzz </3

  247. abu abdillah says:

    assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh…
    To Yasir Qadhi
    I read your article because it was sent to me by a brother I trust, and really, I was very eager to read it thinking Alhamdulillah that Allah has opened your eyes to the truth, and you left the people of innovations, and their gatherings.
    But as i approached the end of it, I noticed that the whole subject was about a PC and a Mac, and that disappointed me and made me very sad. I was hoping that you won’t have to admit your errors in public and that you just go back to the manhaj of As-Salafus’Saalih, but Allahul’Musta3aan you were laughing all along about it.
    I thought you have already read the statement of your Shikh about you, and that you gave it a thought and asked Allah for forgiveness, but again i was wrong.
    If there is an advice i can give you, sincerely for the sake of Allah, is that you remember two hadiths and no more:
    By Allah, I only wanted good for you through this naseeha, and by Allah if I knew of any other way of addressing you without saying this comment in front of all these people I would have done so, but I don’t know of any.
    Please forgive me if I sounded a bit harsh on you, and by Allah I respect you as a muslim who says LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH, but I had to tell you the truth.
    Allahumma’hdinaa fee man hadayt
    Was’Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

  248. Osman says:

    It is time to come back to the light side Shaik Yasir. Windows 7 is just around the corner.

  249. A listner says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, I used to listen to Shaykh yasir. But when i read the note, I was shocked and consfused and decided not to listen to him any more since the Note itself was not clear and confusing. If I had not read the last sentence of the Note, I would not have listened to him any more. Therefore in my opinion it is not good to place such jokes in the internet since the publisher may not be able to express his correct opinion and state of mind to the reader. The joke made by Prophet (PBUH) relating to the old lady was a direct one made to the lady and the prophet (PBUH) made his mind clear immediately. Therefore in my humble opinion there should be direct oppurtunity to make once mind clear while publishing such jokes. Otherwise, the same may result in serious misunderstanding. It is better to avoid such misunderstandings since the results may be disastrous.

  250. AB828 says:

    After starting to read, I skipped the entire article and read the first comment!

    Anyways, Alhamdulillah that you converted to MAC.

    Ever since I got my MacBook last year, life has been less stressful computer-wise. No more anti-virus software to download and no more pop-ups, ads and other trash. My husband bought it for me after my last 2 PC laptops crashed; the 2nd was beyond repairable.
    But, the more people that begin to use MACs, the more viruses the crazy loonies will begin to develop geared towards them. So, don’t convert TOO many people.

  251. :D looooooooooooool
    A good one.

  252. Ibrahim says:

    I actually read every word of it looking for the humor,.. and I thought the editor must be mistaken to put it under the humor section,… until I reached the last sentence and … I cracked up laughing my brain off, subhana Allah it was good. Thank you Sh. Yasir. “You’re good man!”

  253. Shahin from Memphis says:

    Hahaha… I heard about this article a long time back but finally got a chance to read now…. someone had already told me the end but… honestly — Great read!

    Welcome to the Mac World Shaykh :D

  254. Abu Amir says:


    i cant say any more then that !

    ” It was, in all senses of the term, a truly mystical experience compared to my previous ones”
    i thought you were turning suffi or somthing of that sort!

  255. Hasan says:

    What’s wrong with turning sufi? Aren’t we all sufi in the sense that we want to purify our nafs, anyway?

  256. Abu Amir says:

    Asalamu alaykum

    look , i dont want to get into this Hassan , but no were not all sufi’s inshalah.
    seems like you have some confusion of purification of the soul !

  257. Hasan says:

    Wa alaikum assalam

    Thats what tasawwuf is–the science of purification of the soul. There is no confusion on my part. Perhaps you need to relearn certain facts–so yes, being a Muslim implies that we are always trying to better ourselves, and that means that a Muslim is necessarily a sufi. If you are connecting tasawwuf with something else, thats your problem, not mine. As Imam Shafi’i rahimahullah said, “Be both a faqih and a sufi, not just one of the two. For the former alone is stiff, his heart tasteless and unguarded–Truly by God’s Right I am sincerely advising you–and the latter alone is ignorant, and such is disregarded.” I think Imam Shafi’i understood what a sufi was better than you.

    • Elfatih says:

      With all my respect to hasan and imam Alshafie, i would like to say, not in any moment at the blessed life of the prophet did i read or hear something about sufi’sÙˆ so please there is no need for providing evidence from respected imams of Islam while you know very well that the imam of all prophets is Mohammed {s.a.w}, and if you are defending the sufi’s in general let me show you how some of them are in this present time from where i got to know them, people of shirk and sorcery, please if you understand Arabic open this URL:

      • Abu Amir says:

        Barakalah fik

        Very well said.

        • Hasan says:

          Assalamu alaikum

          Again, I am amazed at just how presumptuous people are–to say that Imam Shafi’i was wrong on this point, and that he could have overlooked the fact that the word “tasawwuf” and “sufi” was not used in the time of the prophet is sheer arrogance. Imam Shafi’i was well aware of the fact that this word was not used in the time of the Prophet, as were other words, such as “fiqh,” “hadith,” “tazkiyyah,” “aqeedah,” etc. It does not matter that the Prophet did not use these words; if I use one word or another, it makes little difference. We are talking in English right now, calling Muhammad “the Prophet” or the “Messenger” when he was never called that either. But it MEANS THE SAME THING. What makes a difference is the essence and foundation of that word. As I said before, “tasawwuf,” is the same thing as “tazkiyyah,” or purification of the nafs. Will anyone tell me that the Prophet was against purification of the self?

          As for the deviance of certain sufi sects, I do not deny it. But you cannot blame all sufis for the deviance of a few. Do not be like the non-Muslims, who when they see some Muslims committing atrocities, label all Muslims as terrorists. So your video is null and void. I can show you numerous videos of Salafis (by the way, another word not used by the Prophet) killing innocent women and children, but that in no way means that all Salafis are like that.

          Wallahu A’lam

    • Abu Amir says:

      Asalamu alaykum
      dear Hassan

      also to dispel other confusions , refer to this link
      lecture by Muhammad Alshareef and ali timimi.
      I suppose you have nothing against these shea-uh’


      and part 2


      also Jamal Zarabozo

      • Hasan says:

        Assalamu Alaikum

        As for Muhammad Al Sharif’s articles, then they are perfect examples of what tasawwuf is all about. To cleanse the self of all worldly desires and elevate it to a higher station where all that matters is Allah’s pleasure. As the famous sufi poet, Jalal ad Din Rumi said, “Oh Allah, if I worship you and follow your dictates for Paradise and not for your pleasure, deprive me of Paradise; and if I worship you and follow your commands for fear of Hell, throw me in Hell; I only wish that you become pleased with me.” That is what tasawwuf is about–the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala.

        Dawud Adib and Zarabozo’s lectures really fall short of reality. Everyone is against all types of evil innovation, and if some sufis are complicit in evil innovation, then they are just as culpable of it as anyone else. I am not defending the deviance of some sufi sects. All I’m saying is that realize that is not what true sufism is about. Even so-called opponents of sufism, such as Ibn al-Jawzi and Ibn Taymiyyah were not really against sufism, only against the excesses of some of them. Indeed Ibn Taymiyyah even declared himself of sufi, of the Qadariy (Abdul Qadir al Jilani) tariqa. But when certain groups when beyond Allah and His Messenger’s dictates, they criticized those excesses. Every Muslim’s position should be the same.

        Wallahu A’lam

        • Abu Amir says:

          Aslamu alaykum

          Obviously you havent listened to the lecture!
          It surprises me on how one makes a coment about an a lecture with an article.

          Look Teskyah is simply made by applying the coran and sunah!
          there is no other menhaj to this , its simple.

          you keep pointing out Teskeeah tal nuffs , as if this is of the most importance in taskeyah.
          Actually its the least significant ( in terms of taskyah ).

          This is your confusion , the dhul that is spread by suffi groups. Im not arguing what scholars said , thats a different topic. Lets stay on the subject!

          Here is a really good link to the subject by Yassir Quadi .

          Inshalah this will dispel any further confusion

          inshalah tal’ala
          Aslau alaykum

  258. Hasan says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Am I missing something here? As far as I know, I’ve read all the articles and listened to all the lectures you sent me. I don’t know what article by Yasir Qadhi your talking about–you never listed one. And you still have not really said anything new. Tazkiyyah and Tasawwuf are the same, and they are both derived from the Quran and sunnah. If they are not, then they are not accepted. Period.

    Thats the understanding of all the previous generations of scholars and our noble a’immah, who knew what they were talking about much better than you. Purification of the self not being the primary goal of sufism! Ridiculous! It shows just how much these so-called scholars such as Zarabozo really know. Let’s stick to the accepted a’immah of the past, such as Nawawi, Ibn Hajar al Asqalani, Ibn al Humam, Mulla Ali al Qari, al Ghazali, Suyuti, etc. If they did not have a problem with tasawwuf, then why do you? If you say that it is outside of the sunnah, then know you are speaking a lie about tasawwuf.

    • Abu Amir says:

      Asalamu alaykum

      I apologise i forgot to put the link in for the audio

      here it is and listen carefully


      And just on a note about the scholars that you mentioned ( ra ).
      All of them that you have mentioned have been raised at a time and place in history where there was error en terms of Aqidah , all those you have mentioned have erred in the aquidah of the Asharies ( and may Allah forgive them for there mistakes , and protect us [meaning me and you] from these errors as well ).

      listen to the lecture and then tell me once again that Tazkia tul nuffs is the most important aspect of tazkiah……

      but then if you do , dont bring up the matter with me bring it up with Yassir Quadi ….. because it would be him that you are disproving. I am not a scholar but a student of knowledge.
      And this issue is so old , that all it does is result in more fitna amongst each other …..
      please seek the truth ….
      and don’t disrespect Jammal Zarabozo just because i had used him as a reference to dispel the confusion that you may have on the matter.
      It is our duty to respect and look up to the ulema of today for knowledge . Alhmdulilah we are privileged to have him as an English speaking scholar in our lands. And we should take advantage of his great efforts not despise them.

      And these will be my last words on this matter .
      if you wish to share something on a positive note that please feel free to send me salamas inshalah


      • Hasan says:

        Wa alaikum assalam

        The Ash’aris/Maturidis are the Ahl as Sunnah wal Jama’ah, so please don’t criticize them. I still don’t understand how salafis can claim that almost all the Muslim scholars throughout history were deviants. How would Allah allow the majority of the Muslims to be on the wrong path. Its the same argument I bring up with Shias: how would Allah allow Prophet Muhammad to die when most of his Companions were hypocrites and the Prophet’s message had not been established throughout the land? Indeed we believe the opposite: the Prophet did succeed in establishing his message, and throughout history, the majority of Muslims have been on the sirat al mustaqim.

        But you are right. These are age old debates, and we are not going to solve them here. So lets stop it here. May Allah bless both of our efforts to arrive at the truth and forgive us for our mistakes.

        • Elfatih says:

          Masha’Allah Hasan, for the amount of knowledge Allah gave you, and i am really surprised of this true Muslim conduct you used to close your discussion by. but i am totally sure that the concept of sufism is a way of thought in how to purify oneself, similarly to the different mazhabs of understanding the fiqhi issues like maliki, shafie and etc. but yet, i am very cautious of following a certain school of thought solely because of a hadith i heard a long time ago when i was young; concerning the diversity that inflicted the previous nations, and ultimately us {Muslims}, that is why i solely strive to follow our prophet as exclusively as possible as i can. but sometimes i do use some of the fiqhi understandings of each of the different mazhabs according to my condition and status of mind, but i never followed a sufi sect, maybe because of the cult like routine they display and practice. And Allah knows best

  259. Fahad says:


    You know what is funny. I did not get it until reading the comments.

  260. Ummasad says:


    Subhanallah this really got me.

    I thought it had to do with the post by Sheikh Muqbil on you tube
    warning against Sheikh Yasir Qadhi.

    I was just about to post this on my facebook, for the Muslims who agree with Sheikh Muqbil to see.

    Nice one :-).

  261. Hina says:

    i LOVED this post… just reminds you of how funny and awesome Sh. Yasir Qadhi really is. Keep up the good work! May Allah bless you and your work! Ameen!

  262. Samee says:


    Masha’Allah.. you truly are an inspiration with your words of wisdom and knowledge of Islam! and also show that you have a great personality and sense of humor.

    May Allah (SWT) continue to bless you and make your ‘journey’ an easy one.

    Wa’Salaam Wa’Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

  263. Safia Masroor says:

    LOL. I read the whole article in one breath thinking the whole while, “WHAT” two methodologies is he talking about? Was he a shia before? He definitely has a way with words. Alhamdolillah.

  264. Umm Salma says:

    With the way things are turning out for Windows, I am going to have to agree with the Shaykh. Windows got it right with XP, but after that things have gone downhill for them. I think they are trying too hard to look and/or feel like a Mac, which is sad. C’mon Windows, you can do better than that. And that’s just my opinion.

  265. Abu `Uthman says:

    Macs are great, but unfortunately Arabic support is pretty shabby right now, only Text Edit seems to handle Arabic docs well…

  266. Zahin says:


  267. […] several hours this weekend trying to restore my wife’s iPhone 3GS. As if we don’t have enough Apple stories, I’ll still share this one. Originally, sim-locked on AT&T service, we had to get it […]

  268. sanji says:

    assalamu alaikkum shaykh
    i google for your articles to gain some islamic knowledge and i got this one…
    i read it fully,and i almost got a heart attack……

  269. Mahwish says:

    Assalam Alaikum Warahmatulahe Wabarakatuhu,

    Usage of Microsoft operating system beats rest by a large percentage :)


  270. Khojestah says:


  271. Husnain Awan says:

    It is ok for personal use but not for the business environment and besides, it cost 2-3 times more.

  272. Kaniz says:

    such a waste of time – sorry I had to read the whole way. Good lesson learnt.

  273. Abdul Malik says:

    Dang! As a stupid habit, I read the last line first! Lost the suspense…

    But this was genius!

    -Writing on my Macbook Pro!

  274. Ahmad says:

    Seriously, of all the things, I really did have a major attack seeing my dear Sheikh go for ‘apple’ :/

    Apple keeps you so limited I wish Sheikh would realize that and revert to the original school.

  275. bbh says:

    well written and was eager too to find out what is he talking about, and my heart was hopping that he finely understood the conection to political islam, and the need to work towards riding the occupiers off muslim lands,
    and ending the suffering of our brothers and sisters, by establishing the Khilafa, the only system that will free of suffering not only muslims but non muslims too!
    disappointed when read the last sentence ;
    ‘ I hereby renounce any affiliations I previously had with the PC, and am now a die-hard Mac fan’.
    hopping next time there he will be writing about Khilafa offers to people – to show them how the Islamic Aqeedah convinces the mind, agrees with man’s nature and has the capacity to solve humanity’s problems.

  276. khana58 says:

    LOL!!!!!!! Have to admit that had me.

  277. zohal says:

    Man I thought I found a really nice article on different mad-habs so i could use it for my fiqh assignment, hahah the ending was too funny.

  278. Ahmad Azzarkani says:

    seriously shiek?? seriously?? here I am thinking this is gonna be some profound confession that I might benefit from in my Deen! LOL :) it was a shocker. I’m holding to the rope of Microsoft! at least for now ;)

  279. Soad says:

    Hilarious article, this made my day?…may Allah (swt ) bless you shiekh Yasir and all of us and keep us firm upon the Sunnah of our belived prophet (pbuh)…keep smiling everyone

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