Passing of a Legend

Br. Abu Abdillah conveyed the news of the death of the great scholar, an Islamic legend from Pakistan, Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Hasan. He is the father of Sheikh Suhaib Hasan, the grand-father of Imam Usama Hasan. The Sheikh was the author of several books. A few examples online include The Compilation of Hadith. His biography taken from the same work is appended below after Br. Abu Abdillah’s message:

abu abdillah
one of our great scholars from ahl us sunnah passed away. may Allah (SWT) have mercy on him and forgive him his sins. Indeed the passing of our scholars is very sad. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing away of Shaykh ‘Abd al-Ghaffar Hasan this morning in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The Shaykh has been ill for some time now. You will probably know of the Shaykh in that he was the father of our beloved teacher Shaykh Suhaib Hasan and thus the grandfather of Imam Usama Hasan of Leyton, East London.

This is incredibly sad news for many of us who benefitted from him and not just for the obvious news of the loss of more of our senior scholars as we slip further into times of ignorance.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

Please take some time out to ask Allah ‘azza wa jall to shower His Mercy upon him.

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The Janazah prayer will be held tomorrow in Islamabad after the Jumu’ah prayer insha’Allah, almost certainly at King Faisal Masjid for those fortunate enough to be there to pray over him.

Rahimahullah rahmatan wasi’ah.


A Short Biography of Sheikh Abdal Ghaffar Hasan:

His Birth:
His name is Abdul Ghaffaar Hasan the son of Shaykh Haafidh Abdus Sattaar Hasan, born in 1331H corresponding to 1913CE in Amrpoor; a district of Muzaffarnagar.

His Family:
He was from a family who were firm upon on the Qur’aan and Sunnah and his father, grandfather and other family members were major scholars of their time. Some of them were students of the great hadeeth teacher Shaykh ul-Qul fil-Qul Mian Nazeer Muhaddith Dehlawee.

His Education:
The Shaykh completed Dars Nizaamee from Daar ul-Hadeeth Rehmaania in Delhi in 1933. He then went to the universities of Lucknow and Punjab and graduated from there in 1935 and 1940 respectively. He taught in various institutions during his life. He taught hadeeth, Arabic and its associated sciences in Madrassah Rehmaania for 7 years. He then taught in Madrassah Kawthar al-Uloom and other institutions around Pakistan; in Lahore, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sahiwal and Karachi up until 1964. In 1964 he was requested to teach in Jaami Islaamiyyah Madeenah Munawwarah; he taught there for 16 years. He delivered lectures on hadeeth, uloom al-hadeeth and on Islaamic beliefs. During this time he also delivered lectures in the faculties of Sharee’ah, Usool-ud-Deen and Kuliyatul-Hadeeth Then between 1981 and 1985 he taught the monumental work, Saheeh al-Bukhaaree in the faculty of Islaamic Education in addition to other sciences.

His Efforts in Da’wah:
Post 1985 he worked with Daar ul-Iftaa Saudia and in this regard he travelled to various countries to establish the da’wah. Some of the countries he travelled to include:

  • Uganda,
  • Kenya,
  • England,
  • Bangladesh
  • India.

During his stay in Kenya, he established an institution by the name of Saaniwiyyah where he started to teach the various sciences of Islaam. On his return to Saudi Arabia he was sent to London, England to help with the da’wah efforts there. He established another institution in London by the name of The Qur’aan and Sunnah Society.

His Teachers:
His teachers were:

  • Shaykh ul-Hadeeth Shaykh Ahmadullaah
  • Shaykh ul-Hadeeth Ubaidullaah Mubaarakpooree (wa Rehmaanee)
  • ShaykhNazeer Ahmad A’zamee
  • Shaykh ul-Hadeeth ShaykhMuhammad Soortee (Ustaadh Jaamia Rehmaania)
  • And for a short while he studied with the great hadeeth scholar AbdurRahmaan Mubaarakpooree [1]

His Students:
Some of his students are:

  • Shaykh Abdul Ghafoor Multaanee
  • Shaykh Rabee Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee
  • Shaykh Abu Usaamah Ibn Eed al-Hilaalee
  • Allaamah Ihsaan Zaheer Ilahi
  • Shaykh Abdur-Rahmaan
  • Shaykh Abdullaah
  • ShaykhMas’ood Alam
  • Shaykh Abdul Hakeem.
  • ShaykhMuhammad Basheer Siyaalkotee
  • ShaykhMuhammad Abdullaah
  • Shaykh Haafidh Ahmadullaah
  • His three sons, all graduates of Madeenah University, Suhaib, Suhail and Raaghib Hasan.

And many more…

His Works:
The Shaykh is an excellent writer and his mastery over the language is evident from his works. During his life the Shaykh authored a number of books but more so he wrote a great number of articles for the various Ahlul-Hadeeth magazines in India and Pakistan. He has authored many treatises in refutation of the Qaadiyaanee’s. Some of his other well known works include:

  • A Selection of Hadeeth [2]
  • The Status of Women In Islaam
  • The Reality of Du’aa
  • Exaggeration in the Religion
  • The Greatness of Hadeeth [3]

1 He is the author of Tuhfatul Ahwadhee.
2 This is a compilation of about 400 ahaadeeth with brief explanations.
3 This book is a great treasure in the field of hadeeth; it provides answers to the doubts and allegations of people who reject ahaadeeth.

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13 responses to “Passing of a Legend”

  1. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. May Allah reward him with Jannatul Firdous without reckoning, ameen.

  2. abu ameerah says:

    “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. May Allah reward him with Jannatul Firdous without reckoning, ameen.”

    –Ameen! a true loss indeed…

  3. ExEx Blogger says:

    May Allah grant him Jannah.

  4. Tariq says:

    Inna lilAllahi wa inna alayhi rajioon.

    Jazak Allah khair for posting this biography. I remember an audio CD lecture by Muhammad Alshareef in which he mentioned the passing of Shaykh ibn Baaz, and of the weeping in Madinah for his passing. Reading the biography of Shaykh Hasan filled me with respect and love for him for the sake of Allah subhanahu wata ala. The tears that came to my eyes were at once tears of joy — for there is no reward for such amal as his except with Allah subahanahu wata ala — and yet, too, tears of sadness for the passing of such ilm from the world.

    May Allah subhanahu wata ala reward and give strength to Shaykh Hasan’s sons and students and give them the tawfiq to spread the light of knowledge they received in as many places and to as many faces as did their father and teacher.

  5. Amad says:

    Akhi Tariq, your comments made me re-read this and appreciate it even more… jazakallahkhair… Since you mentioned Sh. Bin Baz, I hope everyone has read Sh. Yasir Qadhi’s letter on Sh. Bin Baz’s death… it was posted on this blog really early on and may be have been missed by many…

    Another gem that I now captured from this biography is that while we find many scholars who have forgotten their own children in their hunger to give dawah to others; not Sh. Abdal Ghaffar— his progeny is carrying on his amazing work, and may Allah grant all of them success and send a share of their reward to the one who started it all… Also his travels, subhanAllah… he wasn’t afraid of moving all around the world for the sake of Allah, and everywhere he went, it wasn’t a “token” “business” visit, but rather he established something…Whether one agrees with his exact theology or not, there can be no disagreement about his great efforts and achievements!

  6. nuqtah says:

    inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’oon.

  7. as salaamu alaikum:

    here is a letter from his granddaughter, posted on the Almaghrib forums too:

    “Assalamu alaikum

    My grandfather, Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Hasan, died on Thursday at the age of
    94 (in Islamabad). He was a scholar of Hadith and was lecturer of Hadith at
    Madina University before he retired. In fact, he was called to Madina when
    Sheikh Nasiruddin Albani retired, and so replaced his post. His students
    numbered thousands, including my father Sheikh Suhaib Hasan and Sheikh Safar
    Al Hawali. It is known that even Sheikh Ibn Baz would sometimes sit in his
    classes for his incredible knowledge of hadith.

    I went to see him 4 years ago and was amazed at the clarity of his mind and
    memory. He advised me to teach students in my own home (as my children were
    very young) which is how my Friday study circle came into being.

    I had the honour of translating his book “The rights and duties of women in

    His funeral took place in Islamabad after Jum’ah…my father led the prayer.

    May Allah give him Jannah.

    The decrease in true scholarship is one of the signs of the final
    Day…..Muslims cry when our shuyukh die, but do nothing to learn from them
    when they are alive.


    Ameen to the du’as.

  8. Medinah says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    “From Allah we come to Allah we shall return”.
    A great loss indeed, mashallah, he will be missed. It seem that all the teachers of knowledge are going back to Allah, subhanallah! Who are we going to be left with? Definitely signs of the last days, ya Allah! May Allah forgive him his sins and grant him the highest place in Paradise, Ameen!

  9. […] with Shaykh Suhaib Hasan on a few days ago, and the Shaykh’s remembrance of his great father, who recently passed away. Br. Irtiza also mentioned (off-topic) about the great heritage of Ahl Sunnah scholars […]

  10. Ameerah says:

    inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon.

    ameen to all the du’as.

    subhan Allah. may Allah reward him immensely for all his efforts. ameen.

    his son, shaykh suhaib hasan was my own teacher. masha Allah, a family filled with great great people. may Allah reward them all and give them patience. ameen.

  11. Muzaffar says:

    The Compilation of Hadeeth By Shaykh Abdul Ghaffar Hassan Rehmaanee

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