Muslim Group in Chicago Donates Turkeys to Needy Families

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Muslim group donates turkeys to needy families
Monday, November 24, 2008 | 5:34 PM

CHICAGO (WLS) — Hundreds of families whose children attend Emmett Till Elementary School are getting a free Thanksgiving bird thanks to a community organization.

At a time when food budgets are strained, a semitrailer loaded with turkeys is being given to families at Emmett Till Elementary School. The frozen turkeys are a gift from the Chicago Area’s Muslim Community.

“It’s just a gesture of neighborliness from the Muslim community of Chicago. You know most of us work here, live here, live our lives here,” said Dr. Shoshara.

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The school, located near 63rd and Cottage Grove, was selected because 99-percent of the population is below the poverty line. For many of the families, it’s a real treat.

“Well they probably would have had the usual. McDonalds meals or whatever they could afford,” said Mary Rodgers, principal Emmett Till Elementary School. “This is exceptionally nice.”

It’s the eighth time the group has donated to a Chicago school.

“I’m just glad to get this turkey. It’s less for me to worry about,” said one parent.

“Means a lot. Put some in our freezer and some in our stomach,” said another.

After the September Eleventh attacks, the image of Muslim Americans took a terrible hit. That damage has yet to be repaired, but events like this are a step in the right direction.

“I think a lot of problems we have as a community (are) that we haven’t been here very long so it takes awhile to integrate and get to know the Muslim community. It’s one way to show what we think is the best part of our religion. To help serve the poor,” said Dr. Shoshara.

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10 responses to “Muslim Group in Chicago Donates Turkeys to Needy Families”

  1. Avatar Ameera says:

    That’s wonderful! May Allah reward them for their striving, the money and effort put into it and of course, for the sincere intentions!

  2. Avatar Saba says:

    mashaAllah, that is so nice!!!

  3. Avatar My H-town says:

    Hope they do the same on Eid ul Adha.

  4. bismillah. i think it is a great thing to feed the needy. and if our own resources are too limited to build/rent a “soup kitchen,” “food pantry,” or a similar place where needy people can come year-round, then it makes sense to give on days of the year when the needy are especially mindful of help.

    one of my most striking memories of TDC last year was one morning when i arrived at the convention center in time for fajr, alhamdolillah. the George Brown is an enormous convention center with many vast exhibition halls. TDC was at one end, by the Hilton, but there was a huge line of people bundled up at the other end at the entrance to a different hall. it made me pull over to see what they were waiting for. it was a distribution of food and clothing by a Christian group. alhamdolillah, i was able to give some shoes and a jacket to a person in need. thinking i was lost, he told me, “the Muslims are down at the other end of the building.” and it made me wish that with so many Muslims just a few hundred yards away, we could have been the ones earning the reward of sadaqah. inviting these people not just to a hot meal, but to the shelter of Islam.

  5. Avatar usman says:

    Salaam, happy thanksgiving…joking ppl…mashallah that is a great thing to do..and inshallah we can get more involved with ver basic acts of kindeness that can effect so many ppl…inshallah that will in turn improve our image

  6. Avatar Abu Akhhal says:

    Mashallah, but no one donated a halaal turkey to me, whats up with not taking care of your fellow muslims first?

  7. Avatar AsimG says:

    Asalaamu Alaykum,

    Here’s the video, it’s really interesting how the reporter is almost like “wow Muslims aren’t just terrorists”.

  8. Avatar sis says:

    Well, they could have donated any food at any other time. why aid them in celebrating their festivals?

  9. Why not give food this time of year? It’s when the not having it is more apparent, especially to the kids. Plus the food lasts for days or longer if they freeze the leftovers. MashaAllah! It’s a wonderful thing to do!

  10. My H-Town,

    Chicago Muslims do donate to the needy at the time of Eid-ul-Adha alhamdulillaah. Here’s a report from last year, in which Chicago Muslims donated over 21,000 pounds of beef.

    InshAllaah I hope there are local efforts everywhere but if anyone wants to do purchase an udhiya/qurbani share for this year’s drive, you can do it here:

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